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alnyland t1_jcybnqs wrote

But it talked to me like they knew what I was going through more than me.

I was originally going to wait until at least most of season 3 was released to watch it. I have now watched it twice since last weds. It hit me right where I needed it and I’m pushing away all the poopeh. Doing as Jamie says, and I’m already more productive.


DaoFerret t1_jcyv88f wrote

It’s amazing how positive and consistently good the show has been.

I’m holding out hope the shows nails it’s “landing” (finale), but for some reason, I’m not so worried (especially since I think they decided to end it after the third season, instead of just being surprised by a cancellation).


daltontf1212 t1_jcyz4o3 wrote

The show does have a positive effect on me as silly as that sounds. Ted's positivity is "over the top" but it shows that positivity can have a disarming effect on those hostile to you. Add to it that it also shows that "happy" people can be also dealing with with problems like anxiety.


critias12 t1_jcyuo5i wrote

The good place made me not feel depressed while it was on. Such a good show


RisenPhantom t1_jcyxibh wrote

Coach Beard's episode in season 2 was pretty depressing ngl


Timmichanga1 t1_jcz2w7m wrote

That's ok though. It would be a lie if every episode was happy-silly-jokey time one liners. Beards episode to me showed that it's okay to have ups and downs. Even really high highs and low lows. It doesn't make you any less valuable.


RisenPhantom t1_jczc8nk wrote

For sure, I love that the writers took that risk and made a 180 in tone with that episode.


rachface5and3 t1_jd3o0yu wrote

Schitt’s Creek, The Good Place, Ted Lasso, and Trying (also on Apple TV+) are the most heartwarming, real shows for me. We have really come into an amazing time for television.


djstevefog t1_jcyg8p4 wrote

If Biden wants to promote better mental health he can promote a healthcare system that would ensure all Americans had access to said services, not host a bunch of actors at the WH.


Grisward t1_jcyota0 wrote

Biden should just not let the GOP stop every piece of legislation they want to stop. /s

Where have you been? In NC our state still hasn’t expanded Medicare, even though it would clearly save the state and its citizens much money. There is no logic to it.


assjackal t1_jcyypkl wrote

But then how could good and bad paying jobs alike hold their employees health hostage? /s


Grisward t1_jcz8dtx wrote

Yeah I hear you, and hear the sarcasm.

Just to add to your thought, I originally didn’t think employers really wanted to hold their employees health hostage.

That’s clearly untrue in plenty of cases (due respect to people who have this lived experience). If people could retain quality healthcare even moving to a new position, employers would have to do other things to influence them to stay. It doesn’t affect all companies, but a fair percentage.

I guess I didn’t understand why state legislators would care enough. I thought more people were employees than employers, and maybe that’s just not true in the majority of highly rural counties in NC. Lots of small businesses, where even the employees want low employer costs so their positions (underpaid as they are) still exist. Low pay is still better than no pay.

All that said, this is why it’s a decision to be made at a high level and not low level. High level sees value overall, and can (and tries to) provide extra funding where it is most needed.


LordFauntloroy t1_jcz94bb wrote

Most people don’t vote and most that do vote either alongside their friends or alongside the angry man on the TV/radio. They’re minimally informed or misinformed and won’t seek out positions of throes they help elect. It’s a huge issue in any democracy but especially bad in the US. I’m guilty as well.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczbdtp wrote

"Biden should just not let the GOP stop every piece of legislation they want to stop."

Exactly how does that work?


briaen t1_jczm2zw wrote

Republicans vote against everything so democrats can’t do anything they promised since they don’t have a majority. When they did have a majority one democrat, for no reason at all, started voting with republicans. Weird how that works and nothing can ever get done.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczos99 wrote

News flash. It isn't just Republicans doing it. Democrats vote down everything Republican where I live - I see it every day. This is the sad fact when it comes to two leading parties. It's always a pissing match between the two instead of shooting for bipartisan efforts that positively affect the people they serve.


RobotPidgeon t1_jczwb3g wrote

"Why won't the Dems just compromise with the people trying to roll back protections for the environment and vulnerable people??"

Have you considered that it's not quite equal?


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczxnne wrote

Equal? What does that mean? What on this fucked up planet is equal? And when I posted, I'm saying that I literally see it every day. This has nothing to do with the people. It has to do with "you lend me support for my fucked up bill and maybe I'll entertain yours when it hits this side of the capitol building".

I'm not republican or democrat. I'm saying that it's fucked up on both sides and when it comes to "business" it's never "equal". Every vote has an agenda behind it.


CurseofLono88 t1_jd05ug9 wrote

Fuck the both sides are the same bullshit.

Do you have someone in your life that you care about who is a woman? Lgbtq? A POC? Maybe you have a kid or niece or nephew you don’t want working in a deregulated factory at the age of 14? Maybe you have family who has been negatively effected by business deregulations leading health issues? Has your community or a community of one of your loved ones been damaged because of a school shooting? Maybe you know an immigrant family that’s been torn apart? Are you or someone you care about a veteran? Do you want access to legal marijuana? A higher minimum wage? Higher taxes on the ultra rich?

If any of these things apply to you, remember republicans are consistently voting against you and your loved ones and they WANT to push the message that Democrats are just as bad as them so you don’t vote, your only real power as a citizen, so you get crushed and fucked by the system. Then you start spreading the “both sides are equally as bad” message because you feel hopeless and helpless.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jd06v6o wrote

I just said I’m not Republican or Democrat. I’m speaking about the tactics that politicians use to do business. I also never said I don’t vote. Stop putting words in my mouth and making the assumption that I’m some sort of Republican that you have to talk down off the ledge. Jesus.


