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Bekkahl t1_jcvmbnc wrote

Shame then that they left out the galgos n podencos and made bestiality legal


Petal_Chatoyance t1_jcw2iqn wrote

Wow! It only took them a mere 800 years, too.

I need to stop being so pessimistic about humanity!


sendmoneyimpoor t1_jcwos1o wrote

Great! Next can we give a shit about farmed animals who are exploited and tortured on the daily…?


sername6 t1_jcwpfm2 wrote

This law doesn't protect the most abused dogs, those of the hunters, so there's a lot of room for improvement.


maghy7 t1_jcwpkps wrote

Incredible that this has not been law for years already.


southaussiewaddy t1_jcwzrka wrote

Fantastic news. Looks like the world is starting to get that we need to look after mother nature and all her creatures


KillerGopher t1_jcx5b9h wrote

Don't know anything about the law Spain just passed. Just chiming in to say ackktually...

The animals we eat are more domesticated than cats. Cows, sheep and chickens were all domesticated roughly 9,000 to 11,000 years ago. Cats have been in the human sphere of influence for only 4,000 years - some scientists speculate 8,000 years but that isn't commonly accepted. Cats and humans don't have the same symbiotic relationship as the truly domesticated animals.

Fun fact - dogs were domesticated between 18,000 and 30,000 (!!!) years ago.


Nia_Q t1_jcx6jsi wrote

I don't understand one thing and I would appreciate it if someone more intelligent than me could explain it to me: Why have they put a photo of puppies in Santiago de Chile to illustrate a news story about a law in Spain?


ES_Legman t1_jcx9gub wrote

Man I wish. Unfortunately it's a boomer right wing thing and rich people but the vast majority of the population sees it for what it is.

It will die out in a few years hopefully but it is very shameful that politicians don't have the balls to stop it at national level due to the wealthy.


ES_Legman t1_jcx9kx6 wrote

Encierros are very popular amongst foreigners and many don't know that it's just a preliminary activity before being tortured to death.

Pamplona in San Fermin is the most popular one, and it's amazing how ignorant many people is.

It's an abomination that hopefully dies soon enough.


zandadoum t1_jcxakul wrote

This law won’t help much.

In first place, it will force owners to take some sort of “classes”, “get a license” or whatever… well, ppl is also have to get drivers license and they still drive like shit. It’s just a paper, it won’t make them better persons.

In second place, the definitions are shit too. “Can’t leave a dog alone for more than 24h”. That is an extreme case, maybe a 1% What about the shitty neighbors that leave the dog alone while they work 8h a day, every single day, dog barking nonstop like it was getting slaughtered and neighbors don’t do shit about it because it doesn’t affect them as they aren’t home? That’s the 99% of cases right there and the law doesn’t do shit about it

Also doesn’t help that police takes hours to come when you call and don’t accept any of your video recorded proof, as the decibel measures have to be taken by an official… who never gets there during the hours the dog is actually barking.

TLDR: this law is shit and will only help in 1% of extreme cases.


Crowzillah t1_jcxbyok wrote

But they’re going to start an octopus 🐙 farm 🫣!! Hmmmm


Mountain_Cut4457 t1_jcxd5fy wrote

Very slow, torturous murder, until the animal finally kneels down to die and the Spanish right wingers all applaud. Also shout out to PSOE for leaving hunting dogs, especially greyhounds out of the bill, yes the same greyhounds Spanish hunters are famous for torturing and also murdering


Mountain_Cut4457 t1_jcxdd3s wrote

It's a fake left, PSOE for leaving hunting dogs, especially greyhounds out of the bill, yes the same greyhounds Spanish hunters are famous for torturing and also murdering. Podemos law the minister of equality to protect women resulted in releasing hundreds of rapists and pedophiles. Also refused to get rid of "the gag law" , which basically took away freedom of speech, and assembly


scs3jb t1_jcxekme wrote

Finally, lived in Andalusia and sadly some people were extremely cruel to animals.

