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mechwarrior719 t1_j9wuf6m wrote

Reminder that if you are part of a SAR team looking for a child to not only call their name but also that they aren’t in trouble.

Read somewhere young children sometimes hide from potential rescuers because they’re afraid they’ll get in trouble.


nospamkhanman t1_j9xeh7m wrote

Mine did that when I lost track of him inside the house.


falooda1 t1_j9xpld6 wrote

OMG tell me about it!


cybercuzco t1_j9ybgee wrote

We found his skeleton 23 years later.


AnxiousBeaver212 t1_j9yhjs1 wrote

Everyone knows you're supposed to put another kid into the hole in the wall to scare the other one out. Rookie mistake.


howard416 t1_j9ykkn6 wrote

Luckily it was never my turn to go into the hole


TheeExoGenesauce t1_j9zwpf3 wrote

Not original commenter but I have a story about getting “lost” at a young age. My mom had me outside with her while she was in her garden and lost track of me for a few minutes where I crawled/walked away. Later as she’s running yelling for me and going into full panic mode, my dog was barking nonstop. She kept yelling Buster shut up! Finally went over to get him and put him inside, only to find he was standing right next to me trying to get her attention. Great dog.


azur_owl t1_j9z5f8f wrote

My middle little brother did this OMG. He didn’t want to take a bath so he hid inside the house and was super-quiet. The rest of us were panicking. The police were called.


SoftTissueIssues t1_j9xzvee wrote

We're having a pizza party! We're going to the toy store! Santa's here! (Panicked tones of course).


ScrmNRn t1_j9xqcv4 wrote

I did this as a child. Could have been found hours sooner.


i_the-FilipinoYokaii t1_j9xv0a2 wrote

Seconded! This happened to my bf's baby sister who went missing while she was inside their house


FenixdeGoma t1_j9xqb8u wrote

That's where I've been going wrong. I've been shouting "ready or not, here I come"


Serpardum t1_j9zbrst wrote

Also make sure they aren't asleep in bed.

One day as a child I was very sleep so I went to bed and took a nap. I woke up to a police officer in my room yelling to my mother that he found me, I was in bed.


thepinkleprechaun t1_j9zfw02 wrote

My son did this! I was completely panicking but thankfully found him before I had to call the police lol


Important_Tale1190 t1_j9ypyvz wrote

I wonder if that says something about the way we treat children in this society...


It's possible that kids are just scared and confused all the time, but still. Not knowing who the helpers are.......


trthaw2 t1_ja08tkq wrote

This is what happened to my dads younger twin brothers. Went missing when they were around 5 I think. Whole town was out looking for them for hours. Found them eventually hiding in fear under the neighbours deck.


Shautieh t1_j9yfdcz wrote

That's what the real psychopaths would say though.


Griffin_da_Great t1_j9y5fd7 wrote



porthos-thebeagle t1_j9y93p9 wrote

I think this might be less to do with stupidity and more, does the child have experience being in trouble for things out of their control or accidental at home?


Chappietime t1_j9wxnq9 wrote

A co-workers hearing impaired son was missing. The whole neighborhood and several co workers got involved in the search. After the third inspection of the house by the local police department, the missing child woke up from his nap on the couch under a blanket, where he had been the entire time.


ackillesBAC t1_j9x216p wrote

We had a neighbour that got the whole street looking for her little girl. Turned out she fell asleep behind the couch.


nospamkhanman t1_j9xedx5 wrote

When my youngest was like 2 1/2 I put him down for a nap. I checked on him like an hour later and he wasn't there.

I went ask over the house yelling and screaming. It's not like he could have left the house on his own because the front door is bolted, the sliding glass door has a blocker thing up high and the garage door is noisy as hell.

We had looked all around the house for 20 minutes and my wife was literally on the phone with 911 when I found him.

He had crawled under his bed, created a wall of toys around him then fell asleep.

I didn't see him when I looked under the bed because of the toys.

He definitely heard me screaming for him but he stayed quiet because he thought I was mad or something.


