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haleyfrostphotograph t1_jac9548 wrote

For those wondering, BA stands for British Airways!

Edit for horrible pre-caffeine grammar.


shawn_overlord t1_jacwv7g wrote

Oh... not Baracus? Still very impressive


phargoh t1_jadu6l6 wrote

I choose to believe she beat Bad Attitude Baracus single-handedly. I will accept nothing less.


ObGynKenobi841 t1_jaewade wrote

I mean, if they're fighting on British Airways, he's probably been heavily sedated, so she's got that in her favor.


ULTIMATE-HERO t1_jadf0vi wrote

My brain was just like "bachelors of arts"


essdii- t1_jaezjq2 wrote

I thought it was Bank of America. Just assumed she started litigation when she was in the womb or something


jimdotcom413 t1_jacn4bh wrote

I guessed bear attack lol


Font_Fetish t1_jad60ao wrote

I love the idea that they would have just started abbreviating Bear Attack for this one article, sacrificing a ton of clicks by hiding the 2 most interesting words in the title behind an abbreviation no one knows.

That being said, my first thought was also Bear Attack due to the context.


hum_bruh t1_jadowsv wrote

Thought it was Breast Augmentation and said good for her atta girl


bob679 t1_jae6pv6 wrote

I went to "Bachelor of Arts".


2lovesFL t1_jad0hps wrote


BA is also the stock symbol for Boeing.


morocco3001 t1_jadqgo3 wrote

Good, because I pity the fool who takes on BA Baracus single handed.


Signiference t1_jadc5rt wrote

Thought I was in /r/tulsa as BA to us is Broken Arrow.


papercranium t1_jadhgqs wrote

And here my brain was eager to hear of the latest disaster from Bon Appetit.


nonessential-npc t1_jaemwh7 wrote

Thank you. I was wondering why she was fighting a bachelor's degree.


DragonSerpet t1_jaej50p wrote

Checked the comment quickly just for this.... Could have been so many different things lol.


yinsotheakuma t1_jaejivq wrote

I thought it was 'Battle Armor.' Thought this lady took on an Elemental unaugmented and won.


ratstack t1_jaeu1sg wrote

I’ve got Bank of America! (I know it’s usually B of A, but I’m waking up from a nap.)


wirral_guy t1_jac9l1j wrote

It would never happen but, in cases like this where the company wilfully denies something the customer is entitled too, they should automatically be fined a ridiculously high, punitive, fine. That way, just maybe they would learn not to pull this kind of shit on people in the hope they'll roll over and accept.


Ramiren t1_jad9ky2 wrote

Agreed, if they pulled this crap with 1000 people and only 1 of them managed to claim an actual refund though the courts, even after legal fees, that's a win for BA.


Dubbayoo t1_jadu37m wrote

I'm not convinced the word if belongs in the sentence.


adamzam t1_jadyvm8 wrote

It does.


NormalityDrugTsar t1_jae29dv wrote

It isn't in the sentence.


adamzam t1_jae52gu wrote

Literally the second word of the above post.


peritonlogon t1_jae6xt0 wrote

Literally, it is not the second word.


adamzam t1_jae790k wrote

What is the point of being pedantic for pedantry's sake? Who benefits from this? What amusement does it reward you with to phrase things ambiguously and then be an ass to people who reply?


scalpingsnake t1_jadibvu wrote

Just imagine a world like this. Where these companies are actually pressured into doing the right thing simply because it actually makes financial sense for them to do so...

Same with the train derailments in the US, just picture them actually fixing the issue...

It seems so easy and logical but at the same time seems so impossible.


Sinemetu9 t1_jadyxac wrote

And why not? All of corporate decision making is based on profit and brand image. If they’re speaking the language of money, money talk needs to be spoken to them.

Thankfully (thanks to the many unknown people who wrote and enacted the legislation), the laws are in place to protect the consumer.

What seems impossible is the average person going through the steps to get corporations to respect the law. It takes time and motivation. Most people choose to occupy their time with daily responsibilities, understandably.

Then there’s the choice of Strictly/Gogglebox/Netflix vs. Emails, letters and phone calls. Are you not entertained?


oneplusetoipi t1_jadn476 wrote

The CEO should be fined directly. If his or her money isn't at stake not much will change.