Found a box of kittens left out in the full blown heat in Summer. They were in a sealed box next to the rubbish bins. Luckily the bins were full otherwise we never would have heard their cries for help.


Dwa6c2 t1_jcxeo5s wrote

I seem to remember reading about a dog find buried with a human, both of them draped in ornate beads, that were dated to around 35,000 years ago, and that there’s some genetic evidence that dogs may have been domesticated as early as 70,000 years ago.


kichien t1_jcxff30 wrote

Where are kittens supposed to come from if everyone has to 'sterilize' their cat?


-Mr_Unknown- t1_jcxfqiz wrote

Don’t get your hopes up. This is a comically ill written law that still allows hunting dogs to be treated like disposable things, says nothing about cock fights, bull fights… but hey, you better get your mandatory dog ID or else…


BlixMonomo t1_jcxg5lh wrote

I lived in Spain for many years, The end of hunting season was always horrendous, The first year I was there I came across 5 dogs hanging from trees in a woodland about 5-6km outside of Marbella, it was shocking the abuse I saw over a decade or so


Amiibohunter000 t1_jcxi592 wrote

Fuck Spain. Include Hunting dogs in this.

More than 60,000 hunting dogs are brutally and maliciously murdered each year in Spain because of their bullshit superstition that desecrating their animal companions will bring them more hunting success the next year.

They torture and kill these poor dogs who provided them with so much, just because it’s cheaper to buy a new one the next year.

Fuck Spain and fuck anyone who says “oh but things are different culturally”. Fuck your bullshit culture.


ES_Legman t1_jcxi6kn wrote

I am spaniard. I lived in Madrid many years. There is still some people who will support it but they are not the majority by any means. It's mostly conservatives and it dies out over time. Just like Catholicism and many other outdated traditions.


alesito85 t1_jcxirbd wrote

I'm genuinely curious, why are those dogs the most abused? Of all hunters that I knew in my country, their dogs weren't abused.

Edit: just wow, to the replies to my comment. Where is this happening?


Muscalp t1_jcxj10f wrote

They treat them as tools, not allies. Cheaper to buy new ones than to feed them the entire year. They also don‘t really need training since they hunt on their own.


Baringstraight t1_jcxjzco wrote

So no more factory farms? Oh wait those animals aren't domestic so they don't count.


deathhead_68 t1_jcxkaxq wrote

Those abused neglected farm animals are only isolated cases! Sure there are a lot of them and they constantly crop up resulting in hundreds of hours of evidence footage, but they're all just isolated!

And sure 95% of animals are raised intensively and subject to standard practices which cause intense suffering, but not the ones I buy, I'm totally sure because the label has a happy cow on it.


ThisHasFailed t1_jcxlk84 wrote

The same Spain that excluded hunting dogs from that law so they can be abused as much as they wish? Roped behind a car running, underfed, tortured, and abandoned? That Spain?


scribble23 t1_jcxmhjb wrote

Jesus. And I thought British fox hunts were bad for abusing their hounds (quite apart from the ripping apart of foxes bit). At least old hounds and non performers get the shotgun, not hanged or burned alive.


Xgamer308 t1_jcxpjlk wrote

Yo all the people crying for hunting dogs. It excludes them from the general ruling for pets and domestic animals, since they are used for an activity other than companion, like police, army and blind guiding dogs. A hunting dog can be subjected to abuse obviously, but they can’t be given the sabe legal treatment as pets.


rxiko t1_jcxqgic wrote

Why not? Hunters' dogs in my country have no different legal treatment, only military and police. And even then is almost no difference because animal protection laws are stronger here. The most difference is between pet dogs and guiding dogs since they need to be allowed inside supermarkets, and everywhere. It is perfectly possible and the torture and killings of hunting dogs needs to stop.


YourEffigy t1_jcxqsgx wrote

Not against hunting and racing dogs though, those still go through hell. Just look up any galgo rescue in Spain, and you'll see the hundreds of dogs that get dumped and or killed yearly after hunting season is over.


