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NotHisRealName t1_jcifwil wrote

Cool. Now get them to stop them from calling me. Ever since work switched to Zoom phone, I get at LEAST three scam calls a day.


Relevant-Ad2254 t1_jckblny wrote

3? I literally get over 100


12inch_pianist t1_jcksbk6 wrote

Answer phone. Mute microphone right away. Wait till they hang up.


DeathCap4Cutie t1_jcl54jg wrote

If you answer the phone you go on a list of people who actually answer and you’ll get more calls.


Slowpoke135 t1_jclgdds wrote

Can confirm. Don’t pick up at all. I used to bait scammers into trolling them and pretending I’m old and feeble to mess with them and waste their time. Guessing one of the Indian scammers got pissed off enough he must’ve put my number on every single scam call list in India because I went from 2-3 scam calls a day to over a dozen. It’s best to just not pick up the phone. If it’s not a scammer and even remotely important, they’ll leave a voicemail


MississippiJoel t1_jcm9d0m wrote

So, I used to get a whole bunch. I have certain tricks.

For one, and I don't know if maybe I filled out some form with fake information on the Internet or what, but the scammers all have the name Newell Johnson attached to my (20 year old) phone number. So whenever they would ask for Mr Johnson, I was on their game right away.

When I found out about the bot Lenny (r/itslenny if you don't know), I would always ask them to hold and then for those to him.

The number of calls seemed to triple in a month.

Well then when I got tired of it, I started saying he had passed away.

The number of calls went down to nearly zero overnight after just one or two cases.

So, that tells me they are all using the same active server or some sort of centralized list they are sharing.

Nowadays, I always answer with a business greeting. Whenever a live person comes on the line, I always act like I'm taking notes. They ask me a screening question, and I just say okay. Then they forward me to the valuable people whose time they don't like to waste, and I say "well hi, Mr X. Pleased to speak with you, my name is u/MississippiJoel of company Y. How are you doing today?"

"Is this a business? Click."


12inch_pianist t1_jcntoue wrote

Meh it worked for me. Was explained to me as: You'll get put on a list of dead numbers. Most of the scammers use autocallers so speaking into the microphone is what triggers the connection, so you answer but when no noise ever goes into the microphone (cause mute) the auto caller hangs up. It never registers a person on the other end and sorts you onto the list of dead numbers.

You should just trust me, I've been on the run from the CRA and CBSA for years with hundreds of warrants out for my arrest but they lost track of me when I did this.


squarepeg0000 t1_jcih20w wrote

Great. Now stop the robo calls.


dshookowsky t1_jcik114 wrote

I see it getting better slowly. The number of calls I get on my landline (yes, still have one) have reduced sharply. Two weeks ago, some idiot with an auto-dialer was calling me one or two times a day and the caller ID showed [V] for verified. I tracked down his provider and complained and the calls stopped immediately. Anything unknown or likely spam is automatically blocked.


rangeDSP t1_jcimgy0 wrote

Actually, it looks like this new rule brings texting in line with spam calls, which are already required to be blocked:

> The FCC already requires similar blocking of voice calls from these types of numbers.


thumbtaxx t1_jciihyw wrote

Holy cow, that would be great! I have no love for the 3 am text from rando email advertising singles crap or whatever. The latest is everyday the text from email that says my Netflix, Amex, Amazon, home depot etc account has been locked, please go here and give us your info.. and the people that own and run the network just can't seem to do anything, shucks...


ELW98 t1_jcjnxsa wrote

YES I get those every day too! What the heck is going on…


tkaish t1_jcl28k4 wrote

Yeah I’m wondering if the text from email will actually be stopped under this


thumbtaxx t1_jcoxc42 wrote

And if the web host is hosting all these phishing sites, why don't they block stuff with return addresses from them? Traffic is business, criminal or otherwise.


mrm00r3 t1_jciiscn wrote

I understand that scam call operations are often run out of office buildings, much like other businesses that conduct themselves over the internet.

I would like to propose we level those office buildings with cruise missiles. I don’t think it would render our wishes unclear.


sloppyredditor t1_jcid9nz wrote

It’s about damn time.

Now get ISP’s to block phishing.


multi_tasking t1_jciuy87 wrote

How will I know that my address is wrong and my package is "on held" and that I "kindly need to get in touch with UPS/Amazon!"


