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hippychemist t1_jcq2y6h wrote

Anyone watch the game? How'd she play?


Banestar66 OP t1_jcq40ti wrote

She only pinch hit for one plate appearance and it was a ground out to first base. Hard to take much positive or negative from it yet.


r0botdevil t1_jcqfd1a wrote

The fact that she even put bat to ball against a D-1 pitcher is something, though. I'm not sure I could do that.

I'm hoping she gets at least a few more at-bats. It'll be interesting to see what she can do in the future.


Banestar66 OP t1_jcqm47b wrote

I’m at the game today. I’ll let everyone know if she gets in the game what I see from her. So far I’ve just seen her warm up with the team.


Banestar66 OP t1_jcr2e77 wrote

Disappointingly did not get to see her play despite Brown being up 11-3. Got to see her warm up though and her friends in the stands were certainly cheering for her and trying to get the manager to put her in.


TheBeautifulChaos t1_jcrusfk wrote

So she was benched the entire game?


lawfulkitten1 t1_jcsrgss wrote

it's baseball, it's normal for teams to only make a couple of subs because you can't put players back into the game after they leave. even MLB teams will carry players who only play once every few games.


TheBeautifulChaos t1_jctx0ed wrote

Yea I understand how sports work. My question was if she was benched the entire game or not


Deadfishfarm t1_jcrwil5 wrote

The coach plays the best players. If a woman can get up to the level of the top 9 players, they'll deserve playing time


Pincindleton t1_jcsd3au wrote

Not at all true and you know it lmao, don't act like subbing in players isn't a thing in every sport, especially for developing players in garbage time. Just say what you really mean dude.


handsomehares t1_jcu7jnd wrote

Baseball doesn’t sub as many people in, as a rule.

Imagine they had subbed her in when up so much, would it then be viewed as a stunt because she’d have no real impact on the game?

Equity only works in some situations, she’s playing for equality and equality looks like riding the bench for a lot of the players. Good enough to sit on the bench but maybe not good enough for this game right here right now in this moment.

Even if it is virtue signaling … sometimes that’s necessary just to get the narrative moving.


Pincindleton t1_jcv043o wrote

>Imagine they had subbed her in when up so much, would it then be viewed as a stunt because she’d have no real impact on the game?

I mean yeah, that's kinda the point. That's when a lot of subs happen, and it's generally viewed as a way to develop younger talent. It's really not that much different from any other freshman bench riders on the team.


handsomehares t1_jcv1mo3 wrote

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m saying that the same story could be spun from both directions if that’s how people want to spin it.


wangyuanji58 t1_jcsdren wrote

You don't sub players in in tennis.


Pincindleton t1_jcsfdz5 wrote

Yeah I'm sure that will be their response lol. BuT wAiT ThEy DonT SuB iN PlaYeRs iN SCotTiSh FlaG waTeR RUgbY sO yOU'rE wrOnG ActUaLly.


nox_nox t1_jcri8s5 wrote

Women's reaction time in softball is faster (less overall time) than men's professional baseball due to the shorter distance from mound to plate.

"ESPN's Sport Science broke down the speed of both games, pointing out that a 70 mph softball pitch -- from its shorter distance -- reaches home plate faster than a 100 mph baseball pitch. That means a softball player has less than half the time (.025 seconds) to decide to swing compared to a baseball player (.055 seconds). Now imagine trying to decipher whether or not that pitch headed your way is in the strike zone or not."



bossmt_2 t1_jcrx2me wrote

The issue with this is that 70 MPH softball pitches are rare, it's much more common to face pitches in the mid 60s. Average D1 is around 64 MPH or 93.87 Feet per second meaning from a mound which from 43 feet away means you have .458 seconds until it crosses the plate. vs baseball and a 91 MPH fastball on a 60.5 foot mound you have .453 seconds until it crosses the plate. Part of the assumption is on release point etc. But time until impact is basically the same. Which is the more common issue.


tjthebest t1_jcrknoy wrote

I would assume if she is a college baseball player that she hasn't really played softball though. So I don't really think this applies.


DogsbeDogs t1_jcrmuv7 wrote

The above also doesn't discuss the size of the ball. Even if the reaction time needs to be quicker, the movement based on the reaction doesn't need to be as accurate. I think the .03 difference would be offset by the size of the ball.


nox_nox t1_jcrry84 wrote

Professor baseball players have been struck out by women's softball pitchers.


DogsbeDogs t1_jcrsel3 wrote

Okay? Baseball players get struck out playing baseball too. Your comment doesn't change anything I said about the ball size not being accounted for.

Also, I bet softball players would be struck out by baseball pitchers. So again, your comment doesn't really address anything....

I was just pointing out that "sports science" usually does a shifty job at actual science and constantly doesn't account for important factors.


handsomehares t1_jcu807w wrote

The two sports are comparable by the eye test but otherwise the different dynamics of the ball make it wildly different.

