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LynxKuroneko t1_jb4f43c wrote

"Uplifting". I guess on account of airplane? 🤔


OrcOfDoom t1_jb7x9js wrote

I down voted because you have 755 upvotes, and 754 matches the photo.

(I didn't actually downvote)


KaimeiJay t1_jb4ucyj wrote

Well, time to bring back this gem of a comment advising what to do in this situation.


3Grilledjalapenos t1_jb5wcrf wrote

I wouldn’t tell anyone. If it was made public, I’d try to hide it well and travel. Come back and pretend I pissed it all away.

If that seems to not be thought out, I’ll live like I’m in quarantine, but with tons of money.

Edit to add: I have a list of people in my life who have made the good days and bad richer, and charities that have made the world a much better place. Realistically, if I did win the lottery, I’d anonymously pay back and pay forward the kindness that has been shown to me. There have been days I’ve been in a bad place, where others have carried me. If you do win the lottery, or just have some investments come through,please consider helping out some of the worthy causes out there.


BizzyM t1_jb58564 wrote

That's why I say that I'm only playing for $300M+. Anything less than that would be trouble. Saying that you can retire on several million is not exactly true for most people. Sure, you could quit your job and have fun, but you'd blow through that money quickly simply by being bored and looking for fun things to do that are expensive. With just a few million, you can invest that and recreate your current income. But, what are you currently doing with your current income? You go to work 40-ish hours a week and plan a vacation for a week or 2 out of the year. Delete the work requirements and you find yourself doing nothing but wanting to go do things.

With a few hundred million, you can invest that and have a couple million to spend year-over-year. Plenty to use to occupy your time with little worry of wanting to dip into the investment.

At least, that's my plan. I'm risk-averse, so I'm not going to go nuts at a casino, or go on drug fueled bender, or travel around the world looking for the next high.


LuminoZero t1_jb5u32s wrote

People do not understand money.

Lowest Powerball/Mega jackpot is 20 million. After taxes and everything that is a take home of about 8 million.

Put that in a safe but low return investment, like Federal Bonds, and you could probably manage 3% interest annually.

I don’t know about you, but I could live a VERY comfortable life on 240k a year.


mortryn t1_jb5zji8 wrote

That’s some terrible math 😂. At that amount the federal tax is at 24%, plus state tax (if the state charges tax). Someone winning a $20 million Jack pot alone is likely to walk away with $13 million on more depending on the state.


elscallr t1_jb60mbh wrote

Payout for the bulk payment isn't the same as the jackpot. You wouldn't walk away with 20M, you'd get about half of it.


LuminoZero t1_jb65lre wrote

$20 million listed jackpot. 40% taken off for the lump sum brings us to 12 million. Approximately 1/3 from federal and state taxes brings you to 8 million.

Thanks for playing!


themeatbridge t1_jb7qfwd wrote

Yes, except it's not 40% taken off. $12 million is the actual winnings, and they will invest it for you and payout over 30 years at somewhere between 6 and 8 percent, depending on the current market. The advertised jackpot is a transparent lie.


nospam310 t1_jb6440r wrote

you have to factor in the winnings are cut in half if you take a lump sum


Sausage_strangler t1_jb5kkxd wrote

If I was making 100k/year passively I think I would be able to support my current lifestyle and have fun doing it. I have enough hobbies and interests to keep me busy. I think winning several million would be enough for me to stop working.


welchplug t1_jb5yt6w wrote

Seriously. Anyone who needs more than a few millions needs to reevaluate their lives. Buy a house in cash and stick their rest in a high yield savings account, live off the interest and cash out in retirement. You could do a reverse mortgage in your retirement years if things get tight.


Even_Set t1_jb5z8ug wrote

yeah like i already just play video games and go on hikes at the park every once in a while. Im cozy doing this. Having 300mil would get me a new pc and new boots, nothing else is changing lmao.


PurpleSunCraze t1_jb6c5pj wrote

Whenever people complain about the lump sum payment amount I make some sound that’s a combination of a laugh and an audible cringe. “It’s only $150 million!” is some weird shit to say.


