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CaptainMacMillan t1_jb0p9sl wrote

81? These killers don’t look a day over 60


DancingIBear t1_jb1laqh wrote

What money does to a fatherfucker


lehmx t1_jb3vk37 wrote

And most likely a healthy lifestyle, I would bet that these two ladies weren't raging alcoholics eating junk food for decades


maraca101 t1_jb1z8hy wrote

With technological advancements these days, 80 year olds today are like 60 year olds in the 40s.


[deleted] t1_jb49bl7 wrote

#YEP Young Elderly Person. I love this generation!!


tallerThanYouAre t1_jb1gura wrote

I find it odd that, after all the promise of “work hard, then enjoy your retirement”, the idea of two women traveling the world for three months is considered newsworthy.


tempo1139 t1_jb1jq4f wrote

absolutely... in fact came to see how far I'd scroll to see a wtf comment.

Specifically right now with so many bad things going on in the US and abroad it's.... a bit rich. Seems more like Boomer instagram than a news story


dougan25 t1_jb37f74 wrote

> Seems more like Boomer instagram than a news story

Wait who do you think runs the news outlets...? The news media is literally boomer instagram.


dadamn t1_jb1rhcw wrote

Also 3 months is not nearly enough time to have any deeply meaningful engagement with the places they will visit. I spent 18 months nomading around the world (longest continuous stay in one place was 1 month. Many places for just a few days) and my biggest regret was not constraining down to just a few places for longer periods of time. Thankfully I'm young(ish) and can go back to places that made a good impression to get to know them better. I suspect these ladies will end their trip wishing they could have more time and regretting not traveling more when they were young.


emilygoldfinch410 t1_jb21bp7 wrote

>>regretting not traveling more when they were young

I guess you didn't read the article because they sound like seasoned travelers. They met while traveling in Zambia two decades ago. The point of the trip was to go around the world in 80 days at age 80, not the type of travel you described.


LannMarek t1_jb37vfr wrote

Everyone reads the full article before commenting here sir, this is not a Wendy's.


dekindling t1_jb42p1g wrote

Ah thank you, the unexpected laugh was appreciated


GoldenRamoth t1_jb1u1x7 wrote

I mean, I'd still want to do the world in 80 days just for the book reference.

Nothing wrong about doing something for a goofy reason!


Legitimate_Wizard t1_jb2jvfo wrote

80 days of airplane/boat/train/bus/car rides sounds exhausting to me and I'm less than half as old. Good for them for having the energy to do it at their age.


Accomplished_Cash320 t1_jb2mmb1 wrote

Flying used to be super expensive and in their 20-30's as women (1960's they would have been expected to do the things society expected them to be doing at that age. So unless super wealthy you were not living that life. Many countries were not open for such travel anyways. Being a "jet/country hopping nomad" is a recent thing in terms of social acceptance and availability of resources for the average person to do such trips. At 81 you aint got the time to waste trying to learn a new language and absorbing culture of the locals and daydreaming of what life could be. You have already outlived your peers and got nobody to impress...


23harpsdown t1_jb1sbbx wrote

I just rounded three years traveling full time. One month minimum stay in each place is fantastic. You really connect with the locals you see everyday at cafes, grocery stores, and elsewhere around town. Just landed in my 10th country and like 17th(ish) city and would trade nothing.


dadamn t1_jb1t4wn wrote

I'm so happy for you! You're absolutely doing it the right way!


Succulentslayer t1_jb2lcm1 wrote

How did you even finance that? Curious cause I am considering it.


poopatroopa3 t1_jb3xem8 wrote

Not OP but I heard that people do this by carrying close to nothing on them and sleeping at super cheap hostels while working for them part time, or just remote work in general.


ZaviaGenX t1_jb3ol30 wrote

Pray tell some of these places you wished to stay longer in and why.

Im hoping to travel Asia at some point in time in my life.


Not_a_werecat t1_jb3ai1r wrote

Alternate title: "Retirees with money travel".

