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scudobuio t1_jb2071e wrote

That’s wonderful, but I question the wisdom of surprising someone who’s 112 years old.


EmEmAndEye t1_jb2yynj wrote

SAME! Perhaps the hosts/organizers are in the will? (LOL)


rebonsa t1_jb33d45 wrote

All of her peers, parents and siblings are likely dead already. I wonder what that feels like.


arcanevulper t1_jb3gjsp wrote

At that age maybe even her children, if she gave birth at 22 her child would be 90 years old if they’re alive. Following the same logic her grandchild would be 68, crazy to think about it that way.


Ok-Sheepherder7262 t1_jb3dgu7 wrote

It's the reason why old folk are less afraid of mortality.


BenjaminTW1 t1_jb3tsq1 wrote

I think it depends on the source of the fear. There is the fear of losing those things or people you value through your death, yes. But there is also the fear of death itself—what comes after life, if anything.


Ok-Sheepherder7262 t1_jb3uagr wrote

Oh i have sat and thought about this alot myself and my own conclusions are that if there isn't truly anything after life, then that makes life all the more valuable and that death (unless caused unnaturally) is a natural part of life and is returning to our natural state to make room for the next generation of life. It's sad when someone dies but after the fact the deceased is free of pain and wordly troubles and that fact also comforts me despite being irreligious.


BenjaminTW1 t1_jb3wceh wrote

What a beautiful outlook. For what it’s worth, I think you’re right. I think of how after death, the atoms that made up our bodies continue on. So, in a way, we also continue on.


moistrain t1_jb3za8l wrote

100%. The conscious mind may be gone, but the very matter that is you will continue until the end of time


Ok-Sheepherder7262 t1_jb3ujl7 wrote

It's also perfectly natural to be afraid of mortality. I think even rhe toughest of people have spent a night tossing and turning thinking about it. It's just best to not be crippled by it, as I have been a bunch of times. I suffer from a pretty deep fear of death, the technical term being Thanotaphobia i believe.

Edit: Also thank you for your comment, I don't believe that it is discussed enough!


BenjaminTW1 t1_jb3yhj6 wrote

I agree that it is completely natural to fear mortality. And I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with such deep fear. Sisyphus 55 on YouTube has some great content on suffering, death, meaning, et cetera, that I personally have benefited from. Do you feel like you’re able to think about death frequently without being crippled?


Ok-Sheepherder7262 t1_jb3zi4n wrote

I have watched him, he is brilliant honestly. Not frequently, I must limit myself on when and how often. In the morning before I have to do a bunch of stuff for example I try not to think about it incase I get some anxiety but if its late at night, I have not much to do tomorrow, then maybe I can think about it critically. My therapist has also given me good outlets for it as well.


BenjaminTW1 t1_jc2uk5d wrote

Sorry for the late response.

Good on your therapist. I dealt with debilitating anxiety for some time and outlets like controlled breathing and meditation were extremely helpful.

I find that critical analysis as a pathway to understanding is such a great tool for handling fear or anxiety. In the same way that understanding something magical often reduces that sense of awe, understanding something eerie [mortality] often reduces that sense of anxiety or fear.


Ok-Sheepherder7262 t1_jc3fkzt wrote

You are totally right. I'm glad to hear that you have those techniques, you must have very good therapist/counselor


mlafors79 t1_jb3ylz4 wrote

I am sure every birthday is a surprise past 100!


Neilioooo t1_jb45isf wrote

After 100 each birthday is a surprise I reckon


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