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CuileannDhu t1_j9va2c4 wrote

This one is just a baby. I'm sure they will eventually grow to reach that size.


Master_Winchester t1_j9vsnay wrote

I'm sure she will grow, but at her age when she was found she was supposed to already be 45-90 lbs.

"At Cróga’s age, loggerheads normally weigh 45 to 90 pounds, he said. She weighed about a pound when she washed ashore. Since then, she has gained about 1.7 pounds, nearly tripling her weight."


mrwilliams117 t1_j9wfrln wrote

I mean they are saying it's a baby turtle. Maybe just bad writing making it confusing.


bottomknifeprospect t1_j9xfu4f wrote

Seeing how messed up the title is, I wouldn't be surprised that's also messed up.

A crappy bot writing/translating articles?