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Evignity t1_jc1h7ol wrote

This isn't really uplifting and I'll tell you why as bluntly as I can.

Outside of cosmetic surgery there's only two fields (not counting research on immortality etc) where medicine are allowed to capitalize on people for profit.

One is freezing eggs and fertilizing them for women, one is keeping early babies born alive.

Both seem great on paper, but research shows that the odds of these babies turning into people who enjoy healthy long lives is just not the case. I know that sounds insanely inhumane but as someone who was born into horrendous circumstances I've come to be one of those who do not give a shit about "parents right to a child" but rather a child's right to a good life. Even my ex who voted on the feminist-party here in Sweden (aka the most left you can get on any spectrum before going insane) instantly answered me when I asked her "What would you do if you got pregnant and the child had deformities?" - Without hesitation she said abortion. Because, especially in hippie-circles, there's tons of people who have lifelong problems. She told me she had had too many such friends attempt suicide and just live a life they never wanted that she didn't wish that upon anyone.

I'm not saying saving a life is wrong. I'm saying you aught to think about the life you decide to give someone. "What, should the parents just let the child die?!" well it depends on each case, and emotions are a huge factor for everyone...

But for me, this is almost like getting the diagnosis that your child will have a life rampant with health-problems and deciding to still go through with the pregnancy. Sure, it eases your conscience but I can't promise your child will be grateful for it.