_WindwardWhisper_ t1_jadznap wrote

To be fair a lot of sectors kind of do have this in place, it's call the ombudsman and acts as the muscle for the little person so to speak. You have to make an attempt to resolve things somewhat reasonably at first but if they don't budge and you tell them you're going to the ombudsman you'd be amazed at how an issue magically resolves itself.


Calm-Drop-9221 t1_jacfd8e wrote

This had motivated me to revisit a refund, jeez BA are dodgy, they tie you up in notes sending no reply emails and telling you to write to some PO box in Gloucestershire. It's a battle of attrition. Dodgy pricks


The_Nomadic_Nerd t1_jacub6z wrote

BA is absolutely horrible. I had a round trip trip from NYC to Scotland that required a stopover in London, and 3 out of the 4 total legs got canceled. They tried to put me on a different flight but none of them worked. I asked if I could just book separate one-way flights and one-way flights are over double the price of round trip. We booked business class flights, but by the time we could use the voucher and book new flights, we could only afford economy since prices went up by so much.

We have a little left over on the vouchers but I don't even want to use them since I never want to put myself in a situation where I have to count on BA again.


Rtn2NYC t1_jaeggnp wrote

As an fyi whenever originating or landing in a US airport they must also follow US regulations. Got a full refund from VA for March 2020 cancelled flights- first waited like 120 days or something then ran out of patience. They were trying to give me vouchers (permissible under EU regs) but US requires cash option. I pointed this out to them and they got all cheeky and so I prepped a US FAA complaint form and sent it to VA’s corporate office (along with the text of the regulation they were violating and penalties, as well as screenshots of all the customer service texts etc) asking how they’d prefer to handle it. Full refund 48 hours later.


BobbyP27 t1_jacqite wrote

I pity the fool who faces this woman in court.


electechbw t1_jacmycd wrote



Enderswolf t1_jadojjv wrote

Poor guy. His friends always drugging him probably caused all kinds of trust issues.


RaVashaan t1_jae6gj4 wrote

I seem to recall he was kinda cool with it, because he was terrified of flying and it was the only way they could get him on an aircraft.


Jedi_Belle01 t1_jadxt9y wrote

I had booked a trip for my son’s eighteenth birthday to Bonaire for June 2020. Obviously, everything was canceled.

The travel agency I used, retroactively changed their refund policy to zero refunds regardless of cancellation time (before it was a full refund if canceled with 90 days notice) without notifying clients in March 2020.

Luckily, my credit card company took them to task and got my money back since they both retroactively changed the policy without notice and couldn’t provide a signed statement from me accepting the change in policy (which they lied and claimed to have).

But the largest expense was the first class airfare I’d booked with American Airlines. And they’re normally not great at refunding anything. However, since the island was still closed the entire month of June 2020, they ent ahead and completely refunded the entire amount of spent booking the flights and also gave me a nominal voucher for a future flight.

Sometimes airlines do the right thing. Rarely, but they do.


Rtn2NYC t1_jaeh42f wrote

US law requires them to issue full refund if that’s what you prefer. It was good they gave you the vouchers though- that was extra.


brokenelectricchair t1_jadmekw wrote

Pro tip: most non Europeans don't know what BA is. Limit abbreviations to when you reach the title character limit.


Divinate_ME t1_jaczc4s wrote

congrats on her Bachelor of Arts


icoibyy t1_jadm7sw wrote

I’m glad to see someone is out here getting fighter torsos on their own! I’d love to know how she pulled this off I’m always losing people on middle waves! ;)


_fuhsaz_ t1_jaduk3f wrote

I’ve found that you can save time by going out and making 4 friends from scratch, introducing them to OSRS, and then doing BA with them, compared to playing with randos.


JohnnyAK907 t1_jaelwjv wrote

Protip: For all US-based carriers - If your flight is cancelled or delayed more than two hours for any reason, your are entitled to a refund but you have to ASK for it as airlines will usually offer you a credit first. Be careful though as the refund will go back to the Original Form of Payment, which if you went through a travel agency could be their card or electronic check, so if you booked through a TA like Priceline, Expedia etc go to them first and request the refund. They will try to push you off onto the airline but what happens far too often is the airline will see the ticket as refunded and consider the matter closed, and good luck getting your money back from the TA at that point.

