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msfrank091 t1_jc9asfv wrote

Of all the targets that person chose to attack a goose and murder it. Even with all of the possible irony that is such a crap move and so sad. Good that the citizens rose up in anger after that tho. Poor bird.


No_Carry_3991 t1_jc9b6y8 wrote

So, I was homeless in that area at the time and I passed by that pond every night, on my nightly walk to keep myself awake overnight. When I heard this second attack happened, I was so mad but also freaked out because I might have seen or passed by him, though I made it a point to avoid populated areas at all costs.

They did arrest him. Younger guy. So sad.


ClutteredBeans t1_jcetist wrote

Honestly with the way society treats animals, particularly animals like poultry, it’s not that surprising some asshole went out of their to target a goose.