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KuhLealKhaos t1_ja38ggt wrote

Lucky, ya gotta stop going for such long walks. Two years is a long time.


MaxillaryOvipositor t1_ja3zuke wrote

My mom worked as the receptionist at a vetrinary clinic and she claimed the most common name shared by pets who got hit by cars and other accidental injuries was "Lucky."


danteheehaw t1_ja7h7fd wrote

Well, usually people name an animal lucky because it was lucky to survive something. Me thinks animals that get lucky like that end up in those situations because they are dumb.


SorakaWithAids t1_ja9lx9g wrote

We named my dog lucky because, I'm my moms words, "he's lucky I bothered to come get his ass"


Pafkay t1_ja3ecem wrote

To be fair I would get out of Florida too


Adeep187 t1_ja3p1ue wrote

Yeah I'm not sure why anyone is shocked.


Wishdog2049 t1_ja59uiq wrote

I'm shocked that there are so many jobs in my field open in FL that I'm not wanting to apply to. I need to tell Indeed "No Florida." I can't live in a place where you (a) can't get homeowners insurance and/or (b) It's like Alabama mentally extract for some reason.


Adeep187 t1_ja5ivrf wrote

You can't get home owners insurance there??


Wishdog2049 t1_ja7k1bs wrote

Go to YouTube and search for "Florida insurance." Generally the news story doesn't make it to the national news.


wasbee56 t1_ja3npao wrote

LOL, literally grew up 2 blocks from that police department. Wonder how Lucky crossed the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers to be there....quite a voyage. Possibly as a truck stowaway?


patbygeorge t1_ja4l9sl wrote

That was my thought…got into an engine bay at night to stay warm and took a little trip (and didn’t get chopped and sliced by the fan, etc)


FlopsyBunny t1_ja3ceqs wrote

*Imediately meows to go out again


GMask402 t1_ja3wlke wrote

He was out looking for the braincell


Malinut t1_ja49bex wrote

Wise cat escapes Florida.


amaROenuZ t1_ja4g1js wrote

The good news is that he was found.

The bad news is that he was almost certainly stolen.


dreamtofalligators t1_ja4pbhk wrote

Indoor-outdoor cats will typically have multiple families who are unaware of each other, just like your dad. One of Lucky's other families probably took her with them when they moved.


-Xsploitz- t1_ja4lbjh wrote

most likely ran off and got into a parked semi at some point and went on an adventure w/o the driver knowing


Lucicatsparkles t1_ja5gdyu wrote

I was sitting on my front porch years ago and saw my cat cross the street and jump into an open service van. Thank goodness I was saw it and was able to rescue him.


Zeshicage85 t1_ja4fy6k wrote

My cat trebuchet can only get cats about a mile away.


BlackOversoul91 t1_ja5tnvk wrote

Woohoo this is fantastic and wholesome. I am glad that the tabby is back home.


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mahdi_jeddi t1_ja3quz4 wrote

So around 1x Tomahawk missile Block II TLAM-A range!