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AchyBreaker t1_jbig1p1 wrote

Yeah cat people are weird about this.

Keep your fucking cats inside. It's good for the cats and SUPER good for the local fauna. If you insist on letting them out, get a leash or a backpack or build a catio. Birds and rodents and reptiles shouldn't suffer because you think your special baby deserves murder playtime.

Signed, a lifelong cat owner with a veterinarian spouse, with two cats now, a catio we built them to safely go outside, and an enclosed backpack that I use to take one of them on walkies because he is my special baby and likes to see new places but is not allowed to kill birds. If I can wrestle an 18lb Bengal mix into a backpack and lug his ass around mountains you can put fluffy in a bag too.


ElGosso t1_jbinlim wrote

They should make those bags out of cardboard boxes so cats want to sit in them.


Atiggerx33 t1_jbjldb3 wrote

We have a catio for our cat.

We used to have outdoor cats when I was a kid (not my choice and my mom didn't know better at the time, she is more environmentally aware now). We had 1 get hit by a car, 1 poisoned, and 1 beaten to death by some psycho (vet said the trauma was indicative of blunt force but not what would be expected if a car hit him) all in a period of two weeks and after years without incident.

Even if you don't care about the environment please keep your cats inside for their own sake.

Also, in many towns if your cat (or dog) has killed native wildlife the town is allowed to seize your pet and euthanize it or rehome it in addition to fining you. Just as you are held legally responsible for your pet attacking a person you can also be held legally responsible when they attack a non-pet animal. As an example robins are protected under the Migratory Bird Protection Act, killing robins can apparently result in a fine of up to $15,000 and up to 2 years in prison. I doubt a judge would throw the book at you for your cat killing a robin, but they'd be well within their rights to fine you $500; as an acquaintance of mine discovered when his cat killed a robin at his neighbor's bird feeder and the neighbor caught it on camera and reported it. The cat was not euthanized, but they were told any future reports would result in the cat being seized and then either killed or rehomed depending on a behavioral evaluation.


---ShineyHiney--- t1_jbiy0rr wrote

Holy hell

I agree with everything you said, and could not disagree more with everything you said to say it

Wtf, dude


AchyBreaker t1_jbomh3l wrote

I don't understand what this means. You don't like the way I explained it? You think it's bad that I said fuck on the internet? You think the phrase murder playtime is bad?

Help me understand as I am legitimately confused