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whataTyphoon t1_jbklhs8 wrote

Countries that care most about gender equality are rich countries which obviously have a higher live expectancy. Doesn't sound that surprising to me.


karrun10 t1_jbl2tuv wrote

I agree. And the comment about blue states vs red states, I would argue that blue states for the most part have higher education, higher income, therefore higher life expectancy.


FantasmaNaranja t1_jbluar0 wrote

why dont red states aim for higher education and higher incomes for their residents?


Bactereality t1_jbm2w8y wrote

Possibly because the cost of living is generally so low, and theres so many blue collar jobs to be had.


RiotingMoon t1_jbnaeoz wrote

literacy means educated which means they'll start questioning the bullshit. Keep them impoverished and uneducated= easily led around to petty bullshit (gas stoves)


mule_roany_mare t1_jbmni11 wrote

Because their politicians keep them too focused on race to think about class.

Whether or not it's intentional keeping the 95% of the population with overlapping interests divided by race & gender is certianly useful.


DiveBombExpert t1_jbn8ikp wrote

Republicans don’t talk about race , Democrats are the ones that are obsessed with telling us we are different than others because of our skin.


achillymoose t1_jboa4pi wrote

I'm sorry, remind me again how Trump described the people of Mexico while advocating for a border wall


jelleuy t1_jbp32u3 wrote

>Republicans don’t talk about race, they just enforce a racist system. Democrats are the ones that are obsessed with telling us we are differently treated than others because of our skin.


Edit: also still false because the republicans still talk about race all the time


[deleted] t1_jblgw09 wrote



THOBRO2000 t1_jblstaw wrote

Ironically, gender inequality was one of the biggest problems in Ukraine before the invasion.

When hopefully Ukraine has it's freedom back and the invader outside the door it's very important that these things change in the country if they succesfully want to be part of the modern civilized European society.

Many countries victim of a war don't make these cultural switches to the 21st century and fall back 100 years. Corruption rises, conservative outdated ideas and favouritism shine and the often 'new' democracy dies a quick death. Countless of examples in Asia (Pakistan, India, Iran etc), Africa ( Syria, Libya etc), South America (Suriname, Brazil etc).

Countries like Czechia, Estonia, Poland etc have made these switches after the fall of the ussr/iron curtain and have become modern countries. Latvia, Kazachstan etc did not. Same with countries after the Yuguslav war. Kroatia became a very modern free 21st century country. Serbia did not.

If the majority of the Ukrainian population believes that issues like gender inequality (or corruption, government control or economic inequality) are minor issues, then Ukraine could fall back to a ussr like country way worse than the already bad situation prior to the war.

Don't get me wrong. Gender inequality is on a complete different level than a war and all of the terror that comes with it. But nothing is on the same level as a war. Gender inequality is not a minor issue. If you believe it is, then you should go live in Iran or Pakistan.


Chevy96d t1_jbohzi1 wrote

When times get tough, and you're fighting for your life, some things come into focus.

I doubt that anyone cares about the fact that the people fighting against their country's invasion are not equally represented in terms of gender.


dr-freddy-112 t1_jbkuqz0 wrote

It goes even further than that. In the USA, for example, blue states (progressive/democrat) have a higher life expectancy than red states by a pretty decent margin.

I think local policies make a big impact.


Nintendogma t1_jbl744q wrote

Poor states are Red

Rich states are Blue

Policies make a difference

But being rich will do.


dr-freddy-112 t1_jbl802h wrote

That was beautiful lol

But policy also dictates whether a state will have money to spend. Conservatives hate taxes and social safety nets, but clearly both have an impact on quality and length of life.


belhamster t1_jbl2v8n wrote

Do you think it could be good for business to support gender equality? I believe it is.


DiveBombExpert t1_jbn8oe1 wrote

Yes because they don’t care about us we are replaceable to them.


Upper_Initial7918 t1_je8fcew wrote

And they would do it over and over again, gender equality is just a free ticket to being accepted to a wider population.


Unleashtheducks t1_jbn64l8 wrote

But it works in the other direction as well. When underdeveloped countries invest in gender equality, that leads to becoming richer. You have more people contributing to the economy, a higher output across the country.


rtwpsom2 t1_jbqgexe wrote

Authors seem to be mistaking correlation with causation again.


Gulbahar-00 t1_jc4s16n wrote

Also men live longer in more equal countries. The flipside of seeing women as delicate and unfit for leadership roles is seeing men as disposable and not caring about them dying in war or in workplace accidents, or from health issues.


Bactereality t1_jbm2dyu wrote

Thank you. I was also about to state the obvious. 😂


zgembo1337 t1_jbmnuwb wrote

Yep, also less women in STEM, since they can live an ok life with degrees jobs in other fields


thonis2 t1_jbkwsdi wrote

Correlation is not the same as causation. Weak article. And no mention of Japan? (long life expectancy, low equality)


patricio87 t1_jbo03mc wrote

I was watching a streamer in japan. They eat really healthy in general. Not healthy but like simple (rice and noodles). Everyone there seems pretty upbeat/happy. They also walk a lot. People in america drive too much and argue too much. Everyone in japan is on same page. In america there is some fat fuck shouting their lungs and we are supposed to accept them or its bullying.