Whoopty freaking doo -_-


poodlebutt76 t1_jb39nwb wrote

Become that promise doesn't come true for many nowadays. Unless you already started out rich


celticchrys t1_jb2t366 wrote

I find it odd that anyone was ever promised that.


80percentrule t1_jb1z9gr wrote

Met 2 60yr plus (we didn't ask) french ladies traveling for a few months, in Burma who had recently travelled India.

Within minutes of meeting us they told us about sh*tting the bed in India 😂 (in a very humorous way to be clear, not as crass as it sounds). Had mad respect for them - no comfy cruises you would usually associate with that age, were backpacking like the rest of us and having a riot.


KeaboUltra t1_jb0x96a wrote

wow, they dont look 81, i wish my mom would have the courage to do this. she's in her late 60s


chaiteataichi_ t1_jb1kf6d wrote

Suggest it to a friend or relative of hers! My parents just did an Argentina / Chile / Antarctica trip!


GeoffAO2 t1_jb25kt2 wrote

Combined age, life was tough on these 40-somethings.


KingJaredoftheLand t1_jb12j4h wrote

Good to see the Boomers enjoying their juicy retirements. They may be the last generation to do so.


erindizmo t1_jb1ih9a wrote

In fairness, they're a bit older than boomers. My dad's one of the oldest boomers and he's turning 77 this year. These ladies would be Silent Generation.


lynx_and_nutmeg t1_jb1mv6d wrote

Redditors: hating an entire demographic of people on the grounds of them being born within an arbitrary range of dates.

Also Redditors: can't even get that arbitrary range of dates straight so they just end up hating every old person.


KingJaredoftheLand t1_jb1s3ze wrote

Who said anything about hating them? Silent or Boomers, the point is that these ladies are enjoying a retirement that future generations aren’t going to.

What’s hateable is a capitalist, conservative economic system that is stealing this rosy future from almost every young person living today.


celticchrys t1_jb2tzgb wrote

And what's confusing is how anyone can possibly think this was ever the norm for most people. I just can't believe so many people seem to think sit-coms were reality. You had to be in the minority to ever have this luxury, to ever travel like this (at least in the USA) ever in your life. Most of the people I've ever known who were born in the USA of any age have still never been outside the USA unless they are financially well off, employer sent them for business, or in the military. Certainly most of the Silent Generation , like these ladies, only traveled abroad if they were in the military.


ConnieDee t1_jb1zzpy wrote

Future generations have some time ahead of them - why not see what happens. And start putting $5 a month into your 401K now if you have any taxable income at all. If that's the system we've got, might as well take advantage of it.

(Systems are not conservative or liberal; they are just headless systems. The trick is to figure out how to nudge them in one direction or another.)


TJNel t1_jb2nvnc wrote

$60 a year so you can retire when you are 300 years old.


ConnieDee t1_jb386gd wrote

If I had said $100 a month people would have said Oh No We Can't Afford That! Investing 101 (it's a multi-year course so start early.) Hating capitalism is no reason not to pay attention to ways you could be one of the ones traveling in their 80s. It makes sense to try to change the world, but we also have no choice but to live in the world as it is: might as well make the best of it.


yumyumnom t1_jb1vwd0 wrote

I mean, it isn’t really tho. There are still going to be plenty of people doing this type of thing that are young now especially given how much healthier people that are young now will be in old age.

Sure you could argue fewer people will have this level of economic freedom but ain’t like it’s gonna be 0.


KingJaredoftheLand t1_jb1xxnz wrote

I wish you were right. But you’re vastly underestimating the affect that automation and climate change in particular are going to have on societies worldwide. These issues represent two apocalyptic horizons - one economic and one environmental - which are going to make this whole unsustainable capitalist economic system come crashing down, likely within the lifetimes of current young people.


destruc786 t1_jb1rlwg wrote

Also redditors: Hates the generation that focused on individual greed at the cost of destroying the world for future generations while also trying to make the new generations feel like shit because of stagnated wages while the cost of goods astronomically skyrockets, while blaming the newer generations for not working as hard..


celticchrys t1_jb2uqlj wrote

The Silent Generation didn't really, though. They were the previous "small" generation, then Boomers, (then Gen X was the next "small" generation). Pretty unfair to blame them for the Baby Boomers' actions.


destruc786 t1_jb2xma4 wrote

I didnt say anything about the silent generation..


