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AzLibDem t1_jchxvsh wrote

>wait does my lettuce in NJ come from Arizona? Why would they even do that.... oh money.

80% of the lettuce in the US after September comes from Arizona, because it's too cold to grow it elsewhere.

Agriculture uses around 85% of our water, but accounts for about 2% of our income.

We need to tack on a $5 per head water use surcharge.


lintinmypocket t1_jci00ls wrote

Or just grow it in greenhouses in the southeast US.


AzLibDem t1_jci06cz wrote

Fine with me; what's taking so long?


lintinmypocket t1_jci19j9 wrote

It would probably cost more. But to be quite honest I think that growing in the winter in the southwest probably is not the worst decision, it’s growing in the summer, combined with flood irrigation that is an egregious waste of water. Even if irrigation moved to drip or more water conserving sources that would be a help. And the govt needs to STOP subsidizing certain crops to be grown in arid regions for export. Also also water laws in the SW are bananas.


AzLibDem t1_jci1qxh wrote

We need to just stop all of it.

It wastes our water, and brings in relatively little money, Without it, we have all the water we need to live here.

If people want salad, they can grow the stuff elsewhere.