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Ms-R4nd0m t1_j9yjsak wrote

From the article:

In total, 15 mammals, eight birds, four frogs, one reptile and one fish were found to have made varying degrees of recovery, including the humpback whale, which was delisted by the government's scientific panel last year. "These species were in severe and rapid declines, such that extinctions within decades were very real possibilities for many," Dr Woinarski said.


Catsrules t1_j9z07el wrote

>including the humpback whale

Kirk and crew are going to be in trouble.


sa_sagan t1_j9ygl0e wrote

Lots of great news for Australia lately. They found a bunch of new previously undiscovered spiders the other week at well.


valhallasgard666 t1_j9yric1 wrote

Personally I wouldn't say new spiders is good news


NyranK t1_j9z0p6g wrote

Some species of spider, like the White Tailed spider, eat other spiders.



citytiger t1_j9yzxqq wrote

I realize spiders are beneficial but I'm severely arachnophobic. I don't consider news of new spiders to be happy or uplifting.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_j9zep0m wrote

INB4 “Ew icky icky spiders, they should all fuck off and be killed with fire”


arglarg t1_j9y0zkk wrote

Probably all of them spiders


pbradley179 t1_j9ya9qz wrote

Anything that can feast on the corpses of animals died in their wild fires is probably doing well right now. For now.


LouSputhole94 t1_j9yzufd wrote

15 mammals, eight birds, four frogs one fish and one reptile, according to the article


U_wind_sprint t1_j9ymwgw wrote

Lots of resources available now after the billions were lost in Australia's huge fires. Thanos effect at work.


Anakin_Skywanker t1_j9z29lb wrote

Somewhere in the cosmos Steve Irwin is smiling.


plentyofeight t1_j9ycan0 wrote

That must leave them spare time to bring back the Thylacine fingers 🤞


Rey_Tigre t1_j9yy1ri wrote

I was hoping they’d finally declare war on koalas. Those smooth-brained jerks have had to too good for too long.


Fedorso t1_j9yge6n wrote

Greenpeace hardest hit.


RennaisanceRobot t1_j9zgexg wrote

Oh nice, so we can start hunting them again. Phew I was worried for a minute.


Spaceisveryhard t1_j9zhiu6 wrote

I'm gonna give the zelensky reply for this one

"This is great, but we need more"


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Remarkablebunny t1_ja0d3om wrote

Not sure how my brain recognised the pic as Australian lace-lid…not so clued up on frogs in general. Regardless, one of the best items I’ve read today


Cant_run_away t1_ja2077f wrote

Because they're already gone