SwallowsDick t1_jb1my6b wrote

So these really may be some of the last to enjoy retirement


mickyninaj t1_jb1y0xv wrote

For travel? There are plenty of digital nomads out there travelling the world right now for way more than 80 days and not waiting for retirement to do so. I've even met multi-year backpackers who do it on very stretched dollars and small incomes, but because they travel slow they can make it work. Retirement isn't guaranteed either way, so if travel is something people want to do they have to make it fit into their life choices (also it's probably far easier to enjoy and spend less on when in good health, but im saying that as someone who budget travels and can easily shrug off inconveniences while traveling). Also, theres no need to wait on other people to travel, solo travel is pretty damn relaxing.


Themoneymancan t1_jb1guio wrote

Around the World in 80 Days: Ladies Reboot


Erazerhead-5407 t1_jb1eupz wrote

Live in the moment, Girls! It’s the only thing you have any control over. Yesterday is gone, you can’t change it. Tomorrow may never come. All We can be certain about is the here and now. Go for it girlfriends and enjoy yourselves!


itsTacoYouDigg t1_jb1lw3f wrote

love to see it but bruh whats with all the negativity in the comments? Damn some of you guys suck


laureire t1_jb1wade wrote

Let’s be happy for them. Maybe they lived a life of service to others.


PsychologicalBrush t1_jb2my1f wrote

All the younger generations haven't been doing well financially due to the boomer generation fuck ups, COVID arrived and to save boomers lives we all had to isolate and stop living, millions of people's lives got worse with no income but not the retired boomers getting their retirement money.

Boomers got vaccinated first because of the higher risks and it meant that when cruises were allowed again they were all booked out for months, so while younger generations were struggling to get back on their feets after stopping their lives to save boomers, boomers went on holidays and cruises are the worst way of travelling for the environment.

So I can understand people being bitter to seem more elderly just having it so good while fucking up everyone else lives

[edit] fuck ups implies they made mistakes, it's more egoistical nature. Until recently they had the majority for all voting as they were more in numbers so they got people elected who would increase housing value because they wanted their houses value to increase even if it meant making housing unaffordable for younger generations, they also chose not to increase minimum wage because they were worried about their own lifestyle would have increased costs and they weren't affected by the non increase. Amongst other things.


itsTacoYouDigg t1_jb2s4sf wrote

younger generations suffering is such a myth. Did you know younger people contribute 20% of their paycheck to a 401k every month? Did you know that all of the grow in luxury sales last year came from gen z? Just because young people can’t afford to buy a 4 bedroom house doesn’t mean they are suffering, they are spending & earning a lot of money. The average gen Z has $20,000 saved for retirement already lol


PsychologicalBrush t1_jb2uuxf wrote

You're spinning it as if gen Z were making a lot of money, the oldest ones are 26 if they have $20k savings it means they've been saving all their income very heavily and living frugally.

How do you think 18 to 26 years old can afford luxury items?

  • If they didn't do any studies and worked at 18 it means that they are spending above their means.
  • If they did studies they are just finishing the education so have no money either

The most likely case is that their families are wealthy to beggin with and advertising has become much better at targeting them than it was with millenials.


itsTacoYouDigg t1_jb2vqj5 wrote

point is they are clearly aren’t suffering financially, just a common misconception. Most young people either live at home with parents or flatshare with other people, so they have more disposable income to spend on stuff


PsychologicalBrush t1_jb2zl2h wrote

They can't fucking afford to have their own place and you're flipping it as if living with your parents or 4 other flatmates is so much better than being able to rent your own apartment!

