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johnnach t1_jb0s3aq wrote

How is This uplifting ? Title This " Two elder have enough money and time to go around the World with no concerns about their impact". Yay


throw_away077992 t1_jb0x3zo wrote

I bet you’re fun at parties.


zoidbergenious t1_jb0xoec wrote

He is right. Why is this uplifting for anyone?

Two retired woman have vaccation

Wow such amazing news that will help the airlines they book a lot good for them.

Tomorrow i will make a post here

My grandma made herself a sandwich, she sais:" you are never too old old to make yourself a sandwich if you belive in yourself"


Gloomy_Possession-69 t1_jb17sba wrote

A lot of people act as if by 60 life is over. These women are much older and still seeing the world. That's why it's uplifting.


videodromejockey t1_jb129xa wrote

Out of curiosity, how do you define uplifting and what kind of a story would qualify as uplifting?


zoidbergenious t1_jb148jf wrote

2 retired woman supporting climate change by traveling the world in a train instead of flying to the whole world 2nd class. But whatever guess on the finishöine you dont need to give a fuck anymore


videodromejockey t1_jb1f3ox wrote

Ah yes, the famous transatlantic train.


zoidbergenious t1_jb1kq5q wrote

Longest possible train journey takes 21 days and goes from portugal to singapour... should cover plenty countries to see. You can take ONE plane if necessary from american to european continent and you can cover enought options... but ok do everything by plane then and post it in uplifting news to show everyone how less of a fuck you give


JscrumpDaddy t1_jb1aq1u wrote

Anyone else feel like buying a plane ticket after reading this?


jinxykatte t1_jb1qn8t wrote

I dont find the story uplifting in anyway, but I couldn't give a twot about 2 people buying fucking plane tickets. Like some people care about carbon footprints far too much.


Gloomy_Possession-69 t1_jb17yn1 wrote

First of all, you can pay a little extra to offset the emissions of your travel. Second of all, these two women are not even a tiny drop in the bucket. The bucket is 99.99% full of corporate waste. Third of all, it is uplifting to see people at an advanced age still living well and exploring.


GiveToOedipus t1_jb1ccm5 wrote

While I agree that two elderly women taking a bucket list trip is barely a scratch on the surface compared to other sources of pollution, our collective actions are part of the issue and we should be cognizant of it with regards to the industries we support and the legislators we vote for. This trip is a non-issue witj argars to the bigger picture overall. Secondly, I don't think the "cabon offset" charges actually help do more than make people feel less guilty about their choices. Everything I've read and seen reported on the matter points to it being nothing more than PR for these companies and doesn't actually do anything to fix it. Some go toward planting trees, but that's assuming it actually happens, and others go towards things that were going to happen anyway.

Point is, be careful with simple solutions being offered based on "offset" fess. Many of them are basically scams.


SometimesFalter t1_jb2ck7v wrote

> two elderly women taking a bucket list trip is barely a scratch on the surface compared to other sources of pollution

Unfortunately air flight is very carbon intensive per passenger. One single flight can be equivalent to a person's carbon emissions for an entire year, per passenger. So if they visit 18 countries on 7 continents, for the two of them its possible this trip alone could generate up enough emissions as if they lived for 25 years longer each. Obviously they aren't directly generating it, but they're supporting the business nonetheless. This article itself is promoting air travel.

That said, we currently live in a very fortunate time where its possible to curb your emissions and legitimately offset your emissions. Flying to Europe for example and then taking advantage of the very large high-speed train network only for example. There are also carbon offset companies that directly pay farmers for carbon offset projects, or you could plant some trees yourself, growing large gardens, etc. It will take time but I say they probably have enough time and the means to offset their contribution.