Tara_ntula t1_jboocjh wrote

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Everyone works extremely long hours to the point that there is a population decline crisis because people don’t have time for sex/relationships.

Everyone is not “upbeat and happy” lmao


patricio87 t1_jbqebni wrote

So they have longest life expectancy and highest suicide rate….sure


Tara_ntula t1_jbqudc1 wrote

Yes, both are accurate. Suicide is only a portion of deaths, after all. (Also I didn’t say THE highest, I said one of the highest).

This is well documented, a simple google search would reveal.


halfpastnoonan t1_jblsyql wrote

Japan has the highest life expectancy and according to the World Economic Forum (🥴) is ranked 120th out of 195 countries for “gender equality” lol


Vendetta2112 t1_jbmoaf1 wrote

Do not confuse the issue with facts!! Facts are not welcome when we are talking about things that we think we already know about and are just looking for others to corroborate our own misconceptions!! We're trying to be a mob here and tell others how to live their lives and facts like that aren't helping!


HoarseCoque t1_jcg99az wrote

Ok, unless that fits the overall trend it is kind of immaterial tho


pepsi_com_pipoca t1_jbloxtm wrote

Obviously developed contruies have higher life expectancy than undeveloped ones. This is not a cause and consequence factor. Biased headline from biasednews source


patricio87 t1_jbo06ry wrote

Then how come the oldest man in world is always some guy from india who is 150?


dolphin37 t1_jbo1xno wrote

That’s not true. And even if it was, outliers are irrelevant. Life expectancy isn’t a mystery, you can look it up super easily


business2690 t1_jbln85z wrote

yeah but the societies are crumbling from lack of kids and large welfare systems.


before i get attacked i am pro equality and safety net which is why i point out these issues.


CompactOwl t1_jblp3d8 wrote

I, for one, think that man are not mentally there yet to raise the kids as their main job, but I also think women are in a kind of honeymoon phase with gender equality where a lot of woman rule out being the „kid raiser“ simply because they can. We kind of life in a moment where it’s looked down upon to be the one staying at home (for both men and women)


AlleyCatStoner t1_jbmz164 wrote

“Man are not mentally there yet”

What on earth does that mean? Single-parenthood is on the rise in general, you’d have to check the stats on single motherhood vs fatherhood but it is a problem that impacts every country/population. Some people just SHOULDNT be parents, and we shouldn’t be forcing anyone to have any kids either, especially if they dont have the resources to provide adequate care.


CompactOwl t1_jbnqz6h wrote

I meant that the social acceptance for men being the one staying at home is not equivalent than to women staying at home.


aardvarkbjones t1_jbo6zfr wrote

I keep hearing this, but I never actually see it. The stay at home dads I know do fine.

Sometimes I think men just keep telling themselves this because it's what they've heard, but it's not actually true anymore.


CompactOwl t1_jbo94qw wrote

Yes. That’s what I was referring to though. The stay at home dads are happy with their choice, but the non-stay-home-dads keep chatting.

I am perfectly fine with this, but I know at least one field of expertise where this is looked down upon (finance)


aardvarkbjones t1_jbo9wi5 wrote

Finance looks down on everyone who isn't a coked-up asshole. I'd hardly use that as a standard of anything.


CompactOwl t1_jboawp2 wrote

It’s definitely not the standard. But you can also ask the bottom line working class. For example I know a couple of construction site workers who definitely think it is unmanly to stay at home.


aardvarkbjones t1_jbob27f wrote

I guess my social circles just don't worry about that stuff. No one I know cares.


CompactOwl t1_jbocbyg wrote

Jeah, my friends and closer relatives also don’t care. I am not sure I would want to be friends with someone who does.


business2690 t1_jbmoooc wrote

yeah. the problem is people seem to be unable/unwilling to have the hard society-level conversations needed to fix these issues.


what good is it having an awesome fair and progressive society if the birth rate falls and the society crumbles.



meanwhile places where women are being treated like used chewing gum, ladies are having kids out the wazoo.

yeah their countries are shitholes... but they are full of people!



gotta be a way to respect the ladies, respect the lgbtq++++, educate anyone who wants it, tolerate other people gods, and still produce enough people so you don't japanify yourself.


aardvarkbjones t1_jbnx257 wrote

Look, people don't want to talk about this, but across the board, when education and opportunity go up for women, birth rates go down.

It turns out having and raising kids is really hard. Pregnancy takes a huge toll and children offer offer little personal benefit in economically advanced societies. When given other options, a lot of women just won't want to do it. Or if they do have kids, it'll be fewer.

I say this as a women who has never wanted kids. Pregnancy looks like something out of a nightmare to me.

We need to have an economic model that allows for fewer children moving forward.


business2690 t1_jbo62al wrote

"fewer children moving forward" ........ strongly disagree.


but you have every right to your opinion.


also I am a man and yeah..... pregnancy looks like 0 fun.


everytime I have gotten a woman pregnant I think.... sucks to be a chick.