KaimeiJay t1_jb70b2s wrote

Reminds me of that scene in The Big Short, Jamie and Charlie talking about how their company is currently operating with $30 million, and the JP Morgan guy makes them feel like utter losers at life because it’s not the $1.5 billion they need for an ISDA. I just balked at that scene, shouting at the screen, “What is wrong with you two! You’ve won at life!”


yingyangyoung t1_jb5uvfa wrote

Using the 4% rule only $2.5 million would give you passive income of about 100k and would adjust with inflation. If 100k isn't enough to retire on I don't want to see your bills.


CjBurden t1_jb5lkhi wrote

I accept your challenge and am willing to prove to you how much fun I can have with just my current hobbies/family lif3 while doing it affordably and not working for money.

I'll wait for my check in the mail!


AnEngineer2018 t1_jb64qjy wrote

I think if you’re in your 20s you could absolutely retire for life if you win $10m.

The government is going to take half of it back in taxes which leaves you with $5m. Even if you don’t invest any of it in anything, if you live to 80, that would be like $83k/yr not including social security that you would be able to collect past 65

Heck maybe you go out and buy a $400k house in cash saving a bunch in interest payments. That would still leave you ~77k/yr for life.


whatalittlenerd t1_jb5vaql wrote

There's more to worry about than getting bored when you're winning hundreds of millions. Just read about Whitaker on that thread.


BizzyM t1_jb5woc4 wrote

I know all about Whitaker since my dad was a WVian. The trick, he told me, was to move to where that level of wealth isn't noticed. Whitaker's problem was that he stayed in WV. As my dad said, "Giving a WVian a hundred million dollars is like giving a monkey a shotgun; if he don't kill himself, he gonna kill someone."


whatalittlenerd t1_jb5ycps wrote

Where can you move to where hundreds of millions isn't noticeable? That would actually be liveable lol, I at least would rather a monkey shoot me with a shotgun that live in places like LA or NYC


DevSynth t1_jb5u8sd wrote

Shi, id just program games and apps all day


Imn0tg0d t1_jb64n2r wrote

Just get a hobby. I play golf and would golf every day for the rest of my life.


MoscowMitchMcKremIin t1_jb66can wrote

I'm an introvert anyways so it'd probably just sit in the bank for the most part untouched for a rainy day.


PurpleSunCraze t1_jb6cimb wrote

The story of the office workers that each been playing together for years, and the week one of them was off and didn’t put in the others told them they don’t get any of it, still is one of the shittiest human greed stories I’ve ever heard.


[deleted] t1_jb5hy57 wrote



Teenager_Simon t1_jb5wevk wrote

Everything in life requires reading into. You definitely want to learn and know context about life changing shit.


cinnamon-eater t1_jb5xsro wrote

If you can't spend literally 10 minutes reading, then you sure as hell aren't ready to have that much money lmfao. This kind of attitude is what leads to people blowing their entire winnings and going back to working at McDonalds in like 2 years flat.


MomentUnable6808 t1_jb3xx0w wrote

Boeing has 142,000 employees. If this is a "nod" to all Boeing employees then it's still a 1/142,000 chance.


lookamazed t1_jb4wxsa wrote

You mean those are the odds if the 747 jackpot amount prompted all Boeing employees to buy a ticket?

Forgive me if this is repetitive but I’m just trying to understand the sentence.


[deleted] t1_jb53ld9 wrote



Numerous-Plenty-8587 t1_jb5cbmk wrote

I'm guessing you aren't a native English speaker? The title isn't saying or implying to go out and buy a ticket at all. It's just saying that's what happened.


jabberwockgee t1_jb4z33s wrote

She bought the ticket as a nod to the plane, not the jackpot amount was 747 million as a nod to the plane.


HLef t1_jb5wh91 wrote

Pretty good odds since as we all know, nobody who doesn’t work at Boeing is allowed to buy lottery tickets. It’s the law.


Harflin t1_jb61be6 wrote

I'm not sure I understand what the number of employees had to do with a person buying a lotto ticket because it's at 747 mil.


PlebbySpaff t1_jb46ymb wrote

I feel like the uplifting highlight should be what the Fred Meyer store did with their bonus (since the winner got the ticket from that specific store), rather than the lottery winner.


