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DinosRoar t1_jcxfp1h wrote

The murder of any animal for sensory pleasure is nonsense. You're a hypocrite if you call for the end of bull fights but aren't vegan


lloydthelloyd t1_jcxj1ra wrote

You're an idiot if you think that sort of absolutism is going to convince anyone


DinosRoar t1_jcxkswk wrote

Animal abuse is abuse no matter who does it or where it happens.

If you can only criticise that by crying absolutism then so be it :)


mrs_shrew t1_jcxx298 wrote

There's an old saying "softly softly catchee monkey", it means you should creep up and be gentle when trying to achieve a goal, so by bashing people over the head instead of taking them gently by the arm you're working against yourself to achieve your outcome. The other saying is "catch more flies with honey than vinegar".


katz332 t1_jcy3t61 wrote

We can criticize how ineffectual your argument is. If you cared about changing the mind and hearts of man to help animals, shitting on people doesn't work. You're not actually helping then


MaxDickpower t1_jcxixwr wrote

So what you're saying is I should approve of bullfighting then?


lesboautisticweeabo t1_jcxrehq wrote

I mean yea. They kill the bull regardless of a bullfight or not. Most farms slaughter the bull anyway. If you eat beef, you are part of the problem and a hypocrite


MaxDickpower t1_jcxryua wrote

Got it. I will advocate for animal cruelty from now on 👍🏻


lesboautisticweeabo t1_jcxu3dh wrote

Don't hate cause I'm telling the truth


FL_Squirtle t1_jdpjls5 wrote

I'm not vegan but I am a vegetarian. Working towards being vegan but like.... maybe chill a bit? You have no idea who I am, let alone the appreciation I have for every single life around me down to the fly that most would swat away. Take a breathe and know there are many who care just as much as you do and are working towards true change ❤️💙


DinosRoar t1_jdq6922 wrote

Literally copy paste this comment to respond to your one above and think about how you'd react.

"Bull runs are animal abuse" = claps all around. "Gas Chambers are animal abuse" = whoa maybe chill a bit.


FL_Squirtle t1_jdr8u6x wrote

I'm not saying I disagree with you. But coming off so absolute and aggressive with your responses to people is exactly why others are so quick to discount what you say.