UltraInstinctLurker t1_j9xlmra wrote

Me looking at my 2 year old and taking notes


Acewasalwaysanoption t1_j9y0224 wrote

Tell them about the monsters that inhabit under their bed to avoid a similar situation. Or take away their bed. And toys. For their own safety, of course.


km_44 t1_j9yevq5 wrote

You have no kids, right?


escrimadragon t1_j9yigse wrote

No joke the best thing I did for my toddler’s safety is get an indoor camera with motion detection pointed at their door while they are napping and at night. You can tell when they’re up and which direction they went (toward kitchen, toward front door, whatever) when they left their room.


SteveHeist t1_j9yct5r wrote

My mother tells a story about me that goes something like this:

When I was about your son's age, I apparently decided one day that I was tired and wanted a quiet place to nap, so I climbed into the lazy Susan cabinet with a pillow and blanket and slept in there.

Apparently my mother was looking for me for a solid couple hours because I'd tucked myself in the back corner.

I don't remember this happening but I can still bet I was comfy xD


VURORA t1_j9zb8x3 wrote

Honestly all these situations remind me about how useful it is to have a ring camera in the house, if you lose a item you just had in your hands or a person you can scroll through hours of footage on your phone for the last location of said person or item. It helps people like me with scatter brain. Just dont become addicted to it and check constantly on stuff you shouldnt know about.


coldvault t1_j9xq8xd wrote

Ugh these comments remind me of a case from Mexico in which a girl couldn't be located...she was eventually found at the foot of her bed :(


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j9xq9qt wrote

Death of Paulette Gebara Farah

>Paulette Gebara Farah was a four year old disabled Mexican girl who disappeared, and was subsequently found dead under suspicious circumstances. She went missing from her bedroom on March 22, 2010, in the municipality of Huixquilucan de Degollado, Mexico. Upon her disappearance, her family began a search campaign utilizing television, advertisements, and social media. Paulette's body was found in her own room wrapped in sheets between the mattress and the foot of the bed, the same room where her mother had given interviews.

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XtremeWRATH360 t1_j9y2vq6 wrote

When we moved into our new house several years ago my son who at the time was 3/4 vanished in the morning. I wake up early for work and found the front door wide open and couldn’t find my son anywhere. I’m outside in a panic looking for him and what feels like an eternity searching eventually my neighbor flags me down and informs me he’s with her. Apparently he wanted to play basketball with the neighbors kids.


ackillesBAC t1_j9yikfk wrote

Our street is crawling with kids all summer, this happens weekly. But the kids do a good job keeping everyone informed, and the all parents have a group text.


brightyoungthings t1_ja0ht9k wrote

My sister fell asleep at the neighbor’s house once. Ran all around outside looking for her until neighbor was like, oh yeah she came over and fell asleep!


CarlosFer2201 t1_ja4vnua wrote

I'm starting to think people should put airtags on little kids


ackillesBAC t1_ja4wvk2 wrote

Airtags only work if an apple phone is close enough to detect it, which is about 33 feet, so wouldn't be as helpful as you'd think.


CarlosFer2201 t1_ja4xf3r wrote

Maybe not for out in the wild, but if you're in the middle of a city it would.


BafangFan t1_j9wyb68 wrote

On the flip side, my coworker fell asleep on the couch, and when he woke up his 2 year old was found by a neighbor 4 blocks away


Raw_Venus t1_j9xu1fr wrote

My sister with down syndrome did this many years ago. Scared the shit out of me. My three other siblings and I all ran out of the house to look for her.


PooPooDooDoo t1_j9yl2e9 wrote

My son has tried to leave the house multiple times, luckily our house security system announces when a door or window opens. Granted they know not to go far away and they stick to our yard.


Hivestrung t1_j9xm1xy wrote

Y’all need to attach AirTags to your children


KanyePepperr t1_j9xubjp wrote

Ya know, I have a toddler and have tried thinking logistics for this.


escrimadragon t1_j9yiqh8 wrote

They make watch band style things for AirTags in toddler sizes. Whenever we go to super crowded areas (the beach, the fair, etc) we have my son wear his “watch” and he’s super excited about it. Doesn’t even want to take it off when we get home. Pretty easy and inexpensive peace of mind.


