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mboswi t1_jcxdnlu wrote

Go to Madrid or just central Spain and ask people about it, not just old people. You will be surprised. When you are risen in this custom...


ES_Legman t1_jcxi6kn wrote

I am spaniard. I lived in Madrid many years. There is still some people who will support it but they are not the majority by any means. It's mostly conservatives and it dies out over time. Just like Catholicism and many other outdated traditions.


Neosss1995 t1_jcxunvj wrote

Brother, as a Spaniard that I am, you are totally wrong


mboswi t1_jcyarwq wrote

I am too. Check how many people support corridas in Asturias, Galicia, for example? How many in Castilla-Leon or Madrid? I'm talking about this. You can check the differences yourself.


ES_Legman t1_jczsdhx wrote

Legality doesn't mean it has wide support amongst all the population. There is a lot of money involved in it and it's mostly fueled by certain families and wealthy conservative people.

Most people under 40 or 50 are not supporting it. Many don't care, but it is not as widely supported as it was 30 or 40 years ago.


mboswi t1_jd21jy4 wrote

So... you are telling me legality doesn't mean wide support, like population do not have the possibility to change legality by voting parties which do not support bullfighting or actually support banning it.

If people in some places don't give a fuck about bullfighting this same people is actually supporting it, since the very moment their passiveness allow it to keep existing. That's why the regulation changes from communities to communities. Go to Galicia and try to organize such a event, and tell me what happens, for example.


Benur197 t1_jcy2zh1 wrote

You have to be a millionaire to live in Madrid center


mboswi t1_jcya43l wrote

I meant central Spain, not Madrid.