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Mehnard t1_j9uhtu6 wrote

"...have the Irish Naval Service take her to the warmer waters of the Canary Islands..."

I'll bet there's a line for that duty.


Awasawa t1_j9vtoq8 wrote

Yeah and the line would stretch from Ireland to the Canary Islands


cjb231 t1_j9vwf3l wrote

Just pass em along the row til it gets there


JonnySoegen t1_j9xa08o wrote

That’s where I began to wonder… (actually after that 12hrs round trip of the rehabilitation guy), how much effort is justified for a single creature?

I love that they’re taking care and making sure it survives, but is it an endangered species? They wouldn’t do that for every other animal, right? Like a malnourished seagull for example.


madpacifist t1_j9xexyk wrote

It's not a bespoke trip set up for this single turtle. The Irish Navy will have ships out on exercises, aid missions and other deployments as part of their regular draft.

In this case, they'd just be taking an extra passenger along to somewhere they're likely already going to be in proximity of.


Claphappy t1_j9tqcg2 wrote

So he wasn't dying then?


attanai t1_j9tsz4v wrote

He was dying when they found him. Poorly worded headline.


Ttffccvv t1_j9u7pjv wrote

So then everything that isn’t dead is dying?


VoraciousTrees t1_j9u900w wrote

... man, I need some time to think on this


shandangalang t1_j9uym9c wrote

Don’t bother. The answer is yes.

The axe man comes for us all; and the best we can do is ensure that in our final moments, we can look him in the eye and say “fuck man what a beautiful thing life was”.


PezRystar t1_j9vfoxu wrote

“So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”



Hobbs512 t1_j9vcadx wrote

Idk man, I've never died before.. i'll just vaguely hope ill become immortal somehow or subconciously hope there's an afterlife and not think about it. I got bills to pay.



shandangalang t1_j9vd45j wrote

No shame in that, buddy. It’s what most of us do anyway


Hobbs512 t1_j9ve0xz wrote

Or I hope maybe one day I won't have any problems anymore, even though you always will have problems, and then I can make a difference in the world, and take comfort knowing I made the world that will continue after me a better place haha.


shandangalang t1_j9vee5h wrote

Everybody’s got problems, maaaaaaan. But financial security sure as shit alleviates some of the most important ones.


delvach t1_j9vmwvg wrote

Breathe oxygen long enough and it's fatal.


tocopherolUSP t1_j9ugfru wrote

After we're born, we're all dying afterwards... It just a matter of how long it takes.


AskingForSomeFriends t1_j9z1kok wrote

We have been dying from the moment the gametes that we are composed of were created.

Scenario A: Dad rubs one out or mom has a period, and your gametes were in those discharges, which shortly after die.

Scenario B: A boy gamete and girl gamete meet and you are conceived, yay! But wait a tik, bazzel: that means life is being created. But everything that is living is dying at the inversely proportional same rate. That means from conception, death is being created in your mothers womb, because of your fathers big boom.


KathyJaneway t1_j9ultz8 wrote

By default, when anything is born, starts dying. Some things die sooner, some later. Unless you are a magic jelly fish that lives forever and regenerates its cells. Why magic? Cause we have yet to comprehend how it does that, and until we know, anything that's not explainable is magical by default. 🤣


BizzyM t1_j9vhtb6 wrote

Yes, in the Tibetan philosophy, Sylvia Plath sense of the word, we're all dying. But that turtle's not dying the way Chloe is dying.


OreganoJefferson t1_j9vmu6y wrote

What happened to Chloe?


BizzyM t1_j9w22us wrote

Did you really care?

(We're still doing Fight Club, right? Cause I'm quoting Fight Club.)


Yorkshire-Teabeard t1_j9vkyzn wrote

There is no such thing as a dying man, we're alive 'til the moment we are dead And a drowning man is just a living man who hasn't run out of his last bit of breath.


Treyen t1_j9vyyx9 wrote

Yes. Every living thing is on the clock. Every hour spent on reddit is one less hour from the total. Could be 50 years from now, could be 6 seconds from now when that unknown aneurysm pops, who knows, but it's coming.


owa00 t1_j9wohlf wrote

Wait, who found my middle school diary?!


sovietmcdavid t1_j9v4h5t wrote

Hey that chat ai bot works hard to generate perfectly edible word salad!


That_Shrub t1_j9v80tz wrote

One of those ones where your editor adds a word for "clarity" and you just gotta shut up and shake your head in disgust


Tigen13 t1_j9u7q27 wrote

We are all slowly dying


W3remaid t1_j9vobbf wrote

She was dying of hypothermia and dehydration, but they saved her, so now she’s not dying


MeccIt t1_j9yfsnf wrote

She was also <2% of her expected weight (1 pound instead of 45-90 pounds) at ~1 year old.


ionlydateninjas t1_jadpz00 wrote

She weighed 1 pound, when she was supposed to weigh over 75. A scientist is caring for her until she's healthy enough for Navy to move her to Canary Islands. She was dying, but now she's surviving.


QMoonie t1_j9tykom wrote

And IIIIII would drift four thousand miles and IIIIII would drift four thousand more 🎵


Eschlick t1_j9ush7z wrote

Just to beeee the turtle who drifts four thousand miiiiles to wash up on your shore. 🎵


ChickenAndWaifus t1_j9vb97l wrote



N7CmdrShepard t1_j9vd7no wrote

I'm soooo sick of this song...

Edit:Welp, it's seems people didn't get the reference


swarlay t1_j9vvbhw wrote

What do you have against the 1981 classic Da Da Da by German band Trio?