Hivestrung t1_j9yj8gj wrote

That's pretty smart. Could do a necklace too (but possibly dangerous due to strangulation risk idk I don't have a child), or ankle bracelet. Or just clip it to their ear like they do cows.


Isord t1_j9ykp4u wrote

Just have them eat it and you'll be good for a day or two.


luger718 t1_j9yojc4 wrote

>(but possibly dangerous due to strangulation risk idk I don't have a child)

Bro, toddlers are suicide machines, you are not that far off.


escrimadragon t1_j9yk11w wrote

Or keychain clipped to a belt loop if they’re wearing something with belt loops.


Boxerlife t1_ja01odp wrote

We have seriously thought about putting one in their shoes after we make a spot in one.


tailuptaxi t1_j9ymgk2 wrote

I was gonna say, when we get our kids microchipped or just a neural implant this is gonna be as easy as Find My iPhone.


JB-from-ATL t1_j9xn0jy wrote

Oh my god. When we moved into our new house our cat went missing. We thought she ran away trying to get back to the old house. She buried herself under the covers in our bed. She had never done that (when we weren't in it) and never done it since.


Raeandray t1_j9zhwq9 wrote

I had a similar experience. Daughter had played dress-up, and then played hide and seek after that. Police searched the house multiple times, the entire apartment complex was searching and video footage was being pulled to see what cars had come in and out of the complex.

They brought in whatever detective was in charge of child kidnappings, who found her on his second search through the house. She'd fallen asleep in the dress-up clothes bin.


jeffe_el_jefe t1_j9yh2ug wrote

My brother once did that except he wasn’t napping, just a prick lmao. Little 8 year old hiding under the cushions for hours whilst we freaked the fuck out


nicoco3890 t1_j9yqvcx wrote

Deaf or hard of hearing? Using euphemism here make the story hard to understand.


Byelof t1_j9wclxk wrote

What the hell is a fork in a field? Fields don’t have forks, that’s what makes them fields.


MarsJust t1_j9wifwe wrote

While this obviously is not the case here, it could be a field with very tall plants like Corn or Wheat. Sometimes they have pathways that fork and you cannot see over the plants.


Iwasrightdamnit t1_j9woxhu wrote

Yeah and if that’s the case, it’s also likely you can’t do a good job of forcing yourself through the actual crop.


navywater t1_j9xckpl wrote

jesus why does nobody ever read the article. WHYYYY


there is a path. the path forks, then there is a field...


MarsJust t1_j9xddrn wrote

Jesus why does nobody ever read the comment WHYYYY

Please read my comment again. I specifically said, "while this is obviously not the case here." All I was trying to say is that some fields can certainly have forks. All fields are not just flat grass.


dity4u t1_j9xgzx2 wrote



Goudinho99 t1_j9xhfj6 wrote

Cause it's reddit. People expect the article to be summarised and are here for the comments and will move on.


xoomax t1_j9xkq1i wrote

The article actually says,

>The 62-year-old came to an open field and was met with a choice — two wooded areas with a small clearing in between. Link, an ex-Marine and former supervisor for Hernando County parks, said he decided on intuition alone. He would go to the woods on his left.

Which makes more sense.


Banana_Ram_You t1_j9x3fhs wrote

It's just the writer taking poetic license. Making a choice of which direction to walk in is all you're doing when you're working on a search crew. Hopefully a grid approach has been discussed with a team, but this may have been the work of a lone-wolf amateur seeker.


boricimo t1_j9x1ux9 wrote

It’s a field in the middle of a forest. So when you enter it, there is a forest to the right and left. He went left and the boy was in that forest area.


Adriennesegur t1_j9xjfku wrote

Oh but they do- if the fields are sprawling enough. There’s paths abound, always.

