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echo8282 t1_jcx28dw wrote

No. So let's reduce meat production and increase price...


Single_Pick1468 t1_jcxaudc wrote

Maybe stop giving tax payers money to animal agriculture (subsidies)?


bottomknifeprospect t1_jcxw17m wrote

> Farming subsidies have almost nothing to do with the food a nation needs, and everything to do with how key the farmer vote is. Countries where farmers votes don't swing elections, don't get farming subsidies.


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_jcxxgih wrote

How about reducing shitty meat production and just keeping premium meat which is already priced high?

Using animals for cheap burgers and crappy sausage is the majority of the consumption, and the meat by itself in those food items tastes like sawdust. It gets flavored with sauces and other crap which could give the same flavor and texture to plant based proteins.

So you don't have to force people to give up meat. Just give up shitty meat and respect the animals enough to buy only high quality meat. (ie. Not pale white chicken meat and fatless lean beef which are the result of unnatural farming practices.) For a lot of people this is a good first step to realizing you don't need meat every meal or every day, like how people had meat only on select nights forever before the industrial revolution.


J_edrington t1_jcylo5s wrote

Sausage and burgers(ground beef) are a way to make sure nothing from the animals is going to waste. Nobody is grinding up a $20 steak and then selling it to you for $3. Basically all factory produced ground meat products are made from off-cuts, scraps, organs, and whatever other bits are stuck to ,and sometimes in, the bones (which get usually turned into gelatin, calcium supplements, or fertilizer)


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_jd3efqj wrote

That's pretty well known. But there are burgers made from sirloin from high grade grazing cows, and burgers made from off cuts, cartilage, and tendons from locked up cows with low grade meat... like what's in basically all fast food.