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Ixium5 t1_jc97vkl wrote

Know an animal rescuer in southern states that loves Canada geese. I spent a fair amount of time helping her out. Grabbing ones with broken wings or fishing line on them or whatever in order to get fixed. Or when some idiot tries to run down a flock in a car and hits a few.

They grieve so much they actually cry. It’s super depressing.

The mate will attack you with all they have if you grab their mates. They don’t know you’re trying to help.

Sometimes she has to send them away if the problem is bad enough. Always tries to get them back to the same flock when she releases them. Got the chance to do it a few times with her. We drove 5 hours to grab a repaired goose. It was the happiest I’ve ever seen this rescuer. She said “this is why I love doing this even if I have to deal with all the shitty times” and when we released the ex-injured bird back the mate comes running and quacking and they rub all over each other.

Truly awesome.


IAmA_Nerd_AMA t1_jc9am57 wrote

After hearing what assholes ducks are about mating I wonder how a cousin species can be so wholesome... Swans and penguins too, right? (That was one of reddits viral moments with the girlfriend crying tears of joy about Swan love)

Maybe they can teach that to their duck bros? Explain in quacks that this is why nobody rescues, rehabs, and reunites ducks.


wtf--dude t1_jc9k7fi wrote

I mean, you have both kinds in another single species, humans


IAmA_Nerd_AMA t1_jc9mgba wrote

Just being funny. I liked hearing about wholesome geese, it painted a much prettier picture than the untitled goose game. Maybe that was an incel goose.

For a serious answer I'll say with humans: yes we have both but instinct no longer applies, with us it's a choice. That's why we have a great social respect for lifetime partnerships: The choice took mental strength to uphold. It would be different if our DNA forced all of us to be monogamous...or rapists...or whatever cats are.