Happy the kid was found.


goug t1_j9yayyv wrote

Read it aloud with a Tiktok voice and it's fine


Zoltie t1_j9ylvxw wrote

A found that bit of detail a bit unnecesary for a title as it doesn't make the article more attractive to read. If he found the child, he obviously chose the correct path. It sounds like they are trying to imply the gug had some kind of supernatural ability.


littlep2000 t1_j9yqgv9 wrote

It's this whole title. The rescuer wasn't using CGI.


paddywacknack t1_j9xdvlk wrote

What the fuck is this title? It reads like a crap clickbait article.


CheesyLala t1_j9xjgld wrote

Yeah my thoughts exactly. Why is it turned into some drama requiring mystical woo that the guy who found him 'trusted his gut' as if there's some kind of divine inspiration, rather than just he got lucky and found him?


Superbead t1_j9y5vyv wrote

That 2-year-old boy's name?

>!Albert Einstein&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;!<


Skogula t1_j9yb6zb wrote

Plot twist, when he said he trusted his guts, he was practising Haruspicy


terrytapeworm t1_j9z637a wrote

And what would prevent him or the rest of the rescue team from ALSO searching the path on the right?


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j9xfti7 wrote

What the fuck kind of grammar is this?

> “Mama, Mama,” the boy said, latching onto Link. We’re going to Mama, Link said.


Superbead t1_j9y5pq9 wrote

> his wild, golden hair a bush of brambles and curls on his head


Acatinmylap t1_j9y58rg wrote

The whole article reads like it was written by a high schooler on their first internship.


Hecticfreeze t1_j9yluyw wrote

This child was found with one easy trick that rescue teams DONT want you to know!


Jellodyne t1_j9yibga wrote

As soon as the volunteer saw the child he immediately called the police!


mkmakashaggy t1_j9ydzvw wrote

Lol I know. It was a fork, 50/50 shot he'd choose the right way. So fucking stupid


wienour t1_j9zesz1 wrote

Not even clickbait, the writing reminds me of like the formulaic narrative style writing you’d learn in elementary school. It’s just really corny. Hard to explain.


Alpha_Fit t1_j9w1qeh wrote

Some say devine intuition. Others say 50/50 random chance. I say: both.


CaptainMacMillan t1_j9wjql2 wrote

Did anyone else read that like Michael Scott?


Alpha_Fit t1_j9wskrv wrote

Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way.



urbrickles t1_j9wxgkm wrote

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky"

  • Michael Scott

mydawgisgreen t1_j9wck7y wrote

Watched too many crime docs. All I can think was he was the one who put him there for not great reasons.

I don't think that's truly the case but where my mind went.


SisterAndromeda2007 t1_j9wmatu wrote

I thought the same thing. I’m pleased that I am not the only one who see ugly and doesn’t pretend it doesn’t exist. I hope that this is a true story though


IRMacGuyver t1_j9xk490 wrote

If one volunteer reached a forked path by himself it was a very poorly organized search.


AsYooouWish t1_j9yi340 wrote

I have been a part of some SAR searches. There sometimes comes a point in the search where it’s best to let the more experienced searches go on their own to cover more ground quickly.


Im6youre9 t1_j9yltkx wrote

Yeah HCSO isn't known for their good performance. They insisted on searching my car for drugs one time and their reason was "you're tall, skinny, and work a trade job".

Will never live in Brooksville again. Some of the worst policing.


DanielBWeston t1_j9xb7nx wrote

I've often thought that gut instinct is stuff that's seen or heard, but not consciously noticed. In this case, perhaps the left path looked more recently trodden or something.


great_gastly t1_j9xn1xc wrote

We don't hear the story about the person who thought the same thing but was wrong.


lovethebacon t1_j9y1lbk wrote

If you're doing search and rescue you don't trust your gut. You search everywhere systematically.

And you also don't continue searching after you find the person (or their corpse).


somecallme_doc t1_j9x5mp5 wrote

Man when looking looked left first found boy to the left.

The 100 people before had all looked right.

Shoot the writer of this headline.


