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sa_sagan t1_j9ygl0e wrote

Lots of great news for Australia lately. They found a bunch of new previously undiscovered spiders the other week at well.


valhallasgard666 t1_j9yric1 wrote

Personally I wouldn't say new spiders is good news


NyranK t1_j9z0p6g wrote

Some species of spider, like the White Tailed spider, eat other spiders.



citytiger t1_j9yzxqq wrote

I realize spiders are beneficial but I'm severely arachnophobic. I don't consider news of new spiders to be happy or uplifting.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_j9zep0m wrote

INB4 “Ew icky icky spiders, they should all fuck off and be killed with fire”