Pro baseball players would struggle more against a softball pitch because they don’t train for that. Same the other way around. Doing something you’re not used to inherently means you’re not going to be as good as something you train for. It doesn’t necessarily correlate with difficulty or skill levels.


bossmt_2 t1_jcrvyc1 wrote

Odds are women softball players would be struck out by professional baseball players. Both are hard in different ways. Both hitters rely heavily on release points and timing. Baseball hitters don't have the timing to hit softball, and vice versa. Give both of them time and they'd be able to figure each other out and adapt their swings and timing.


hippychemist t1_jcs584a wrote

I'm basically 100% you couldn't do that.

I also couldn't do that, and I'm naturally athletic and hit airborn rocks with sticks pretty effortlessly. Still, I have no doubt that I couldn't hit a 90mph slider while under more pressure than I've ever experienced in my life by a long shot.


LikesTheTunaHere t1_jct88lj wrote

No but I bet you could eat a slider while doing 90mph down the highway, so you do have that going for you :D


Satanich t1_jcqsoz8 wrote

"you are not sure you could do that?"


EverythingGoodWas t1_jcrrgn8 wrote

For all you know that comment was made by Barry Bonds. For what it’s worth I am 100% sure I could not put a baseball in play in D1 ball.


Ryaninthesky t1_jcqpkpx wrote

I was impressed she got anything on it. First at bats make you nervous enough, let alone with media covering.


Lubadbitches t1_jcrqt5k wrote

Worst outcomes for an at bat are as follows:

  1. Strike out looking
  2. Strike out swinging
  3. Hit a little dinker that the C or P picks up and throws you out 4. Ground out to 1st/2nd

So hell yea it’s a W for her. Infield pop ups can go in there somewhere too.


EverythingGoodWas t1_jcrrkkw wrote

What about hitting into a double play?


Lubadbitches t1_jcsbhtv wrote

Still a groundout. Just adding more variables. But yes still an emotional toll. Good thing it didn’t happen


hippychemist t1_jcq6vtm wrote

Respectable enough. Glad it wasn't an intentional walk or some other "message". They let her play, and she played. I'm curious to see how it plays out.


Gobaxnova t1_jcsup97 wrote

As a non baseball fan this is quite funny to read. It’s like that family guy cricket sketch


Fanfics t1_jcqmm58 wrote

ok but with a last name like that she's gotta be on the mound right


Whako4 t1_jcqng4j wrote

I remember in highschool a soft ball player came to play with us in baseball. She was a cool person and good at softball but tbh didn’t translate well to baseball.


picchumachu t1_jcqs9x0 wrote

Oddly enough, goes both ways. mlb players have been struck out by softball players, something to do with the distance to the mound and what your accustomed to and whatnot


ajdani2 t1_jcr70x5 wrote

So much of it is just having to change what you’re used to. Stanford’s gymnasts have a series of funny videos of the men and women’s teams trying and failing on each other’s events.


jsprague6 t1_jcr3mr6 wrote

That and the underhand release is really difficult to adjust to if you're used to overhand. Baseballs always have a downhill trajectory, whereas a softball can go uphill or downhill depending on the location and pitch type.


clem82 t1_jcr3ekl wrote

Angle at which the ball comes in as well


robzombie03 t1_jcrnczp wrote

An issue is they are usually playing with the others rules on their own equipment. Women aren't using heavy wood bats to hit a baseball and men aren't using aluminum bats to hit a softball. You also have to change bat rotation speeds.


Knor614 t1_jcqt6cb wrote

Why did women’s baseball die but fast pitch softball grow


novium258 t1_jcrb6vp wrote

Title IX, ironically. It allowed schools to ban girls from baseball if they offered them softball instead


yavimaya22 t1_jcwxglw wrote

Can you pls elaborate?


GOP-are-Terrorists t1_jdbxen0 wrote

Title 9 is an ncaa rule that basically says schools have to have an equal number of women's and men's sports teams. So to legally kick women off the baseball team regardless of how good they are schools just added softball and put them there.


cspinelive t1_jcr22bf wrote

Softball is on a smaller field. Pitcher is closer. Game is faster and more exciting.

I don’t know about women’s baseball though. Was it on the same field the men played on? Might have been a slower game.


GOP-are-Terrorists t1_jdbxm20 wrote

You never saw A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks? It's a classic


cspinelive t1_jdff48s wrote

I’ve seen it. Great show. I don’t remember if the fields were same size or anything else that would have helped answer this question though.


GOP-are-Terrorists t1_jdlluqs wrote

Softball has different dimensions because the sport gets played a little bit differently. I'm pretty certain the old school women's baseball leagues just brought the fences in closer and that was it.


cspinelive t1_jdmm61z wrote

Found this in Wikipedia

In the first season, the league played a game that was a hybrid of baseball and softball. The ball was 12 inches in circumference, the size of a regulation softball (regulation baseballs are 9 to 91⁄4 inches). The pitcher's mound was only forty feet from home plate, closer even than in regulation softball and much closer than the baseball distance of 60 feet, 6 inches. Pitchers threw underhand windmill, like in softball, and the distance between bases was 65 feet, five feet longer than in softball, but 25 feet shorter than in baseball. Major similarities between the AAGPBL and baseball included nine player teams and the use of a pitcher's mound (softball pitchers throw from flat ground). By 1948, the ball had shrunk to 103⁄8 inches, overhand pitching was allowed, and the mound was moved back to 50 feet. Over the history of the league, the rules continued to gradually approach those of baseball. By the final season in 1954, the ball was regulation baseball size, the mound was moved back to 60 feet, and the basepaths were extended to 85 feet (still five feet shorter than in regulation baseball).


