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alesito85 t1_jcxirbd wrote

I'm genuinely curious, why are those dogs the most abused? Of all hunters that I knew in my country, their dogs weren't abused.

Edit: just wow, to the replies to my comment. Where is this happening?


Muscalp t1_jcxj10f wrote

They treat them as tools, not allies. Cheaper to buy new ones than to feed them the entire year. They also don‘t really need training since they hunt on their own.


Pupgradek9 t1_jcy9z9h wrote

Oh boy, it's horrible.

>By tradition, the dogs are often killed by hanging them by their necks with their feet just touching the ground, swaying back and forth causing the dogs extreme pain and agony for several days until they die.

>The hunters believe that the more the dogs suffer, the more successful the following hunting season will be.

They also have this method of "exercising" the dogs where the dogs are all attached behind vehicles and essentially pulled along. If the fall they are dragged. They cull the "weak" like this. But the dogs are already kept in deplorable conditions.

Sadly these dogs are currently excluded from having protection.


linderlouwho t1_jcyri9j wrote

This is the worst thing I've read in a long time. Just incredible. :-(


Pupgradek9 t1_jcyt9re wrote

It's a big problem and one that I think is relatively unknown (at least in the US). I'd be willing to bet that the number of dogs who suffer like this outnumber bulls for bullfighting in Spain.

At the same time it's an issue that is sort of behind closed doors. It's not something that's happening in the heart of the city, much like how livestock/meat production type things are away from the public.


linderlouwho t1_jd01gid wrote

Here's to hoping this law was a baby step, and they will grow to leaps and bounds!


cittatva t1_jczqzvt wrote

Editing to make a distinction between whatever the duck is going on in Spain and the way hunting dogs are treated in Texas: A good hunting dog takes years to train. It’s all about building a working relationship with the dog, and the dogs fucking LOVE hunting. Not to say there aren’t horrible people in the world that abuse dogs, but that’s not hunting, that’s animal abuse. To equate that with hunting is disingenuous at best. A good bird dog, for example, is trained to run around in a field with a bell on its collar and smell out birds. When it finds the birds, it stops and stands at attention, pointing, and waits for command. The hunter approaches and commands the dog to go in and flush the birds up. The bird flies up, the hunter shoots, the dog then collects the bird and brings it back to the hunter. Usually the dog is rewarded with the tasty entrails, feet and head of the bird, and they’re very happy dogs. They get to run around with their people, do rewarding work, and get tasty bird treats.


Pupgradek9 t1_jczu6yq wrote

Yes, that's because they're seen as partners/companions here not tools.

The culture around dogs in the US is very different from MANY parts of the world, especially places that have large populations of street dogs or dogs who fill their natural role as a scavenger on the fringes. It's super interesting to study.


alesito85 t1_jd31q89 wrote

Holy ****... Never heard of this myself. Is this limited to Spain? At least in Europe?

And yeah, certainly isn't happening in my small country.


GretaTs_rage_money t1_jcxxy2i wrote

Look up the abuse Galgos and Podencos. There are plenty of documentaries. The torture is part of their tradition.


farnswoggle t1_jcz0qdz wrote

Tradition is one of the shittiest concepts humans have come up with. As if there is intrisic value in something just because it's been done for a long time.

You can have a good tradition, and a bad tradition. The fact that it is a tradition has zero bearing on its merits.


sername6 t1_jcyeujg wrote

For them the dogs are tools and they treat them as such (or worse). Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned and tortured after the hunting season. Those are the most vulnerable dogs and they have been left out of the law, so hopefully in the future it will be extended to help those animals.