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bubleve t1_jaxlv2e wrote

Literally the first paragraph, and this can only cover Federal because Congress or States need to do the rest.

> The Department of Justice on Friday launched an application form that people who were covered under President Joe Biden’s mass marijuana pardon can fill out to demonstrate that they were granted clemency. ...The relief was automatic...


speaks_truth_2_kiwis t1_jaydi3j wrote

> The relief was automatic...

A pardon doesn't remove a conviction from your record.

No one has been or will be released from prison.

The fact that a convict has been pardoned may or may not change the mind of an employer, landlord, etc.

In that context, a cute little certificate saying that you were pardoned is probably worth a tiny little Something, to someone. Hopefully.


bubleve t1_jayjlht wrote

You are right, but:

> “a pardon removes or prevents the attachment of all consequences that are based on guilt for the offense,”

I would suspect that standard employment/housing discriminatory practices would be in play. Pretty sure Congress would have to expunge the records.


MouthJob t1_jays14v wrote

You can suspect whatever you want. As long as they make up some other random bullshit to actually say out loud, they can see it in all kinds of screwed up ways in their own screwed up head all they want.


bubleve t1_jayt10k wrote

Also, as far as I know expunging records is an act of congress not the president. So it is a moot point and Biden has done what he can legally.