RickMuffy t1_jb5yvu8 wrote

I like the food bank part, but the extra ten grand to throw a party would have been nice to just give everyone a bonus.

Sounds like the pizza parties instead of raises type deal lol


Delta4o t1_jb4cx9p wrote

I wouldn't even know what to do with that much money. I have 5K in the bank and I don't even know what to do with it. I'd keep it a secret and anonymously donate most of it to charities, family, friends and probably invest the rest in initiatives to make houses more sustainable for those who can't afford it.


templar54 t1_jb4g6mj wrote

Invest all of it into stable stocks, you would have quite high stable income for the rest of your life. You basically could spend the rest of of your life doing whatever you want instead of spending larger part of it at work.


KaimeiJay t1_jb4u19i wrote

Where’s that one re-linked Reddit comment about the step-by-step on what to do when you win the lottery when I need it….

Edit: Found it.


[deleted] t1_jb52vm4 wrote

It doesn't tell the whole story though, especially that 'you're fucked' segment.

If you're a generally sensible person in your normal life, you have nothing to fear from winning a lot of money.

There's a lot of confirmation bias in the research in regards to lottery winners, because many don't go public with their win and are not studyable (is that a word?).

The ones that do go public, and are therefore able to be researched, generally tend to be the more stupid winners.

Because no one sane or clever, would tell the world they just won 700m dollars.


__FilthyFingers__ t1_jb5qyj3 wrote

Also, those who are sensible with their money are FAR less likely to gamble it away.


BloodAndTsundere t1_jb62zjs wrote

> There's a lot of confirmation bias in the research in regards to lottery winners, because many don't go public with their win and are not studyable (is that a word?).

I think the bias might be a selection bias. The bulk of lottery tickets are likely purchased by the people who are least likely to make good decisions with money, demonstrated by the fact that they spend a lot on lotto tickets.


Enk1ndle t1_jb4ze6w wrote

"high stable income" in this case being 10s of millions a year. It's kind of crazy.


imjoiningreddit t1_jb5xu79 wrote

r/dividends is calling. Put $50 million in a 3% dividend etf stock and passively earn $1.5M a year for your life and your kiddos


mynameisjiyeon t1_jb4gic6 wrote

Assuming you’re talking about ops 5k. 5k in stocks isn’t going to earn an income that will allow them to retire…

If you’re talking about the lotto winner, they don’t need to invest in anything and the money should last a few generations


templar54 t1_jb4gpjn wrote

Lottery of course. With money being invested at least in theory they would last longer. With large sums it is logical to make money work for you instead of just directly spending it.


Delta4o t1_jb4h7zg wrote

I'm in the middle of moving out. I do buy premium stuff but once I do, I'm very happy with the stuff that I have. In the long run I save a lot of money. I do plan on putting everything that I don't use in managed stocks for the next couple of years because the way how things are going I have little to no faith in having a pension fund when I retire.


kent_eh t1_jb57jh9 wrote

> I wouldn't even know what to do with that much money.

Becoming a "former employee" would be high on my list of priorities.


SEA_tide t1_jb4qik8 wrote

The state of Washington prohibits winners from being anonymous. Note however that the winner didn't have any publicity photos taken, which is something, but there are likely photos of them out there somewhere.


UnpopularCrayon t1_jb510d4 wrote

I've got to think that if you can hire the right team of lawyers, you can come up with a way to claim it without revealing your identity. If not, I'd be changing my name right after.


SEA_tide t1_jb51mu0 wrote

A number of states have laws specifically disallowing lottery winnings to be claimed by more than 1-4 people and require that their full names be disclosed. A name change later on is an option though.


[deleted] t1_jb53d84 wrote

It's funny to see how much worse the USA is in regards to lottery wins, than my country (UK)..

I always think of rights to privacy, less state intervention, less taxes, etc when I think of the USA. A country where individualism is king.

Yet in the UK you never have to tell anyone you've won a jackpot on a lottery, and there's zero taxes on gambling winnings.

Seems like such a cursed monkey paw wish to win hundreds of millions, only to have to broadcast the fact to everyone by law.

