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karrun10 t1_jbl2tuv wrote

I agree. And the comment about blue states vs red states, I would argue that blue states for the most part have higher education, higher income, therefore higher life expectancy.


FantasmaNaranja t1_jbluar0 wrote

why dont red states aim for higher education and higher incomes for their residents?


Bactereality t1_jbm2w8y wrote

Possibly because the cost of living is generally so low, and theres so many blue collar jobs to be had.


RiotingMoon t1_jbnaeoz wrote

literacy means educated which means they'll start questioning the bullshit. Keep them impoverished and uneducated= easily led around to petty bullshit (gas stoves)


mule_roany_mare t1_jbmni11 wrote

Because their politicians keep them too focused on race to think about class.

Whether or not it's intentional keeping the 95% of the population with overlapping interests divided by race & gender is certianly useful.


DiveBombExpert t1_jbn8ikp wrote

Republicans don’t talk about race , Democrats are the ones that are obsessed with telling us we are different than others because of our skin.


achillymoose t1_jboa4pi wrote

I'm sorry, remind me again how Trump described the people of Mexico while advocating for a border wall


jelleuy t1_jbp32u3 wrote

>Republicans don’t talk about race, they just enforce a racist system. Democrats are the ones that are obsessed with telling us we are differently treated than others because of our skin.


Edit: also still false because the republicans still talk about race all the time