DarkStarStorm t1_jck4gmz wrote

I work for UPS and cannot wait for the day customers stop coming in/calling because a text with 12 misspellings is telling them that a package they never ordered isn't coming and they need to provide their SSN to validate.


doxial t1_jcjp6bs wrote

Force them to list If the number is spoofed or not And what exchange it's from. I'd like to also block entire exchanges. 99% of my scam calls come from the same exchange and I can't block the whole thing.


blue-wave t1_jcjyzh1 wrote

Yeah I get the same thing, when I see an incoming call with my exchange #, I immediately know it’s a robo call. Except one time it was a woman who kept calling and leaving me a message “uhh you called me and I’m returning your call”. So after five of these I answered the next time I saw her #, I tried so hard to explain the issue and she kept saying “yeah I know what robot calls are, but I’m asking why are YOU, who is not a robot, calling me” I just blocked her number after that, I did my best to explain!


s416a t1_jcj1xfq wrote

Exactly, get them to prevent the spoofing of numbers


dallasmav40 t1_jckdua9 wrote

Doing this and banning calling from blocked or unknown number would reduce US call traffic by 80% a day. It's ridiculous to get all of these calls from what shows is a local number but you cannot call it back or it is literally someone else phone number that never called you.


Flbudskis t1_jcj2chb wrote

I will get zero scam calls a week. MY roommate will get 5-6 a day. It makes no sense.


quintk t1_jcjngis wrote

I assume it is “phone hygiene”.

My personal phone gets a scam text a month and rare calls. My work phone gets multiple texts a day and at least a couple calls a week, many scams, some from local shops I assume the previous owner of my number did business with.

I’m guessing the work number was either in a publicly facing directory (our company doesn’t do that, but maybe the previous owner) or maybe it was recklessly handed out to every random company and typed into every web form that asked. (Seems likely from the local business calls.)

I’m reminded of computer viruses. I’ve never in 20+ years of computer ownership had a virus or other malware impact my machine. I know a few people who had this happen constantly, especially in the aughts. I’m no internet saint and did the usual amount of piracy for someone my age. But clearly some people use technology differently!!


duckforceone t1_jcjqdfp wrote

i registerred a website...

then i started getting scam calls every week...
Asked the website host/domain to please make my info private, or remove it, but they wouldn't do that.


Amauril_the_SpaceCat t1_jcjywis wrote

You have to pay extra for that, with some registrars. I use Porkbun and it's included, can definitely recommend.


StarGaurdianBard t1_jck22zb wrote

My phone number was leaked during one of the many data leaks that seem to happen every year, after that any chance for good phone hygiene was donezo


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_jck118r wrote

What about the ones that come from an email address and not a phone number, and therefore can't be blocked on my phone? Will they get rid of those too?


Rooster9456 t1_jcjtcju wrote

I feel like I've seen these headlines about robocalls and scam texts over and over for the past 5-6 years. FCC says to stop, mobile companies do the bare minimum, nothing changes much, then nothing else happens. I'll believe it when I see it. After the most recent articles about FCC members illegally owning telecom stock it's zero surprise to me


Lvic513 t1_jck6ae7 wrote

Why doesn’t the FCC step in and stop our states from selling our personal info that we are required to provide to our DMV/BMV’s to get plates and licenses.


Frank_chevelle t1_jckgq1d wrote

How else are they going to contact you about that extended warranty or offer to buy the car from you ?


Due4Loot t1_jcjci6i wrote

Blocking “Potential Spam” calls altogether would be nice too


ZephkielAU t1_jck0g4t wrote

That's a built-in setting on most mobiles these days.


Due4Loot t1_jcn2tu3 wrote

It might be built in that it says “potential spam” but they still call and they show up every day.


ZephkielAU t1_jcn3lt8 wrote

I don't mean that, I mean a setting to automatically block potential spam numbers. You can also auto block unlisted numbers and unsaved numbers on some phones, with workarounds (eg call twice within 3 minutes).


Due4Loot t1_jcn9ewu wrote

I have all those presets. I still get the spam calls.


ZephkielAU t1_jcnec6x wrote

How are you still getting spam calls through if your phone blocks all unsaved and unlisted numbers?


alphaminus t1_jck2hdc wrote

I mean, cool but there's a loophole. FCC needs to mandate number authentication. None of this matters as long as spoofing works.


GeneralSherman3 t1_jciy21g wrote

Always fun to be getting those spree of about 3-4 texts telling me I'm locked out of some account or another.

They've been trying names like Ntfx-Account lately.