In the UK there's a running theme of big winners regretting going public (by choice)..


kevo31415 t1_jb6tmmd wrote

One of the only reason lotteries are legal (many are state sponsored) is the government tax the crap out of it. With that much money, there is also a history of fraud and cheating, so it doesn't surprise me that state governments are anal about lottery winners being on the public record.


UnpopularCrayon t1_jb536gx wrote

Right, but say it is claimed by one person. An attorney. Who you hired and contracted to claim it. And the money is then transferred into a trust for you by the attorney.


[deleted] t1_jb52jje wrote

I'd start my own charity around niche causes I feel passionate about.


Tha_Watcher t1_jb5eeab wrote

I know a lot of people have said this but you don't know what desires are lurking underneath your subconscious until that time comes!


Mooseymax t1_jb5wxtt wrote

I don’t live in the US but I feel a top answer has to be leave the US


psychord-alpha t1_jb5pd4e wrote

I hate that I know exactly what to do with it and yet somehow I never catch a break


treetreestwigbranch t1_jb5481x wrote

Why is it that everytime I get a sign to play the lottery I never win.


Shufflepants t1_jb5q2n7 wrote

It's easy, just stick to confirmation bias and never remember all times you played and lost. You'll win every time!


okijhnub t1_jb4pg4b wrote

Everyone else lost $747M

So uplifting 😍


KingJTheG t1_jb55fng wrote

And basically doxxed herself in the process. Well done


cinnamon-eater t1_jb5ygw2 wrote

I mean, idk where you live but in Washington state you're not allowed to claim your winnings anonymously. I think it's meant to prevent accusations of the lottery being rigged, because they can point to a specific named winner instead of having to say "no we didn't just pocket the money, we promise, just trust us :)"


KingJTheG t1_jb6ahec wrote

Georgia is luckily one of the few states where we are able to stay anon. But yeah I forgot some don’t let you stay anon


BRUNO358 t1_jb57qqn wrote

And Boeing just delivered its very last 747.

How fitting.


11Johnny511 t1_jb4r4vg wrote

I always wondered if anyone won from those lottery vending machines. Now I kinda feel like they aren't a scam


JustPlayDaGame t1_jb6326a wrote

the lottery is a scam though… your chances to win are so infinitely small that it’s statistically probable to call it statistically impossible.


sunbakedonions t1_jb7usx5 wrote

Uplifting for Becky I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Glendel66 t1_jb4z27k wrote

Oh, so that's the way it works. Makes perfect sense.


strywever t1_jb5a98x wrote

That plant is an armpit. Hope she was out of there the second she got the news.


Aluggo t1_jb5ycn3 wrote

at which point does Boeing step in and asks for cut of winnings, for providing the number?


SuckMyAssmar t1_jb5ydw6 wrote

Lottery is a scam, a tax on working-class people, an “innocent” way of gambling


Ok_Report_6272 t1_jb5yl0k wrote

Uplifting since she will leave a bunch of clowns behind effective immediately


cueball86 t1_jb787wb wrote

It must have been heartbreaking to see that the actual lottery winning was 754million not 747


Psnjerry t1_jb78fsm wrote

Never thought someone almost 10 miles from where I live bought a lottery ticket that won


skroll t1_jb83zsu wrote

Former Boeing employee.


scipio0421 t1_jb8ac78 wrote

I'll take "coincidences" for $500, Alex.


neildegraciadyson t1_jb5p6us wrote

This is how you know life is not fair and is a legit simulation.


CdnPoster t1_jb5s6uz wrote


This is great news for her!

I wonder if Boeing will ask for a share? /hopefullynot!


THE_DIRTY_GIRAFFE t1_jb660yk wrote

Tbh, the last person that needs that kind of money is a Boeing employee. Yes, the job security isn't fantastic, but they pay preeeetty well


ifoundit1 t1_jb42713 wrote

Rigged and wrote off.


CamelSpotting t1_jb5pc4q wrote

If she knew how to rig a lottery she probably wouldn't have worked there for 36 years.


ifoundit1 t1_jb5ri23 wrote

She may have if her manager did. Im not saying she necessarily cheated her herself I'm saying it could be rigged co contractuals for wright offs on over gross.