GrumpyP t1_j9vsxfn wrote

I mean, it’s only 7 hours old


BizzyM t1_j9w1tgy wrote

>Just to beeee the turtle who drifts four eight thousand miiiiles to wash up on your shore. 🎵


Master_Winchester t1_j9u0b77 wrote

Did I read that right.... The turtle is supposed to be 45 to 90 lbs and weighed in at just 1????


Impossible-Award3595 t1_j9u9mdu wrote

I was wondering about that too!? I know that some domestic turtles grow to the size of their tanks so maybe because it was so malnourished, it didn’t grow? I’m no turtle expert though.


Gloomy_Possession-69 t1_j9um805 wrote

Turtles do not grow to the size of their tanks, that's a myth similar to the one about goldfish and is unfortunately used to sell or justify keeping animals in environments too small for them. They will all keep growing as normal regardless of if it results in them having no room to even turn around.


evil-rick t1_j9v0iae wrote

This. I worked at a petstore and constantly had to warn people that the bowls were trash and it WOULD outgrow the bowl. Nobody listened and they either ended up having to buy a bigger tank later or it died.

I also had an old customer who had one single goldfish in a large tank. He told me he had it 20 years after winning it at a carnival and he was a full foot long and loved bloodworms. I love people who treat fish like living things and not expendable.


TwoCagedBirds t1_j9vgkvk wrote

My sister won a goldfish at an elementary school fair when she was like 8 or something. We had that fucking fish for like 7 or 8 years, it got to be pretty big.


ButtsPie t1_j9uqc36 wrote

From what I gathered, it's possible for their growth to be stunted, but it's less about tank size itself and more about the terrible water quality, lack of oxygen, high stress, inadequate temperature (etc) that usually come with small tanks


Master_Winchester t1_j9ugx8c wrote

Being so paralyzed by cold that it doesn't eat for months may be why it's small. Or the body eating itself to stay alive.


CuileannDhu t1_j9va2c4 wrote

This one is just a baby. I'm sure they will eventually grow to reach that size.


Master_Winchester t1_j9vsnay wrote

I'm sure she will grow, but at her age when she was found she was supposed to already be 45-90 lbs.

"At Cróga’s age, loggerheads normally weigh 45 to 90 pounds, he said. She weighed about a pound when she washed ashore. Since then, she has gained about 1.7 pounds, nearly tripling her weight."


mrwilliams117 t1_j9wfrln wrote

I mean they are saying it's a baby turtle. Maybe just bad writing making it confusing.


bottomknifeprospect t1_j9xfu4f wrote

Seeing how messed up the title is, I wouldn't be surprised that's also messed up.

A crappy bot writing/translating articles?


pyriphlegeton t1_j9umvkm wrote

She survived.


Devi1_May_Cry t1_j9xio9c wrote

Another turtle made it to the water.


billbojr13 t1_j9y4da4 wrote

This causes so much pain. Those world quests were so bad till the fixed them. Still annoying after the fix.


showerofshellfish t1_j9tdhu3 wrote

Drifting, you say?

Vin Diesel intensifies


SmokeGSU t1_j9uk9hr wrote

"I'm not dead. I'm getting better! I feel fine!" - that turtle, probably


IronFires t1_j9ubzrw wrote

A SURVIVING baby turtle survived after drifting 4,000 miles to Ireland.



dreddllama t1_j9ul4gn wrote

A SURVIVING baby turtle survived after drifting 4,000 miles to Ireland.

Fixed that for you


MapleSyrupFacts t1_j9vew3t wrote

A baby turtle survived after drifted 4000 miles to Ireland.

  • Redditors have taught me they don't have patience anymore to read long titles let alone articles or videos more than 40 seconds long. Summery: since an article was written about the turtle, he survived and is fine now.

IronFires t1_j9wzw9c wrote

A baby turtle survived after drifted 4000 miles to Ireland.

Less is more.


Hoz999 t1_j9uojnd wrote

Thank you to the folks who found her, thank you to the experts who are taking care of her with their knowledge and thank you to the Brave and Kind Irish people.


frenziest t1_j9uafvg wrote

That looks like a pinecone


nodnodwinkwink t1_j9vuvfr wrote

Yeah well, what do you think it thinks you look like? Huh??


frenziest t1_j9wat18 wrote

Probably some weird lookin’ white guy.


CD8ED t1_j9vlpke wrote

Good job he brought his own accommodation cause the price of rent here is bananas.


Ahsiuqal t1_j9wnpl0 wrote

Really! I'm always curious about Europe rent if it's as bad as the USA. How much are you paying if you dont mind me asking?


Dyslexic_Devil t1_j9von3k wrote we will find a mutant rat in Ballymun and so will begin a new age of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


515042069 t1_j9wa68c wrote

Snakes: out

Turtles: in

What a country


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i_will_guide t1_j9vw6dg wrote

Another turtle has made it into the water.


The_iron_mill t1_j9w3jx3 wrote

This is uplifting news that's actually pretty uplifting. Animal got lost, animal got found, animal is getting care. This is a good thing.


alien_from_Europa t1_j9wbfas wrote

...where the marine rescuers proceeded to transfer the turtle to a tank filled with Guinness.


mikegwald t1_j9wm0oi wrote

Drifting 4000 miles in a shark infested ocean is not dying lol it’s a perfect example of survival


Pretzel911 t1_j9x256h wrote

So was it dying before or after it drifted 4000 miles?


smokeandfog t1_j9x7dws wrote

I didn’t know the EAC goes up to Ireland!


Remarkablebunny t1_ja5m6bn wrote

This article reminded me why I dislike birds. On the positive note that really makes this cute: “to have the Irish Naval Service take her to the warmer waters of the Canary Islands”…☺️


63KK0 t1_j9v37hz wrote

Top of the tide to ye.


nosnevenaes t1_j9tg0kl wrote

Thats how i met your mom