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velifer t1_j9uvw0y wrote

It's pretty common to have a designated quiet room near the nursing station at a large venue when hosting certain concerts. It's where the medics plant the people having bad trips.

It had to be extra large when Phish was playing.


LFBags t1_j9vteke wrote

Okay i just went to Phish on new years with my brother and my cousin. They took shrooms and my brother immediately started having a bad trip once the music started playing and had to walk arouund outside for like half the show. WHERE were those tents when I needed one.


goldenageretriever t1_j9wag17 wrote

Next time find the table with the yellow balloons. The Phellowship crew rocks (especially if Dana is there). Hope you had a good time at the show, at least!


LFBags t1_j9wj0bn wrote

Cool band but was a hell of a night for me personally hahaha.


SweetJ138 t1_j9y0yc6 wrote

i learned about the Phellowship from someone in AA. what a cool idea.


TheDollarstoreDoctor t1_j9wwd0m wrote

Every festival I've been to, you know you're near one when you see a bunch of people wearing aluminum foil as a cape.

Never saw Phish live, so I dont know how common "just wrap them up in some tin foil" is for other kinds of festivals/live shows.


Calligraphee t1_j9yiew1 wrote

Are you referring to the reflective emergency medical blankets? They're reflective so they warm people up super fast and take up very little space in a first aid kit.


GatoradeNipples t1_j9z0g3n wrote

Be careful if you're using them to warm up attorneys, though, it might corrupt them and send them on a spiraling path of self-destruction where they try to ruin their con-artist brother's life and eventually burn themselves to death.


Calligraphee t1_ja08toa wrote

I’m afraid I don’t get the reference; would you mind enlightening me?


GatoradeNipples t1_ja0ydi3 wrote

Better Call Saul.

Jimmy's brother, Chuck, uses one of those emergency medical blankets to calm himself down when his phobia of electricity gets especially bad. He's also a gigantic ass who tries to prevent Jimmy from turning his life around at all costs, and builds most of the foundation of the Saul Goodman persona by doing so.


Semi_Lovato t1_j9wg7kt wrote

“Everything was spinning and I came to in the chill out tent, they gave us orange juice and cigarettes”


pooticus t1_j9yta49 wrote

They didn’t read the fucking book.