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sj4iy t1_jawnd93 wrote

These children will likely have many developmental delays and disabilities. These news stories only show when the baby is brought home…they never show the interventions, the delays, the problems in school, etc.

Medicine has basically chosen quantity of life over quality of life. That’s not a good thing.


TessySue2002 t1_jawwxyl wrote

I’m a parent of a former 24 week micropreemie. He’s 20 months old now and his only complication is a feeding tube that he will not need eventually and slight developmental delays. Yes, the probability for disability is high with a micropreemie, but it is not definite. We were given a choice the night I went into labor whether or not we wanted them to intervene for our son. Trust me, nothing in your life prepares you for that conversation. It is a nightmare that you never expect. You do not know what choice you would make unless that becomes your reality. I am thankful for modern medicine. My son is walking and learning how to talk. Modern medicine has given families like ours an unimaginable gift.


minnieboss t1_jay6few wrote

People with developmental delays and disabilities' lives are just as worthy as those without.


sj4iy t1_jaykwdt wrote

I never once said they weren’t. I have a child with autism that I love very much.

However…it’s stupid to think that every parent has the means and ability to take care of a child with even minor disabilities. Because it’s a huge strain on marriage, on finances, and on any other children the parents may have.

My husband and I have the means that care for our son, even if he never becomes independent. Not everyone does. Not everyone can afford the therapists and interventions a child may need. Not everyone can take the time off from work to take their child to various therapists. Not everyone can afford to fight the school to get their child and IEP or para or get the school to pay the tuition on a private school that would help their child more.

My son had relatively mild disabilities and it has been very difficult. My husband and I are lucky, that we have the ability to help him. But not everyone is able to. And that should be acknowledged.


Bot_Marvin t1_jax13lp wrote

So you want to kill the developmentally delayed? Or not even that, kill someone because they might be disabled in the future.

Are you one of the good guys?