StrangerInPerson t1_j9x99db wrote

What kind of fucking advice is this today and tryst my gut tells me to stay hone from work


Holiday_Platypus_526 t1_j9y9iuv wrote

You should read the article. He had planned on going fishing but his wife told him about the search so he volunteered. While walking the path he was on forked, it was then that his "gut" told him to go left.


mind-body-- t1_j9xxt90 wrote

what the fuck is this title


Zahkrosis t1_j9y3gyu wrote

I think this account is a bot posting news articles for karma tbh


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_j9xfmmt wrote

As a software engineer, what I would do is send one person to look at the left fork, and one to look at the right fork. We call this dual threading.

Hope this helps.


Jellodyne t1_j9yim3l wrote

I used my intuition and my gut said to look in all the places.


honk4gex t1_j9y7ysw wrote

Today I trusted my gut and went left, too. Caused a head on collision but I got away


SafetyCar t1_j9yq7ib wrote

Good thing the gut part was before and not after.


TheYukster t1_j9xdqtb wrote

Florida: Maybe I don't want to be the bad guy anymore?


sharksnut t1_j9xja2f wrote

Moral: take the right fork, and somebody dies


mynameisnotshamus t1_j9ycv50 wrote

A bit over dramatic. Each of the people searching constantly made choices over which way to look.


Au91700 t1_j9ymqpn wrote

Hell yeah this is my county!!! We were so scared for the little boy. Some people feared the worst. Some thought the parents were in on it. I was looking at the articles and refreshed when it came up that they found him “1 minute ago” He was covered In scratches and bug bites but he was alive. The woods he got lost in were rather extensive for the area and covered in swamp. They figured he would have drowned by morning time. The dispatcher cried when officers radioed in saying they found little JJ. There were over 500 volunteers, so many the Sheriff told people they didn’t need more. There’s a go fund me for the man that found JJ and people are leaving flowers and balloons on his fence (with his families permission of course). Amazing story and so glad it turned out best case scenario.


turddit t1_j9yob99 wrote

i mean they could've probably also sent someone the other way at the fork too right????? this isn't a dungeon crawler lol


paully7 t1_j9yom2e wrote

Going right and left was also an option if they had so many volunteers


amitym t1_j9z5opx wrote

Came to a fork in a field? Seriously?

Come the fuck on. This is for uplifting news, not machine-written garbage.

Downvoted and reported.


adeadfreelancer t1_j9zp97r wrote

Why is this phrased like an abridged fairytale


mikemike44 t1_j9y5f2l wrote

Everyone should just put those GPS trackers they have for wallets on your children


yankykiwi t1_j9yj7nq wrote

My friends use one of those kids watches with gps enabled, and they can only call mom and dad


mikemike44 t1_j9z3k7p wrote

Not a bad idea, I was just thinking of stitching a pocket on the kids clothes to hold one of those tile trackers lol


PBB22 t1_j9yeuf3 wrote

So I’m probably being over-dramatic that gators are gonna eat me if I walk around in Florida? Or just a lucky kid?


mistahelias t1_j9yg781 wrote

Plenty of wild animals that would eat a kid in this specific area. I'm hoping it's a lucky kid and not an abandoned kid napping.


Maxtasy76 t1_j9ygyik wrote

If you wanna read something spooky, than read about Katherine Van Arst. A 8 year old Girl went missing for 6 Days in a national park. She was found around 7 air miles away and 600 feet higher than the place where she had originally disappeared. They estimate the distance you need to walk to get there to about 30 miles trough rough terrain. How she did that, with no outdoor experience and no equiptment at all, is still a mystery. Even why she went missing in the first place, is totally unclear.


Necromancer4276 t1_j9ynbsu wrote

Can she not speak...? Or did she die?


Maxtasy76 t1_ja2ew57 wrote

No, she lived, but kind of give strange answers. This happend a long time ago, so there are only some news articles after they found her, no follow ups.


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SoundlessScream t1_j9xb5bg wrote

Didn't this happens years ago? That photo looks familiar


skycattt t1_j9y4jq2 wrote

This was in my town and we all feared the worst, it's not the best area.