Stonyclaws t1_jcxrt70 wrote

Still though, fuck the bulls. No protections whatsoever once again.


abeorch t1_jcxs1kg wrote

From Wikipedia "Law 32/2007 provides that the government will take measures to ensure that farm animals are not caused unnecessary suffering, and was enacted in order to comply with European Union requirements on farm animal welfare. " so while this law doesnt address farm animals other laws do. I cant comment on application or enforcement but it is usual to have different laws related to farm animal welfare and domestic animal welfare since the issues are often different in each case.


Trumpassassin777 t1_jcxs4pm wrote

That's about time. Some people (not all) are treating the hunting dogs horrendous.

My first dog was from Spain and he was shaking like crazy and was traumatized as hell. I often thought what I would do to a person that does that to such a gentle creature.

Getting him out of that was a lot of hard work and he did not deserve any of this. But he came back into the light and could enjoy his life for another five years with us.

I don't believe in heaven but I would give a lot to see him again.


AmityRule63 t1_jcxsg0w wrote

If you actually read the law it’s not uplifting at all how they decide which animals are exempt from these legal protections. Makes me sick


_Rioben_ t1_jcxuoup wrote

Its funny you think this has any support from spaniards, this is is customary in small towns around "old" spain.

If you asked 95% of spaniards are against bullfighting and against hunting dog massacres, but for some reason the two biggest parties and podemos dont see them as pressing issues that will win them votes and instead focus in rent prices, feminism and minorities.


Yuiopy78 t1_jcxvd48 wrote

Was...was there not one before?


Jobra819 t1_jcxw6la wrote

They should also make it animal abuse to own a dog and keep it inside your house all day. Especially in small apartments


mrs_shrew t1_jcxx298 wrote

There's an old saying "softly softly catchee monkey", it means you should creep up and be gentle when trying to achieve a goal, so by bashing people over the head instead of taking them gently by the arm you're working against yourself to achieve your outcome. The other saying is "catch more flies with honey than vinegar".


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_jcxxgih wrote

How about reducing shitty meat production and just keeping premium meat which is already priced high?

Using animals for cheap burgers and crappy sausage is the majority of the consumption, and the meat by itself in those food items tastes like sawdust. It gets flavored with sauces and other crap which could give the same flavor and texture to plant based proteins.

So you don't have to force people to give up meat. Just give up shitty meat and respect the animals enough to buy only high quality meat. (ie. Not pale white chicken meat and fatless lean beef which are the result of unnatural farming practices.) For a lot of people this is a good first step to realizing you don't need meat every meal or every day, like how people had meat only on select nights forever before the industrial revolution.


GretaTs_rage_money t1_jcxxra2 wrote

Yeah, this law is a small step in the right direction, so small that it might even delay better legislation that could actually protect more animals.

How much cognitive dissonance do you need to say "we love dogs, unless you're talking about hunting dogs, they don't matter".


GretaTs_rage_money t1_jcxycxq wrote

I don't know the law but considering the powerful "ag-gag" laws in the US, I bet that law is a "house pet abuse" law.

You might be the baddie if you need a law to prevent people from knowing the truth about your industry.


katz332 t1_jcy3t61 wrote

We can criticize how ineffectual your argument is. If you cared about changing the mind and hearts of man to help animals, shitting on people doesn't work. You're not actually helping then


Bancroft80 t1_jcy4niq wrote

Look, it's a start. A step in the right direction. By no means enough... Wildlife and farm animals should be the next focus to save. But Spain is further than a lot of other countries. The dog fights and meat trade are awful. So if we can start to lessen the pain of some animals, it's better than not helping any... Save those we can today and continue to fight for the ones we couldn't save, tomorrow. And let's hope this means we'll get some shitty people locked up and their meat trades closed down. Animals are re-homed to good people and appreciated more. As it should be.


carlopene t1_jcy5rnt wrote

As spaniard I can concurre. Spain is such a joke. Politics are so corrupt all around the spectre. Left and right, nationalists and independentists, and don't even get me started on the crown... We're geographicly european, but we're so far behind from our neighbord France.. Heck, even Portugal isn't that big of a joke...


lilapaige t1_jcy7au2 wrote

When it’s okay to beat a bit**. Lol.

