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MomentUnable6808 t1_jb3xx0w wrote

Boeing has 142,000 employees. If this is a "nod" to all Boeing employees then it's still a 1/142,000 chance.


lookamazed t1_jb4wxsa wrote

You mean those are the odds if the 747 jackpot amount prompted all Boeing employees to buy a ticket?

Forgive me if this is repetitive but I’m just trying to understand the sentence.


[deleted] t1_jb53ld9 wrote



Numerous-Plenty-8587 t1_jb5cbmk wrote

I'm guessing you aren't a native English speaker? The title isn't saying or implying to go out and buy a ticket at all. It's just saying that's what happened.


jabberwockgee t1_jb4z33s wrote

She bought the ticket as a nod to the plane, not the jackpot amount was 747 million as a nod to the plane.


HLef t1_jb5wh91 wrote

Pretty good odds since as we all know, nobody who doesn’t work at Boeing is allowed to buy lottery tickets. It’s the law.


Harflin t1_jb61be6 wrote

I'm not sure I understand what the number of employees had to do with a person buying a lotto ticket because it's at 747 mil.