Adeno t1_j9y9ydr wrote

You can't hide from him, the ultimate seeker.


imGnarly t1_j9yb782 wrote

I know I’m gonna see a political cheesy reference of this on twitter


terr-rawr-saur t1_j9ycvjf wrote

Humans naturally/subconsciously favour the left path when they come to a fork in the road.


PresOfTheLesbianClub t1_j9ym5jn wrote

Two year old in a diaper leaves the house while mother is asleep at 11 am. So heartwarming 🙄


NicklesBe t1_j9ynb6m wrote

Considering it's Florida the guy probably had him the whole time.


jz1127 t1_j9yo26i wrote



BeeExpert t1_j9yp5mx wrote

Last time I went left at a fork I ended up falling down a muddy embankment and hitting myself in the nuts with a stick (two separate incidents)


M4err0w t1_j9yqyma wrote

how do you lose a 2 year old in the woods besides intentionally?


RigatoniPasta t1_j9yrxgt wrote

Turn right, and never meet that man! Turn right, and change the world!


fantomdark t1_j9z7la6 wrote

The title read like a Mr Ballen video


Colon t1_j9zf943 wrote

small human survives unmonitored in shallow woods near human activity for one day. shocker!

rescuer infers something divine guided him to small human by successfully guiding a 50/50 choice. funny!


KaiSosceles t1_ja019qm wrote

"He trusted his gut."

He took a 50/50 guess.


PrettiKinx t1_j9xug8j wrote

Praise God. Glad they found him.


Suicidal_Ferret t1_j9xxv1m wrote

The story is uplifting, the comments are a bunch of idiots, and I think I’m going to cuddle with my son a bit more after reading this article.


Jadeldxb t1_j9xdfoo wrote

Little guy was out looking for a barber i think.


GoodGuyRubino t1_j9xemsw wrote

and the worst parent award goes to….


Whoppers_N_Fries t1_j9w8d6i wrote

There's no excuse for a parent losing a 2 year old. Idgaf


KayakerMel t1_j9wc57b wrote

It completely depends on the situation. Little kids can be real escape artists. It can happen with responsible parents or neglectful ones.

My cousin, as a 2-year-old, loved letting himself out of the house. My aunt and uncle had a heck of a time keeping the front door secure from him (rental house so limited in what they could install). Sometimes they were sleeping, but sometimes it could be simply doing something in another room. They're great parents and were doing their best, but it's not realistic to have the kid glued to their sides 24/7. My aunt's horror story was finding him walking up from down the street, having let himself out while she was cooking dinner. It really only resolved when he grew out of the behavior.

The article says they think he got out of the house while his parents were sleeping after last being seen Thursday morning. It could be that the whole house was sleeping and he woke up and let himself out of the house. From the article, it doesn't sound like there's any charges against the parents for doing anything that put him at risk.


Smokin_Weeds t1_j9x64o4 wrote

It’s kind of a fucked up story. He got dropped off to his mother and another person who were both asleep - the person dropping him off didn’t wake anyone up. The mom lied and said he had only been missing for an hour before she called the cops but he had actually been missing for 4 hours before she called. Terrible supervision of a child.


KayakerMel t1_j9x6eod wrote

Oof. Definitely a lot of mistakes by the adults.


Smokin_Weeds t1_j9x6llx wrote

Avoidable for sure. A neighbor saw him outside by himself playing with dogs and then he just kept driving away to the gas station. Idk if I see a 2 year old or a 5 year old whatever age playing alone in a front yard I’m gonna sit there for a second until I see an adult come out with them and if that doesn’t happen then go knock on the door to see wtf is up.

I’m so glad he was found safely though.


sgrams04 t1_j9wf533 wrote

Ah, someone with no kids commenting on parenting.


PresOfTheLesbianClub t1_j9yn1q8 wrote

According to the mom the kid wandered off at 10:40 while she was asleep. It would take more mental gymnastics to make that an ok situation for the kid than to jump to the conclusion that’s a bad situation for the kid to be in the first place.