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karma_the_sequel t1_jamq1lb wrote

Better headline: “Lifelong buds set to be first recreational cannabis business owners in Trenton”


TheStegg t1_jamsi4k wrote

Even better headline: “Lifelong buds form joint venture to be first recreational cannabis business owners in Trenton”


beforethewind t1_jan0c6n wrote

“Lifelong buds form joint business venture, through grassroots efforts and getting down in the weeds, to be first recreational cannabis business owners in Trenton. Pot.”


TheStegg t1_jan16c2 wrote

Lol, I was going to stick “weedy weedy weed weed” at the end of mine, but I didn’t think it’d make it past editorial 😂


jenea t1_jan49r7 wrote

I don’t know, “bestfriends” made it past them!


[deleted] t1_janpahn wrote

Also, the article is a little misleading. NJ Weedman has been there for years and fought the good fight. I wish these two great business regardless ❤️


akpburrito t1_jao649v wrote

yeah, first *licensed rec dispensary would be more accurate :)


Darkstar_k t1_jamjgf9 wrote

New Jersey has given former marijuana possessors first crack at this blossoming industry by law - very egalitarian and very cool.

I will continue voting blue in NJ.


AnderuJohnsuton t1_janqdil wrote

That's always my problem going into a dispensary. I'll see videos playing of old white couples talking about how it helps their pain or anxiety, fun little graphics about strains or methods of partaking, and all I can think about is how many black people had their lives absolutely ruined by something that's now being advertised to me like I'm watching daytime TV.


Gullible-Berry-1949 t1_jao26kb wrote

This is absolutely fact and I also think about how THE USA GOVT fed us all INSANE MADE UP BULLSHIT about cannabis like reefer madness and got everyone so fucking brainwashed by fear that they had the legal power to criminalize it alongside the truly wonderful hemp version. The amount of damage done to our own people/country world/ by this single event in history is absolutely incomprehensible. Everyone should and could have been growing there own God given God made plants to use for almost all there medical agricultural industrial needs and everything else inbetween!


anndrago t1_jaogt0u wrote

Totally. Magic mushrooms got caught up in this too. Psylocybin has such enormous medicinal potential and we lost decades of valuable research time.


Pattern_Maker t1_jap5qa2 wrote

With the catch that most former cannabis offenders could not afford to open dispensaries, and many just became figure heads to bring good PR to corporate owned dispensaries.


Ricky_Rollin t1_jaq2run wrote

I’m opening one in May! I’m Latino and also have a previous record and I’m thankful they are doing this.


DanTheFatMan t1_janby3h wrote

That's honestly kinda bullshit.


Slag-Bear t1_jand6pu wrote

Why so?


Hobbs512 t1_janennu wrote

Not sure maybe they think you shouldn't give priority to people who willingly broke the law, regardless of how stupid the law was.

But I say give the job to the people who have the most experience. Though possesion may not be the same as growing your own.


DanTheFatMan t1_janhshr wrote

I get the laws were unjust to an extent, but you shouldn't be rewarded for having willingly broke the law while other's didn't.


Ipodtouchlurker t1_janjwui wrote

In my view they are not rewarded for breaking the law, but for unjust incarceration. For breaking the law they have already been punished.


taybay462 t1_japoqgp wrote

It was an unjust law.

Life's not fair, you're not entitled to dibs on opening marijuana dispensaries lmao. Literally no one mad about this would be affected in any way, people affected are free to compete.


Somebodycalled911 t1_janr2zs wrote

> for having willingly broke the law while other's didn't~~.~~

get caught because police were way less likely to stop, search and arrest them for simple marijuana possession, since they benefited from white and/or wealthy privilege all their life.

There, I fixed it for you :)


DanTheFatMan t1_jay3hm9 wrote

Doesn't stop it from being a crime. Hilarious to just blame white privilege whenever someone gives criticism.


Rezouli t1_jaoynu0 wrote

Oh, Trenton, NJ. I was thinking Trenton, GA and was stunned. Hope them the most success possible! But yeah, was stunned because Trenton, GA is the type of small southern town that filled a lawsuit against a Pizza Hut for selling beer because it was too close to a church. This place has a church on nearly every main road, corner, and hideaway. Oh, and is like 98% white, so the thumbnail also caused some mental whiplash.

Trenton, GA sucks ass.


BrentBulkhead t1_jan5v7a wrote

Lol anyone else read that as 'cannibals' 💀


anndrago t1_jaoionw wrote

Haha, no, but I did read lifelong "boyfriends".


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oysterdredge t1_jaosv5k wrote

I like how every group of buddies you know the group the one group you could always buy weed off of and gf to be all sketchy and the cops harassed the shit out of them . Those are the ones now working with the cops and city hall to sell weed legally .


BeerBellyBandit t1_janqhwc wrote

Fuck that shit hole of a state good people who did not break the law get pushed to the side for political posture


anndrago t1_jaoige9 wrote

I skimmed the article. I didn't see anything about how a bunch of competitors lost out to these guys. Just that they were awarded 2 of the 11 available licenses. I may have missed it, but it seems like you might be filling in the blanks with your own storyline. But even if they had, these guys had a pre-existing business in another state, so they were already proven out, so to speak, and therefore probably a solid choice on the part of AZ.