[deleted] t1_jbo6mcz wrote



business2690 t1_jbqc3l5 wrote

..... everytime I have gotten a woman pregnant .....


what about that is offensive?


[deleted] t1_jbu8hxs wrote



business2690 t1_jbuak7c wrote

not casually friendo.


not casually.


reword it as fits your sensibilities ; the point remains.


not fun to squeeze a watermelon out of a vagina. not to mention 9 months of unrestrained fattening.


Nope Nope Nope. i'll stick to paying for the whelps and other daddy duties. way better.


CompactOwl t1_jbnrjb5 wrote

I think the main problem is that for men, historically, being the one raising kids is looked down upon. This still lingers. And for women, being the one staying at home is now looked down upon. Just see how some people are frowned upon for traditional roles. We just need to be okay with anyone doing his life, no matter if a man wants to stay at home raising kids, a women wanted a strong career path or a woman wanting to stay home and let the men earn the money. All those three things are not equally accepted in society. But they should be.


business2690 t1_jbo5s5k wrote



but the finances of a single income situation are FARRRRR different from dual income.


how do you account for that?


CompactOwl t1_jbo9i3a wrote

In what way? I am not sure I understand what you are asking.


business2690 t1_jbqcb68 wrote

the women picking a traditional role are at an economic disadvantage to the ladies working 9 to 5 with no kids.


CompactOwl t1_jbqd4ev wrote

Yes. That is true.


business2690 t1_jbqygpi wrote

how do we fix that?


Should an educated women choose to put herself at an economic disadvantage???


answer: No.... thus lower birth rate.


this is the core issue that must be fixed


xdesol8x t1_jblfa89 wrote

Where people are more economically well off and more highly educated people live longer you mean? Great for the warm and fuzzy sentiment but I feel bad for whoever funded that "research".


jezra t1_jbl7nvz wrote

wealthy nations with gender equality, also have universal healthcare.


Bigsshot t1_jblco8w wrote

Christopher Hitchens said it years ago: empowerment of woman is the crucial factor in this!


relevantmeemayhere t1_jbl3ivt wrote

This really isn’t a surprise, where’s there’s gender equality; there tends to be more focus on human rights as a whole.


Unleashtheducks t1_jbn5thy wrote

Every day I come on here and see how much Reddit hates women. Any time women are mentioned Redditors lose their shit angry crying. It’s honestly really depressing.


Picolete t1_jbnvs7h wrote

Where there is more economic stability that allows people to live longer there is usually more gender equality


lunaslave t1_jbm0xvi wrote

"They also say it's possible that the associations they observed between gender equality and life expectancy could be explained by other factors, like socioeconomic development and sociocultural norms."

Japan would seem to be a major outlier in this area, no?


ShrekJohnson27 t1_jbme7md wrote

This should be obvious but not for the reason implied


hero4410 t1_jblhupd wrote

all that only proves association. you still beed yo prove casual and effect relationship.


Sleep-system t1_jbljlfq wrote

Yeah, the average life expectancy rises when men don't feel like they have to the right to murder women because won't do what they're told.


-Harlequin- t1_jblxf33 wrote

Iran (government/extremists*) murdering girls to avoid equality, sounds like this tracks.


RiotingMoon t1_jbnamix wrote

this comment section is abysmal


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Prodromous t1_jblrp4c wrote

Please do not confuse correlation vs causation.


Skyer34 t1_jblwrwy wrote

correlation isnt equal to causation, shit headline


bluebook21 t1_jbo0jw0 wrote

Yeah, because women tell them not to do stupid crap and they listen


stuminus3 t1_jbrdf47 wrote

Well shit, my wife is the boss of this house. I'm doomed.


icanlickmyunibrow t1_jbntd6k wrote

Ya if women have to do hard manual labour then for sure


ThoughtPolicePolice t1_jbkyayj wrote

Nowhere has gender equality.


Smart-Rip-3733 t1_jbl15il wrote

Yeah until men have to carry the babies there never will be true equality. Equity maybe but I'm not even sure how you offset the misery of simply having a female vessel. I mean seriously, all else aside, this body sucks. (not trans)


relevantmeemayhere t1_jbl3bxy wrote

I mean, there will never be true equality when women don’t have to sign their bodies over to selective service or get a bunch of rights stripped away. Or when we overly commoditize the attention and speech (and just general financial, and social support) around women’s rights and empowerment when the education gap, sentencing gap, and mental health/suicide/substance abuse/homeless gap is continuing to widen with women being the “favored”, which harms men and drives them towards shit like trumpism.

The solution to your problem is ironically empowering men more, as the motherhood gap does have measurable affects on say; one’s earning ability.


JohnnySpoons82 t1_jblubqf wrote

Uplifting? That’s terrible news!


Vendetta2112 t1_jbmnqr6 wrote

Gender equality is the law in every state. Has been for a long time. Don't say things to divide people into groups and cause problems.


Filtermann t1_jbkknhf wrote

Is this a gain only for women or also men? I think it's great either way, but it might be easier to sway conservative men if you can prove the benefit is for everyone.


PopeHonkersXII t1_jbkmoi3 wrote

So there is evidence that "happy wife, happy life" is in fact true.