Brave_String_7757 t1_jcjdwk8 wrote

This should have been done a long time ago, but better late than never.


800-lumens t1_jck3g6s wrote

Email still sucks too. I’ve gotten dozens of spam messages since I refi’d. Got 71 since last night. So easy to see how this round started.


crappy80srobot t1_jck6q7d wrote

One of the big reasons I stick with my pixel phone. I went to iPhone for a year and temporarily had a loaner Samsung for a few weeks. Google seems to be the only manufacturer that actually tries to block spam on calls and text. Any other phone I get at least five calls a day and constantly get text spam. On pixel I get none. Even if a call makes it past initial blocks it's screened and I can see the call hang up before the screening announcement finishes. I can go into spam messages and see thousands of blocked messages I was never bothered by. It really is bliss.


oldbastardbob t1_jcklbky wrote

I get about five or six phishing texts from these long winded strange email addresses with stupid link url's every week.

I've tried ATT's spam reporting and it does NOTHING but ask for more info that I can't get. Who the fuck knows what the "numerical address the text was from" is?

Calls to customer service tell me in broken English to follow the same procedure that doesn't work or use the "block all messages that aren't in my contact list." Which is stupid in light of two factor authentication for most secure sites that rely on my receiving a code via text.

So, it's about time, but I don't think it's enough. Service providers should be responsible, or at least accountable, for harm done by people using their system as a tool for their dirty deeds. For them to be able to simply turn a blind eye and say "gee, not our problem" as rake in the profits is unconscionable.

I assume the only reason anything is happening is some politician or bureaucrat finally got fucked by a phishing attack so NOW it's important.


QuantumFork OP t1_jckp7mv wrote

> I assume the only reason anything is happening is so.e politician or bureaucrat finally got fucked by a phishing attack so NOW it’s important.

Which is one reason why I think political representatives should be like the people they represent: if our problems are their problems too, then they’re interested in finding solutions to those problems—with the added benefit of being in a position empowered to actually do something about them.


supagirl277 t1_jcjadhc wrote

God thank you. It was my only save space


Jmac3366 t1_jck19nr wrote

Thank god my Amazon account has been “locked” 8 times this werk


jmill20879 t1_jcka2gc wrote

Don’t hold your breath. Remember the FTC “Do not Call Registry”? That was 2003. Yeah, that’s working great, eh?


MyristicaTheWizard t1_jckbm9v wrote

I am all of a sudden getting between 8-13 calls a DAY. It's ridiculous.


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Starrion t1_jcitgaq wrote

Now if they could block scam calls that would be great


bigedthebad t1_jcivqs1 wrote

Hooray. Those fuck wads wake me up like 3 times a week.


zubaz69 t1_jcjjmwd wrote

Well now its all better


mixinmono t1_jcjxu5g wrote

Respond immediately for unlock account


Monky_5 t1_jck6j5j wrote

Is anyone else getting record amounts of these texts? I never used to get these now I’m getting 10-20 spam texts per day


Slappah_Dah_Bass t1_jck6mn1 wrote

It is as if the robo calls got replaced with scam messages.


Umbralkuma t1_jck8z2p wrote

How about just blocking 100% of mobile advertising as a whole? These companies all use something similar to send out texts and it’s ridiculously intrusive. I


Callinon t1_jckb9b5 wrote


I mean it worked so well the last time.

I'd love it if this were a solution. My mother gets dozens of these every day. She's cognitively impaired and sometimes she *does* click the links in a text message no matter how fishy it is.


jelly-senpai t1_jckd8i8 wrote

Ahh this is why I had to get my company registered with tcr, RingCentral was blowing up my work email stating if we used sms features, we had to register our brand and campaign...probably still won't help honestly


Wraith-Gear t1_jckdufl wrote

Soo, i assume the FCC knows how to do that without privacy invasion, right?


DonRicardo1958 t1_jcki512 wrote

Wait, you mean that cute girl did not accidentally text me instead of her boyfriend?



Shobed t1_jckj7sj wrote

I get mms messages from unknown numbers. Seriously? Who's going to download unknown crap from an unknown source?


vodanh t1_jcmc9rp wrote

block spoofed numbers next


flora_gal_ t1_jcmxzd4 wrote

Not sure how they can keep locking my Amazon account EVERY DAY. It’s LOCKED BRO.


WhiteGravy t1_jcim8j6 wrote

I'm sure this will work flawlessly and no one will ever get a spam call again!