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Gorkanator t1_jcwo9ck wrote



tatertotski t1_jcwzbjl wrote

Meaning we can still abuse and neglect animals we eat. Just not dogs and cats!


deathhead_68 t1_jcxkaxq wrote

Those abused neglected farm animals are only isolated cases! Sure there are a lot of them and they constantly crop up resulting in hundreds of hours of evidence footage, but they're all just isolated!

And sure 95% of animals are raised intensively and subject to standard practices which cause intense suffering, but not the ones I buy, I'm totally sure because the label has a happy cow on it.


Namastas-eEe t1_jcxwfk0 wrote

I almost rage downvoted you.


deathhead_68 t1_jcxxhs7 wrote

Lmao its ok, if I wanted to get the real downvotes I'd tell people to just go vegan, but sometimes sarcasm gets the point across better.


Geluyperd t1_jd0i79a wrote

No you don't understand, these animals are killed humanely! That means it's okay to do it.


deathhead_68 t1_jd0mptz wrote

Thats right, that makes it fine. I've never seen an animal actually get slaughtered in the humane way I'm imagining, but I know it definitely happens.

Its ok to kill someone if it doesn't hurt them!


abeorch t1_jcxs1kg wrote

From Wikipedia "Law 32/2007 provides that the government will take measures to ensure that farm animals are not caused unnecessary suffering, and was enacted in order to comply with European Union requirements on farm animal welfare. " so while this law doesnt address farm animals other laws do. I cant comment on application or enforcement but it is usual to have different laws related to farm animal welfare and domestic animal welfare since the issues are often different in each case.


KillerGopher t1_jcx5b9h wrote

Don't know anything about the law Spain just passed. Just chiming in to say ackktually...

The animals we eat are more domesticated than cats. Cows, sheep and chickens were all domesticated roughly 9,000 to 11,000 years ago. Cats have been in the human sphere of influence for only 4,000 years - some scientists speculate 8,000 years but that isn't commonly accepted. Cats and humans don't have the same symbiotic relationship as the truly domesticated animals.

Fun fact - dogs were domesticated between 18,000 and 30,000 (!!!) years ago.


Oxythemormon t1_jcx9hae wrote

I’m gonna um acktually your um acktually. Domestic and domesticated are two different words.


Darkhoof t1_jcx8t40 wrote

Yes, but for legislative purposes this refers to companion animals.


Dwa6c2 t1_jcxeo5s wrote

I seem to remember reading about a dog find buried with a human, both of them draped in ornate beads, that were dated to around 35,000 years ago, and that there’s some genetic evidence that dogs may have been domesticated as early as 70,000 years ago.


Joseluki t1_jcxnhyq wrote

Or hunting dogs, or keep torturing bulls.


GretaTs_rage_money t1_jcxxra2 wrote

Yeah, this law is a small step in the right direction, so small that it might even delay better legislation that could actually protect more animals.

How much cognitive dissonance do you need to say "we love dogs, unless you're talking about hunting dogs, they don't matter".


Vuvux t1_jcxx32s wrote

We eat dogs and cats. 👍🏼


imabitvague t1_jcy342v wrote

And don’t forget the animals used for hunting. You can still abuse and neglect the Spanish hunting dogs… :(


alip_93 t1_jcxg0o4 wrote

What if I keep my dog to eventually eat?


alexanderpas t1_jcxt9r5 wrote

House animals, as opposed to farm animals which are covered under a different set of laws.


4handhyzer t1_jcylgcs wrote

If you didn't know this they want to farm octopuses which are some of the most intelligent things on the planet. 0 this was a way for them to win certain farming rights and make sure that they negated octopi


linderlouwho t1_jcyqelu wrote

Means they can keep stabbing and torturing bulls for entertainment.