You know, I think homeless people are the luckiest, they spend all their day outdoors, in the sun, doing absolutely nothing and they have no worries what an amazing lifestyle don't you think?


itsTacoYouDigg t1_jb2zw77 wrote

by being priced out of buying a home they’ve already started planning for retirement by investing in a 401k plan, which is actually a better deal than buying a house especially with rates & prices so high. Sometimes the grass is greener. If they rented by themselves they definitely wouldn’t have been able to invest so much


trebletones t1_jb1vf0a wrote

Dang those women do not look 81. I hope I look half as good at their age


Rutgerman95 t1_jb1g7gw wrote

The Golden Girls Roadtrip movie


zestykat t1_jb0zfh5 wrote

Sweet. That's the dream.


littlespawningflower t1_jb2jm61 wrote

“Reminder: this subreddit is meant to be a place free of excessive cynicism, negativity and bitterness. Toxic attitudes are not welcome here.

All Negative comments will be removed and will possibly result in a ban.

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.”

I don’t know as I’ve ever seen so much negativity in this sub as I’m seeing right here in this thread. Unbelievable.


Ripcord t1_jb2pwan wrote

I see it in most of the threads. I guess it's a little higher percentage here. It's like people can't turn off the pessimism even for a second. It's super unhealthy.


MrOrangeMagic t1_jb1u7pg wrote

While I haven’t read this I will just do the math:

197 recognized countries 80 days

2.46 countries a day


maraca101 t1_jb1zh4q wrote

I would do 25 countries maximum if I were them. Preferably 15 ish or less..


randomlybalanced t1_jb3ju4s wrote

So many negative reactions to this story. Some of ya'll are absolutely miserable


Jeffery_G t1_jb24f5c wrote

Tried to read more but couldn’t. How much does this cost for these ladies?


second2no1 t1_jb2dmza wrote

Congrats, theyre the last generation that will get to


Evildietz t1_jb2dad1 wrote

That's why you shouldn't procrastinate. Start early and take your time.


Hayaguaenelvaso t1_jb2f596 wrote

So, two boomers throwing tons upon tons of exhaust in the atmosphere to ""see"" the world in like a couple of hours per place is uplifting now?

Thanks for the last fart, ladies


Papichuloft t1_jb2cnyr wrote

Looking at them, I believe there's more than enough fuel left in the tank for 10 trips.


Feronach t1_jb2h7fw wrote

"they're really close friends"


Jethro_Cohen t1_jb2lh5a wrote

>don't sit in that chair. Get out and see the world!

What in the fuck makes them think I'm financially capable of just getting up and out to see the world?

I just wanted to point that out as funny. I'm super happy for them and I wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. Who knows, maybe they'll bring me a souvenir?



ACasualNerd t1_jb32435 wrote

Wishing them both the best, enjoy this beautiful planet before it all turns to grey


TheGothDragon t1_jb33om6 wrote

I love how one stated this in the article "Don't sit in that chair and waste away," Hazelip said. "If you don't use it, you lose it." This is so true! I hope they have a wonderful time exploring the world.


punitdaga31 t1_jb3d03q wrote

Around the world in 80 days... Damn. Someone should make a book with that title.


molliem12 t1_jb44z88 wrote

But for a very large portion of the world population, this is going to be very unattainable. Going to be costing a fortune which most people nowadays could never afford. I wish them all the best and I hope they have a wonderful time.


ShtOutOfDuck t1_jb45xsj wrote

this is how i wanna be into my old age 🥳


AutoModerator t1_jb0hybf wrote

Reminder: this subreddit is meant to be a place free of excessive cynicism, negativity and bitterness. Toxic attitudes are not welcome here.

All Negative comments will be removed and will possibly result in a ban.

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kay_bizzle t1_jb1xl10 wrote

Cool for them but i don't feel very uplifted at the thought of these wealthy boomers taking a long vacation


Anagoth9 t1_jb2nats wrote

>"We don't travel first class. And so when we have other ladies, especially who say, 'Oh, I would love to travel with you two,' the first thing I always do is look at their hands. If they are well-manicured, they do not want to travel with us," Hazelip said.

