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rockmodenick t1_jbig81b wrote


SoulSearchingRaven t1_jbiji5l wrote

Good for you. 😌 it must be fun having them.


rockmodenick t1_jbike7u wrote

They're wonderful, I smile every time I look at them


SoulSearchingRaven t1_jbir45n wrote

If they so bad? Why their nose so boopable? If they bad? Why friend shaped?



rockmodenick t1_jbmk7e9 wrote

I live in peace with the wild mice in the apartment. I don't leave any mess out they could eat, the pantry is mouse proof, and I even leave it a bottle of water so they don't have to risk drinking dirty bathroom and kitchen spill water. In return they don't peepee on my stuff in the closet. I feel it's fair.