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dug99 t1_jaqkqro wrote

I'll take the Jackson Juice, thanks!


beezkneezsneez t1_jardup0 wrote

OMG!! Me too!!! Just had foot surgery and came out of it feeling GREAT!!!


FrankTankly t1_jarin4q wrote

Tell your anesthesiologist that gas makes you intolerably nauseous. They might want to try a scopolamine patch, or they might just go straight to “TIVA”, which is total intravenous anesthesia, which is propofol (or “Jackson Juice”).

TIVA is much more expensive than the various gasses at their disposal, so you might keep that in mind as well (at least if you’re in the US).


asm985 t1_jash2fi wrote

TIVAs are more expensive, usually take longer recovery in PACU, and have higher concerns of intra operative awareness.


FrankTankly t1_jashlrq wrote

TIVA also allows for much better intra-operative neurosurgical monitoring! Gas obliterates SSEPs and MEPs (especially) to the point where if there’s any gas on board motor evoked potentials will be completely lost.


asm985 t1_jasicoe wrote

True. Overall, pros/cons for each - best to use correct anesthetic for the situation, as opposed to blanket statements of convenience


FrankTankly t1_jasilp3 wrote

Absolutely, just like everything else in life the devil is in the details.


Sir-_-Butters22 t1_jar9n1r wrote

So are we going back to getting black out drunk and hopefully staying passed out through the entire procedure?


thehumandumbass t1_jas2l81 wrote

The headline should explain what the alternative is otherwise the title just looks dumb.


M4XVLTG3 t1_jarclom wrote

I have always been a huge proponent of the environmentally conscious blow to the head.


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[deleted] t1_jaqaeya wrote



Pandora_Palen t1_jaqgc77 wrote

Come on and what? Switching to an equally effective and far less destructive option is ...? What's your problem here?


JeffFromSchool t1_jar5ifx wrote

Idk what they said other than "Come on", but I can only imagine they are skeptical as to how harmful it actually is. After all, I never expected my anesthetics to be biodegradable.


Pandora_Palen t1_jatqba8 wrote

No, it was something along the lines "so we're using plants now? C'mon people!"


Icy_Illustrator_7613 t1_jasx2s2 wrote

I assume they mean that the overall impact of desflurane is rather negligible in the grand scheme of carbon emissions. Hard to imagine banning desflurane in Scotland will have much impact


Pandora_Palen t1_jatsjjb wrote

That makes absolutely no difference. How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. Every time there is a reduction, it's a win. All the millions of times the "it's not a big deal and everybody does it" mentality added up and created this global mess. Now it's time to start using that same mentality to subtract, bit by bit. It won't stop with Scotland.

And I don't know what they meant. They said something stupid about "now we're going to start using plants?"