Knor614 t1_jcrc2ij wrote

Seems like a smaller ball would help


alwaysmyfault t1_jcrgpqd wrote

This isn't basketball.

A smaller baseball would make it harder to hit, harder to catch, harder to throw.


cspinelive t1_jcrgfi4 wrote

Help with what? How?


Knor614 t1_jcrh030 wrote

Generally women have smaller hands so you would think that using a smaller ball would be better


cspinelive t1_jcrhz2f wrote

I’m just making stuff up here but you’ve got 8 year olds girls throwing a softball just fine. Granted it is smaller at that age but still bigger than a baseball. So I’m guessing the softball isn’t so big that it would really impact the ability to throw it.

The smaller field makes plays closer and throws shorter. Plays happen faster. The larger ball travels off the bat slower and keep more hits playable than if the ball were smaller.


lionheart4life t1_jcte1vd wrote

The pitchers already strike out like 90% of the batters they face. There would be no scoring with a smaller ball.


Moses_Cleaveland t1_jcreoz1 wrote

Women's baseball is pretty much dead, but there are some leagues whose mission is to support it, and there was a Women's Baseball World Cup a few years ago. I think it is done every year, but I don't know any details.


jstlknatstf t1_jcqtmnr wrote

For some reason I read the last name as "pitch-hard-oh"


ryan2one3 t1_jcrox25 wrote



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vescis t1_jctdbo7 wrote

We want a Pitchardo, not a belly itchardo!


whit4504 t1_jctdrod wrote

Dont let state legislatures see this


laceyourbootsup t1_jcthret wrote

Baseball is a sport with data that can pretty much verify your talent level.

Olivia would be a below average Division 3 baseball player.


Macdaddyfucboi t1_jctfz51 wrote

Watched the game, was not impressed. Next .


yavimaya22 t1_jcwxioo wrote

I'm sure you could do way better 😂


Macdaddyfucboi t1_jcxble3 wrote

Tell that to every sports fan. I'm not interested in charity in sports. If she earned her spot she'll get criticized like all the other athletes. Don't do het a disservice by treating her different, she's just one of the guys.


kobocha t1_jcu928g wrote

Not trying to be a dick. Just curious, why is this a big deal?


Eagle-of-the-star t1_jcuf1fb wrote

This isn’t a smartass question, but if a guy wanted to play softball could he play for the women’s teams?


Mclarenrob2 t1_jcst320 wrote

A real woman, with a womb?


GimmeMyMoneyBack t1_jcrw3yb wrote

If men and women are physically equal, then what is the significance of this achievement?


ItsSevii t1_jcrwgzm wrote

They aren't equal.. I don't think anyone of sound mind with any basic biological understanding would disagree.


GimmeMyMoneyBack t1_jcrxonp wrote

But what about gender equality? I thought women could do everything that men could do better than men could do it. I find it hard to believe that the media has been lying to me. You wouldn't be suggesting that, would you?

That kind of thinking is dangerous and misogynistic.


jdbway t1_jcr7i0v wrote

They're ruining men's sport!!


EffingBarbas t1_jcrjfps wrote

The simple solution is to allow men to compete in women’s softball. That would remove the sexism and allow the best to compete regardless of genitalia.


Fairmount_Throwaway t1_jctco1p wrote

If it was men’s then why is a woman playing? Seems like you missed the boat on this one.


lupuscapabilis t1_jcpqtx1 wrote

I no longer feel comfortable commenting on any "first woman" posts. Enjoy!


hippychemist t1_jcq2uoa wrote

And yet...


TadpoleMajor t1_jcqbi8r wrote

It’s the first “ real” woman to do so(I’m sure there’s a better way to phrase it but I mean a woman who was born a woman and has a female body). Transgender women should be treated fair, but someone born a woman had to do A LOT to get to this point to compete against men.


hippychemist t1_jcqehez wrote

I'm not too worried about who's competing in "men's" leagues. If you're good enough, I don't care about your private parts. It's cool to see the skill gap narrowing, and I'm excited to see more of it.

The point of my reply was that "Im uncomfortable commenting" is not only a comment (making the entire statement laughably untrue), but still some half assed attempt to make a point. It's just overall a stupid thing to type.


TadpoleMajor t1_jcqeyd9 wrote

Ah, yes I see what you’re saying with regards to his comment.

And I don’t think anyone’s worrying about men’s leagues anyway, it’s more the women’s leagues that concern people.


Readalie t1_jcqirhv wrote

The term you're looking for is 'cis' fyi.