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zandadoum t1_jcxakul wrote

This law won’t help much.

In first place, it will force owners to take some sort of “classes”, “get a license” or whatever… well, ppl is also have to get drivers license and they still drive like shit. It’s just a paper, it won’t make them better persons.

In second place, the definitions are shit too. “Can’t leave a dog alone for more than 24h”. That is an extreme case, maybe a 1% What about the shitty neighbors that leave the dog alone while they work 8h a day, every single day, dog barking nonstop like it was getting slaughtered and neighbors don’t do shit about it because it doesn’t affect them as they aren’t home? That’s the 99% of cases right there and the law doesn’t do shit about it

Also doesn’t help that police takes hours to come when you call and don’t accept any of your video recorded proof, as the decibel measures have to be taken by an official… who never gets there during the hours the dog is actually barking.

TLDR: this law is shit and will only help in 1% of extreme cases.


Lallo-the-Long t1_jcyavyg wrote

A dog barking isn't animal abuse...


zandadoum t1_jcyb7tb wrote

>A dog barking isn't animal abuse...

aha. so why is the law adressing specifically abandonement for 24h.? how is it any different than 8h. during 3 days?

ever heard of animal anxiety? you think the dog barks just because the fun of it?


Lallo-the-Long t1_jcybbkj wrote

Have you ever gone for 24 hours without food or water?


zandadoum t1_jcybhav wrote

>Have you ever gone for 24 hours without food or water?

it's not just about the food. people can leave dogs for several days with enough food and water and it's still considered abuse. i wonder why.