One is a physician and the other is a documentary photographer. They probably have a decent amount of money to fund the trip but it sounds like it's not exactly a pleasure cruise. It's way less privileged for two retirees using their life's savings and lifelong experience to do something like this rather than some Zoomer using their parents' money and (wilfully) unemployed free time to do the same thing.


blue_nose_too t1_jb1ypes wrote

They must have won the Gemini Croquette trip to Fhloston Paradise


PsiHightower t1_jb2iwnm wrote

We don’t talk about Grandma’s “Roommate” on Sundays, kids.


LittleGuy825 t1_jb347qv wrote

Royal Caribbean cruise line just recently announced they are having a 180 day cruise around the world. I told my wife already we have 18 years but that is what my retirement gift to myself will be. Good for these women I hope at 80 I will still have a desire to travel.


GibbyDat t1_jb39giw wrote

Go see that football movie with that guy.


HOU-RU t1_jb3k97w wrote

Well I love this


Croaker715 t1_jb3kptl wrote

Plot twist: They're just trying to get to Mah Jong, but the got on the wrong bus...


person1a t1_jb3z3p4 wrote

80 for Brady + around the world in 80 days?


FireBendingNinja t1_jb474b6 wrote

They’re going to spend most of their time in flights, commutes, and checking in/out of hotels. To enjoy the trip they should see just a third of those countries or less in that time.


adjgamer321 t1_jb3lnjf wrote

The only reason travelling the world in 80 days was impressive the first time was because they did it in a balloon... Not with thousands of dollars and airplanes.


SoundlessScream t1_jb3o4rz wrote

With no masks on flights and airport visits? They might not get far.


Reeblo_McScreeblo t1_jb41nod wrote

80 fucking days? You trying to give yourself a reason to die or what? Take your time, enjoy the fucking world, don’t speed run it


mmld_dacy t1_jb1lwhf wrote

i thought they're going to see world in 81 days.


capit4n t1_jb1pkjj wrote

adventure at the end of life you mean


jerry111165 t1_jb1rw3s wrote

Unfortunately you can’t see the world in 80 days.


Tjengel t1_jb1u3vg wrote

80 for Brady the sequel?


eddiebull15 t1_jb36dd2 wrote

But can one really SEE the world in 80 days? I feel like there will be more missed opportunities and experiences.


zeighArcher t1_jb1mwf3 wrote

They’re gonna be so sore.


Wall-SWE t1_jb1n36h wrote

195 countries in the world. 80 days isn't enough to see and explore the countries and cultures of the world..


Amf204 t1_jb2ki3g wrote

This is poor quality content. 👎👎👎 It's not uplifting news to watch boomers do something like this.


djdsf t1_jb1qlsy wrote

I mean, you could complete that itinerary in about 2 weeks, why is it taking them 80 days?


Blenderx06 t1_jb1tqk9 wrote

Rest and relaxation?


djdsf t1_jb1ty9f wrote

Idk, if it was me and I gave myself 80 days, I'd try to cram a lot more in there. I don't think you need to relax for a week in every place you go.


OuidOuigi t1_jb1xj31 wrote

That is you and this is them. Are you also 81 years old?


djdsf t1_jb1xu4u wrote

I sure as hell fell like it.

My hamstrings have started to hurt a lot after 2 hour of driving.


80percentrule t1_jb1ypim wrote

Learnt years ago there's no 'right way' to travel.

Some people enjoy riding 100mile days on a bicycle. Some people fly everywhere and cram as much as possible into 2 weeks. Some people prefer to sit on a beach for 2 weeks in an all inclusive. I enjoy backpacking for at least 3 weeks to a month in a single country.

Each has merit, reasons and personal preferences. We all rest differently


djdsf t1_jb22vy7 wrote

Well, if this was just an average vacation, it wouldn't be news, would it?