Never okay to hit your animals.


Pupgradek9 t1_jcy9z9h wrote

Oh boy, it's horrible.

>By tradition, the dogs are often killed by hanging them by their necks with their feet just touching the ground, swaying back and forth causing the dogs extreme pain and agony for several days until they die.

>The hunters believe that the more the dogs suffer, the more successful the following hunting season will be.

They also have this method of "exercising" the dogs where the dogs are all attached behind vehicles and essentially pulled along. If the fall they are dragged. They cull the "weak" like this. But the dogs are already kept in deplorable conditions.

Sadly these dogs are currently excluded from having protection.


Mountain_Cut4457 t1_jcyaq4x wrote

They are also giving each kid who turns 400€ for a cultural event which includes going to bull fighting. And the greyhounds is because they don't eat to lose votes with hunters. They don't actually care about animals obviously. Just votes.


zandadoum t1_jcyb7tb wrote

>A dog barking isn't animal abuse...

aha. so why is the law adressing specifically abandonement for 24h.? how is it any different than 8h. during 3 days?

ever heard of animal anxiety? you think the dog barks just because the fun of it?


zackman115 t1_jcyb8ho wrote

Wow Spain is a little less like Spain without the S now!


zandadoum t1_jcybhav wrote

>Have you ever gone for 24 hours without food or water?

it's not just about the food. people can leave dogs for several days with enough food and water and it's still considered abuse. i wonder why.


sername6 t1_jcyeujg wrote

For them the dogs are tools and they treat them as such (or worse). Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned and tortured after the hunting season. Those are the most vulnerable dogs and they have been left out of the law, so hopefully in the future it will be extended to help those animals.


asonicpushforenergy t1_jcygzhe wrote

Good. Now fix the pet shops. My gf's cousin works in a pet shop in Spain that has puppies and kittens among other things like various birds, rodents, rabbits, etc. The poor things have no interaction or enrichment and spend 24/7 in a tiny box with nothing to do. I think she said one of the birds has been there for years. The puppies are expensive enough that they were there for way longer than they should have been too. Can't imagine the issues they'll have in training when they're finally given a home.


Papshed t1_jcyjl35 wrote

Buddy, there are so many absolutely wonderful restaurants out here in Madrid which have the upmost respect for the meat they serve they’d slap you if you left a slice of jamon iberico in your plate. Hell some even keep the meat customers don’t eat and make meals out of them to feed the staff at the end of the night. Don’t put everything in the same basket, there are amazing people out there.


mindlight t1_jcyjrtp wrote

Bullfighting will also not be affected by the legal changes

Yeah... So much for caring for animals. "The right" people are still allowed to intentionally make animals suffer enormously.


4handhyzer t1_jcylgcs wrote

If you didn't know this they want to farm octopuses which are some of the most intelligent things on the planet. 0 this was a way for them to win certain farming rights and make sure that they negated octopi


J_edrington t1_jcylo5s wrote

Sausage and burgers(ground beef) are a way to make sure nothing from the animals is going to waste. Nobody is grinding up a $20 steak and then selling it to you for $3. Basically all factory produced ground meat products are made from off-cuts, scraps, organs, and whatever other bits are stuck to ,and sometimes in, the bones (which get usually turned into gelatin, calcium supplements, or fertilizer)


Talaraine t1_jcysetc wrote

This was super uplifting until:

"Bullfighting will also not be affected by the legal changes."

I think my eyes just rolled out of my head.


_Rioben_ t1_jcysnwg wrote

Well, ive been in spain for 32 years, I guess you know better ?

We have to differenciate though, most people like "encierros" which is what's done for example in "San Fermines", but most, specially under 40 are absolutely NOT ok with the animal cruelty that's executed in "corridas de toros".

Animal cruelty is more normal in small towns far from the cities, but judging spain as a whole for that would be like judging the us as a whole because it still has sundown towns in the south.


