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xxDankerstein t1_jb6v18o wrote

He's holding a tiny clam. Bad picture, or do I not understand what a giant clam is?


HopelessCineromantic t1_jb7priq wrote

The clam is about six inches. Article says most are 2.8 to 4.3 inches.

So, much bigger than your average clam, but not going to be climbing the Empire State Building any time soon.


YouCanCallMeVanZant t1_jb7to7u wrote

Article also says they “range from Newfoundland to North Carolina.”

Apparently they need to adjust that range a bit.


the_buckman_bandit t1_jb8org4 wrote

Bold of you to assume the clam pictured has not summited the Empire State Building several times by now, he’s had the time!


Atiggerx33 t1_jb7pfyt wrote

It's a giant example of its species, not giant in general. Like imagine if a squirrel was twice as large as other squirrels. It's still a small critter, but it's a huge squirrel.


xxDankerstein t1_jb8e6u4 wrote

I was confused because actual giant clams get like 4 feet in length.