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SoulSearchingRaven t1_jbgpruw wrote

Cutie 😊, mice are cute (in my opinion)


mentalraven t1_jbgrqr3 wrote

Agreed fellow raven. Agreed


SoulSearchingRaven t1_jbgvl3r wrote

Hello there fellow raven, what’s the latest gossip in your flock may I ask?


scarlettohara1936 t1_jbgw8zp wrote

Ravens don't have flocks,..... They have a murder.


vandriver t1_jbgzieh wrote

I thought it was an unkindness of Ravens,and a murder of crows.


scarlettohara1936 t1_jbh1etm wrote

You're right about the crowd, I get them confused. I can only assume you're right about the ravens as idk for sure.


throwawaygaming989 t1_jbh2iwo wrote

A flock of ravens is indeed called an unkindness, but they are mostly solitary.


WesternOne9990 t1_jbioruy wrote

Any bird that congregates together can be called a flock at the time of congregation.


Sariel007 OP t1_jbgsu0a wrote

>mice are cute

I don't want to see wild mice in my house, but other than that I would generally agree with you :)


BMB281 t1_jbgupuq wrote

Hear me out though, what if they brought you coins and trinkets, like ravens


Sariel007 OP t1_jbh6201 wrote

As long as they poop/pee outside and only take what they are given I'm open to the idea.


NockerJoe t1_jbh7fri wrote

They don't though. And my city has had an explosion in the local population so I'm gonna double down on the "fuck wild mice in peoples living spaces" talk.


wolfie379 t1_jbhfr11 wrote

But do you need to wrap them in duct tape the same way you’d do with a hamster?


ResplendentShade t1_jbht6qm wrote

Agreed, they're absolutely adorable. I've also lived in a house with a mouse infestation and the smell of their poop really sucks to live with... but the mice themselves? Supreme cuties.


rockmodenick t1_jbig81b wrote

I have five pet mice, they're very cute.


SoulSearchingRaven t1_jbiji5l wrote

Good for you. 😌 it must be fun having them.


rockmodenick t1_jbike7u wrote

They're wonderful, I smile every time I look at them


SoulSearchingRaven t1_jbir45n wrote

If they so bad? Why their nose so boopable? If they bad? Why friend shaped?



rockmodenick t1_jbmk7e9 wrote

I live in peace with the wild mice in the apartment. I don't leave any mess out they could eat, the pantry is mouse proof, and I even leave it a bottle of water so they don't have to risk drinking dirty bathroom and kitchen spill water. In return they don't peepee on my stuff in the closet. I feel it's fair.