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Amiibohunter000 t1_jcxi592 wrote

Fuck Spain. Include Hunting dogs in this.

More than 60,000 hunting dogs are brutally and maliciously murdered each year in Spain because of their bullshit superstition that desecrating their animal companions will bring them more hunting success the next year.

They torture and kill these poor dogs who provided them with so much, just because it’s cheaper to buy a new one the next year.

Fuck Spain and fuck anyone who says “oh but things are different culturally”. Fuck your bullshit culture.


_Rioben_ t1_jcxuoup wrote

Its funny you think this has any support from spaniards, this is is customary in small towns around "old" spain.

If you asked 95% of spaniards are against bullfighting and against hunting dog massacres, but for some reason the two biggest parties and podemos dont see them as pressing issues that will win them votes and instead focus in rent prices, feminism and minorities.


Papshed t1_jcyizmx wrote

Buddy, I can tell you for a fact that “95% of spaniards are against bullfighting” is outright bullshit.


_Rioben_ t1_jcysnwg wrote

Well, ive been in spain for 32 years, I guess you know better ?

We have to differenciate though, most people like "encierros" which is what's done for example in "San Fermines", but most, specially under 40 are absolutely NOT ok with the animal cruelty that's executed in "corridas de toros".

Animal cruelty is more normal in small towns far from the cities, but judging spain as a whole for that would be like judging the us as a whole because it still has sundown towns in the south.


LuucaBrasi t1_jcyk3j3 wrote

Fuck Spain and everybody there that allows this to happen. I hope their society collapses and suffering is widespread to bring about good luck to its future inhabitants. But that’s just superstition