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CaptainMacMillan t1_jcvnokv wrote

We literally invented society before we invented language, or agriculture, or tools. It was our first line of defense.


flossingjonah t1_jcwuv5e wrote

Mammals and birds also have societies. Not just wolves in packs, but I believe that when hundreds of birds are gathered in a tree, they're having a party!


user-name-1985 t1_jcvtj0n wrote

I don’t think those redneck prepper types got that memo.


needspantsu t1_jd7g5jh wrote

A small peek into history shows the other side of what can happen when people come together.


LUXENTUXEN t1_jcz4fah wrote

I mean.... 9/11 also caused America to come together.... so was 9/11 a good thing, according to this article?


Kragevalgt_Ullrson t1_jczdaza wrote

This doesn't feel like uplifting news. This feels like wealthy types reframing the "bug" as a "feature".


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