Also: Airlines are only required to offer you any sort of compensation like hotels, food vouchers etc if it was their fault they canceled, ie mechanical issues, crew exceeded Federal mandated hours etc, but if the flight canceled due to weather or something like traffic delays (happens in large airports like JFK, ORD, LAX etc) then that is considered out of their hands and no compensation other than getting rebooked on next available flight or full refund are offered.

Finally: anyone who purchases a Restricted Fare (economy basic, saver fare etc) or spends 400 bucks or more/is traveling with a family or overseas and DOESN'T get trip insurance with trip interruption coverage in this day and age are just stupid. Go through you home/medical/car insurance company instead of the airline directly and you'll get a better deal, usually 25-30 bucks/person depending on the price of your ticket/destination. It will cover not only the cost of hotels, food, clothes and personal items but the purchase of new tickets on another airline if what the company you booked through doesn't have better options available. Ask all those poor souls who spent Christmas stranded by Southwest feel about having to spend thousands out of pocket just to get home. Seriously it's worth every penny.


KingJaredoftheLand t1_jad4sgg wrote

Congrats on beating the Bachelor of Arts! Very impressed


e_di_pensier t1_jae55dq wrote

I didn’t know you could solo Barbarian Assault


DFuel t1_jae7c3s wrote

Why couldn't you just say British Airways? It could be literally at least 50 different things depending on the industry you are in.


Badgers_Are_Scary t1_jae5pic wrote

I am really getting sick of people using vague abbreviations for everything.


High_Stream t1_jaf04ss wrote

Now that she's wrapped that up, Jen Barber can get back to work managing the IT department.


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Oohbunnies t1_jae44nr wrote

To be fair, in three months, which of the two will shareholders remember?


Kaede_nyu t1_jae6u98 wrote

CL 1 Dante target Cir, CL2 Cir target Dante?


thethunder92 t1_jae7fvd wrote

It’s amazing the fought off that big aardvark all on her own


llusnewo t1_jaf2rni wrote

Every airline operating out if the UK now hates BA for creating legal precedent


colecast t1_jadf08a wrote

Bruce Arians in shambles.


TheKingOfDub t1_jadp9tx wrote

Woman single-handedly takes on BO and wins


thaboognish t1_jadefxm wrote

Is Reddit charging you by the letter, OP?


je97 OP t1_jadeqel wrote

That was the headline that reddit threw out at me. Had too many posts taken down for changing them that I just stuck with it. I should have posted an explanation in the comments though.


ParadiseLost91 t1_jadye77 wrote

To be fair, that's what most people call them.

Hardly anyone says "British Airways". They're just called BA, like you'd say the US, instead of United States.

I'm not from the UK, but I understand if the abbreviation doesn't make initial sense to someone outside Europe.


Badgers_Are_Scary t1_jae5wiw wrote

I am in Europe and it made no sense to me. BA could stand for anything. Like for example capital city of my country.


espritdecorps t1_jacvqfl wrote

Good for her but I’m confused. It says she herself requested the vouchers once the flight was no longer possible. It seems strange to request vouchers at the beginning of a global pandemic, and then when the pandemic doesn’t end quickly, she doesn’t want the vouchers anymore and demands reimbursement by the airline?

It would be different if she’d asked for a refund to begin with… the story is a bit unclear. I know a lot of airlines were shady and were offering vouchers when legally customers had the right to a full refund. It’s the fact that she requested the vouchers that throws me off.


Capitain_Collateral t1_jad51bs wrote

She requested vouchers at a time when she thought travel could still occur in a timely manner, but at a time that was currently unknown - as she did still want to travel.

Once it became clear that travel to the destination could not be done in a timely manner she requested the refund as she is legally entitled to as BA could not deliver the sold service.

BA, taking a leaf out of the ‘legal shmegal!’ School of thought, declined.


Qimamad t1_jac770d wrote


I thought this was an article from the 1980's archive at first.


je97 OP t1_jac9oc2 wrote

Well she is a woman...


Moerdac t1_jadmzd3 wrote

Thats so insensitive. They might be a wolfkin coffeeself.