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deathhead_68 t1_jcxkaxq wrote

Those abused neglected farm animals are only isolated cases! Sure there are a lot of them and they constantly crop up resulting in hundreds of hours of evidence footage, but they're all just isolated!

And sure 95% of animals are raised intensively and subject to standard practices which cause intense suffering, but not the ones I buy, I'm totally sure because the label has a happy cow on it.


Namastas-eEe t1_jcxwfk0 wrote

I almost rage downvoted you.


deathhead_68 t1_jcxxhs7 wrote

Lmao its ok, if I wanted to get the real downvotes I'd tell people to just go vegan, but sometimes sarcasm gets the point across better.


Geluyperd t1_jd0i79a wrote

No you don't understand, these animals are killed humanely! That means it's okay to do it.


deathhead_68 t1_jd0mptz wrote

Thats right, that makes it fine. I've never seen an animal actually get slaughtered in the humane way I'm imagining, but I know it definitely happens.

Its ok to kill someone if it doesn't hurt them!