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Mountain_Cut4457 t1_jcxd5fy wrote

Very slow, torturous murder, until the animal finally kneels down to die and the Spanish right wingers all applaud. Also shout out to PSOE for leaving hunting dogs, especially greyhounds out of the bill, yes the same greyhounds Spanish hunters are famous for torturing and also murdering


No_Income6576 t1_jcxnaxp wrote

Shit!! The moment I read this I was thinking grey hounds. How are they possibly exempt?? So ridiculous.


Mountain_Cut4457 t1_jcyaq4x wrote

They are also giving each kid who turns 400€ for a cultural event which includes going to bull fighting. And the greyhounds is because they don't eat to lose votes with hunters. They don't actually care about animals obviously. Just votes.