80percentrule t1_jb2374i wrote

Doesn't change the point. You can travel the world east to west in 5 stops or 50 stops

Edit in fact they are doing 18 which is pretty good going!


MicroXenon t1_jb13wos wrote

Why is this uplifting? Why should I care? This sub has gone to shit Jesus.


Kinu4U t1_jb19pc5 wrote

They need to hurry before they decompose completely


johnnach t1_jb0s3aq wrote

How is This uplifting ? Title This " Two elder have enough money and time to go around the World with no concerns about their impact". Yay


throw_away077992 t1_jb0x3zo wrote

I bet you’re fun at parties.


zoidbergenious t1_jb0xoec wrote

He is right. Why is this uplifting for anyone?

Two retired woman have vaccation

Wow such amazing news that will help the airlines they book a lot good for them.

Tomorrow i will make a post here

My grandma made herself a sandwich, she sais:" you are never too old old to make yourself a sandwich if you belive in yourself"


Gloomy_Possession-69 t1_jb17sba wrote

A lot of people act as if by 60 life is over. These women are much older and still seeing the world. That's why it's uplifting.


videodromejockey t1_jb129xa wrote

Out of curiosity, how do you define uplifting and what kind of a story would qualify as uplifting?


zoidbergenious t1_jb148jf wrote

2 retired woman supporting climate change by traveling the world in a train instead of flying to the whole world 2nd class. But whatever guess on the finishöine you dont need to give a fuck anymore


videodromejockey t1_jb1f3ox wrote

Ah yes, the famous transatlantic train.


zoidbergenious t1_jb1kq5q wrote

Longest possible train journey takes 21 days and goes from portugal to singapour... should cover plenty countries to see. You can take ONE plane if necessary from american to european continent and you can cover enought options... but ok do everything by plane then and post it in uplifting news to show everyone how less of a fuck you give


JscrumpDaddy t1_jb1aq1u wrote

Anyone else feel like buying a plane ticket after reading this?


jinxykatte t1_jb1qn8t wrote

I dont find the story uplifting in anyway, but I couldn't give a twot about 2 people buying fucking plane tickets. Like some people care about carbon footprints far too much.


Gloomy_Possession-69 t1_jb17yn1 wrote

First of all, you can pay a little extra to offset the emissions of your travel. Second of all, these two women are not even a tiny drop in the bucket. The bucket is 99.99% full of corporate waste. Third of all, it is uplifting to see people at an advanced age still living well and exploring.


GiveToOedipus t1_jb1ccm5 wrote

While I agree that two elderly women taking a bucket list trip is barely a scratch on the surface compared to other sources of pollution, our collective actions are part of the issue and we should be cognizant of it with regards to the industries we support and the legislators we vote for. This trip is a non-issue witj argars to the bigger picture overall. Secondly, I don't think the "cabon offset" charges actually help do more than make people feel less guilty about their choices. Everything I've read and seen reported on the matter points to it being nothing more than PR for these companies and doesn't actually do anything to fix it. Some go toward planting trees, but that's assuming it actually happens, and others go towards things that were going to happen anyway.

Point is, be careful with simple solutions being offered based on "offset" fess. Many of them are basically scams.


SometimesFalter t1_jb2ck7v wrote

> two elderly women taking a bucket list trip is barely a scratch on the surface compared to other sources of pollution

Unfortunately air flight is very carbon intensive per passenger. One single flight can be equivalent to a person's carbon emissions for an entire year, per passenger. So if they visit 18 countries on 7 continents, for the two of them its possible this trip alone could generate up enough emissions as if they lived for 25 years longer each. Obviously they aren't directly generating it, but they're supporting the business nonetheless. This article itself is promoting air travel.

That said, we currently live in a very fortunate time where its possible to curb your emissions and legitimately offset your emissions. Flying to Europe for example and then taking advantage of the very large high-speed train network only for example. There are also carbon offset companies that directly pay farmers for carbon offset projects, or you could plant some trees yourself, growing large gardens, etc. It will take time but I say they probably have enough time and the means to offset their contribution.