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Ithxero t1_j9xhqzl wrote

Yeah. And if it were to ever finish (it won’t) it’s going to make it even harder for those of us who live outside of LA and the Bay Area to live and work where we do now. But sure, open the door to even more commuters making three or four times what we are so rent can go even further into the stratosphere.

And let’s say that capitalism loses (it won’t) and somehow the housing crisis is averted or resolved, your cute little bullet train is going to have so many goddamn stops, it’s going to be effectively worthless.

Take that 100+ billion, dump that shit into other public transportation infrastructure, build some affordable high density housing in places where’s it’s needed and start fixing this place.

Signed: someone who actually fuckin’ lives here and doesn’t buy for a fucking second this wasn’t ever a joke.


Marston_vc t1_j9xvrix wrote

Lmao, capitalism is when, checks notes, “we don’t let people move freely to compete” lmao