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Orandai t1_ja9j6dy wrote

He literally didn’t want any of his unpublished works to be published.

That’s why the data for all his unfinished novels were destroyed by steamroller.


blenderdead t1_ja9kd63 wrote

These were published in a newspaper though, so I’m fine with it personally.


IVIUAD-DIB t1_jaaigjn wrote

"In 2017, a hard drive containing up to 10 incomplete novels was crushed by a steamroller, in accordance with the novelist's wishes."

Unfinished. Not unpublished.


Panda_hat t1_jaait06 wrote

I know this is what he wanted but damn this still makes me so sad.


Birdman_of_Upminster t1_ja9msv4 wrote

Pat Harkin was a pretty close friend of Terry's - not your ordinary fan. He's a good guy and he won't have done this if he thought Terry would have had a problem with it.


Boatster_McBoat t1_jabmnyi wrote

I hope you are right. I would both love more Terry Pratchett but also not want it other than on his terms

Edit: I've now read the article. Published =/= unpublished!!


bofh000 t1_jabnrz0 wrote

I think Terry was pretty clear when he pre-ordered that steamroller.


therealfatmike t1_ja91vs3 wrote

Yay! Genuinely uplifting news, thank you.


blenderdead t1_ja9k84z wrote

I’ve heard you suck live.


therealfatmike t1_ja9sac3 wrote

Got bored and decided to troll a positive sub reddit?


blenderdead t1_ja9tn86 wrote

Fat Mike is the name of the lead singer for punk rock group NOFX. Their live albums are all titled some variant of I Heard They Suck Live. It was a simple joke and I assumed you were a NOFX fan. Sorry if that’s not the case, it wasn’t an attempt to offend.


therealfatmike t1_ja9uvym wrote

I'm aware but it's actually a reference to something else. I was not aware of the name of their live albums. No worries bud!


Kelmon80 t1_jabvloq wrote

The last Discworld novel sits on my shelves with all the others, but still unread.

Because I decided I just do not want to live in a world where there's no new Pratchett books for me to read. And I love to think Sir Pratchett might perhaps have appreciated the sillyness of that.

But I'm very happy I can buy and read this.


chemicalrefugee t1_jadrfzl wrote

if you have a hypoxic brain injury like me you can forget a great deal of the plot of his books and then read them again. Life after being dead has been weird.


Song_of_Spizella t1_jaa3cqc wrote

Terry was one of kind. If I could knight any man in history I would double knight him.


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Oranisl t1_ja9k2pc wrote

I bet there will be some 'problematic' content. So I am calling for them to be banned. Now.


Thoushaltdenycheese t1_jabk7k1 wrote

Keep picking those fights and issues that only exist inside delusional conservative’s heads.