Pupgradek9 t1_jcyt9re wrote

It's a big problem and one that I think is relatively unknown (at least in the US). I'd be willing to bet that the number of dogs who suffer like this outnumber bulls for bullfighting in Spain.

At the same time it's an issue that is sort of behind closed doors. It's not something that's happening in the heart of the city, much like how livestock/meat production type things are away from the public.


Courin t1_jcyxnfu wrote

I had such hopes for the galgos and podencos until I read this excludes hunting dogs. :(


farnswoggle t1_jcz0qdz wrote

Tradition is one of the shittiest concepts humans have come up with. As if there is intrisic value in something just because it's been done for a long time.

You can have a good tradition, and a bad tradition. The fact that it is a tradition has zero bearing on its merits.


cittatva t1_jczqzvt wrote

Editing to make a distinction between whatever the duck is going on in Spain and the way hunting dogs are treated in Texas: A good hunting dog takes years to train. It’s all about building a working relationship with the dog, and the dogs fucking LOVE hunting. Not to say there aren’t horrible people in the world that abuse dogs, but that’s not hunting, that’s animal abuse. To equate that with hunting is disingenuous at best. A good bird dog, for example, is trained to run around in a field with a bell on its collar and smell out birds. When it finds the birds, it stops and stands at attention, pointing, and waits for command. The hunter approaches and commands the dog to go in and flush the birds up. The bird flies up, the hunter shoots, the dog then collects the bird and brings it back to the hunter. Usually the dog is rewarded with the tasty entrails, feet and head of the bird, and they’re very happy dogs. They get to run around with their people, do rewarding work, and get tasty bird treats.


ES_Legman t1_jczsdhx wrote

Legality doesn't mean it has wide support amongst all the population. There is a lot of money involved in it and it's mostly fueled by certain families and wealthy conservative people.

Most people under 40 or 50 are not supporting it. Many don't care, but it is not as widely supported as it was 30 or 40 years ago.


Pupgradek9 t1_jczu6yq wrote

Yes, that's because they're seen as partners/companions here not tools.

The culture around dogs in the US is very different from MANY parts of the world, especially places that have large populations of street dogs or dogs who fill their natural role as a scavenger on the fringes. It's super interesting to study.


userbrn1 t1_jd06q14 wrote

Redditors will be enlightened rational atheists about everything in politics and then when you ask them why laws are different for dogs and cows it's pure feelings. There's no scientific basis for the belief that dogs are more conscious, more sentient, more intelligent, and more capable of emotion than cows. And yet the hypocrisy in the laws bothers almost nobody


deathhead_68 t1_jd0mptz wrote

Thats right, that makes it fine. I've never seen an animal actually get slaughtered in the humane way I'm imagining, but I know it definitely happens.

Its ok to kill someone if it doesn't hurt them!


mboswi t1_jd21jy4 wrote

So... you are telling me legality doesn't mean wide support, like population do not have the possibility to change legality by voting parties which do not support bullfighting or actually support banning it.

If people in some places don't give a fuck about bullfighting this same people is actually supporting it, since the very moment their passiveness allow it to keep existing. That's why the regulation changes from communities to communities. Go to Galicia and try to organize such a event, and tell me what happens, for example.


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_jd3efqj wrote

That's pretty well known. But there are burgers made from sirloin from high grade grazing cows, and burgers made from off cuts, cartilage, and tendons from locked up cows with low grade meat... like what's in basically all fast food.


TopTheropod t1_jdl9pt4 wrote

Up to 3 years? Should be double digit jail time..


FL_Squirtle t1_jdpjls5 wrote

I'm not vegan but I am a vegetarian. Working towards being vegan but like.... maybe chill a bit? You have no idea who I am, let alone the appreciation I have for every single life around me down to the fly that most would swat away. Take a breathe and know there are many who care just as much as you do and are working towards true change ❤️💙


DinosRoar t1_jdq6922 wrote

Literally copy paste this comment to respond to your one above and think about how you'd react.

"Bull runs are animal abuse" = claps all around. "Gas Chambers are animal abuse" = whoa maybe chill a bit.