Grisward t1_jd0r4bq wrote

But seriously, we’re none of those issues important to you? They covered a pretty wide range of topics.


briaen t1_jczwdm9 wrote

That was the point. I’ll get hammered for it but neither side really wants to fix the wedge issues because what scare tactics would they run on? When one party has the majority they find some heel to vote against it. Republicans did the same with “repeal and replace”.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczxwbg wrote

We are in agreement.


briaen t1_jd2iyac wrote

Yup. The simpleton ideologues misunderstood my first comment and upvoted it. 😂


Grisward t1_jd0rv6j wrote

To be clear, the “/s” means the statement is sarcasm.

Obviously Biden can’t prevent Republicans from stopping legislation. Recently their main tactic is to filibuster any Senate bill. The rules of the Senate are weird, they decide during each session, and none of their rules are specifically described in the Constitution. So it’s odd that some bills can pass with simple majority, others require 60 or more votes in favor, and some only require a minority to filibuster. I don’t really get it.


TheBeTalls t1_jcz0z3k wrote

You mean by signing this healthcare? law

Also, he’s the president, not a wizard. He can’t snap his fingers and make republicans magically stop obstructing.


djstevefog t1_jcz3q40 wrote

Medicare 4 All would cover everyone but Biden has gone on record saying he'd veto such legislation.

I don't want to hear republican roadblock excuses. Dems held the WH Assembly and Senate for 2 years.


Dredmart t1_jczm2l5 wrote

>I don't want to hear republican roadblock excuses. Dems held the WH Assembly and Senate for 2 years.

With a slim majority and two democrats that obstructed everything. You really don't know what you're talking about.


lovdagame t1_jcz64a2 wrote

Tell us you have a surface level understanding on hiw the US gov. Works without ACTUALLY just saying it^

INSERT > I did this meme here


djstevefog t1_jcz69jo wrote

I've probably worked on more campaigns than you have but please enlighten me.


doglywolf t1_jczfwsj wrote

Or a health care system that flag people with mental issue and helps them. He would be a prime candidate to come clean with that himself .


EMdesigns t1_jczp1lb wrote

Part of that is convincing people to actually understand and use it, which this show does. It presents mental health as something everyone deals with, that isn't scary. I assume that mental health care support has been blocked by members of the government. Getting citizens to understand the need for such services, and to contact their government officials can change that.
Government officials won't support it if they think that won't help them stay in office. Awareness always helps, even if only a little bit.


djstevefog t1_jd4oj4a wrote

Joe Biden doesn't support the human right to healthcare so it's great for him to convince me to get help that I cannot afford!


adeiinr t1_jcys9dl wrote

He could also help us from impending doom while ruining the environment with the willow project. Many mental health issues I'm dealing with are related to bad administration choices.


FindTheRemnant t1_jcywo51 wrote

If your mental health is totally dependent on the policies of the US govt, then you've set yourself up for trouble. Externalizing the sources of your discontent with issues that you have zero power over is a losing strategy for mental health.

I encourage you to cut back on your time spent on these subjects, and refocus on things nearer to you. Friends, family, your neighbors.


Lazar_Taxon t1_jczatgz wrote

The sources of people's discontent are largely external: they're the material and social conditions in which they live. Workers' productivity has gone up but they can no longer afford to buy a home or raise a family, while market logic eats away at the fabric of human connection and friendship, and people aren't supposed to feel bad about it? Imagine telling a Victorian child laborer not to "externalize" her discontent to the fact that she's working 12 hours every day in a factory, since she has zero power over it.


miniaturizedatom t1_jd050xe wrote

Minimising the degree to which our mental health is impacted by the systems of oppression that structure out society is not wholesome, and invalidating someone else’s struggles when you know nothing of their life is like, Bad Mental Health Practice 101. You’re simply trotting out self-reliance/individualist rhetoric dressed up as mental health advice.


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Simply_Epic t1_jcyk1vk wrote

If Biden wanted to promote better mental health, his entire party would ensure that transgender people cannot be denied access to recommended healthcare on the basis of their age or gender identity.


muhaski t1_jcz051g wrote

He did. It was part of the afordable health care act and Trump removed it. Biden put it back and added additional protections.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcxpnwj wrote

Celebrity led promotions of TV shows are what mentally ill people need, not funding for care 👍


artaru t1_jcy5c0b wrote

It wasn't too long ago that mental illness were dismissed as only a condition that weak-minded people have, not a real serious condition that deserves treatment and research. Public awareness is an important part of consciousness raising.

We should laud when pieces of media actually do an ok job in helping make invisible problems salient, which is what Ted Lasso has done (to whatever extents is up to your judgment).


Certain_Yam_110 t1_jd0vybm wrote

Who's NOT aware mental illness is not serious?

Less awareness, more action, more funding.


usernameBS t1_jd1plqp wrote

May want to read about shell shocked soldiers during WW1


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcy66iv wrote

Pure cope, this is an ad for a TV show conducted by our political leaders


mero8181 t1_jcy7cl3 wrote

Your point? There is not much he can do honestly


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcy8h8o wrote

He's the president of the USA. Are you serious?

Pretty negative and cynical thing to express around here


shotputlover t1_jcyaqhy wrote

This is the bully pulpit the president has. Tell me you don’t know what powers the president has without telling me. Smh. Go back to civics class and learn who legislates.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyo4lq wrote

Didn't we elect this guy in part because of his awesome relationships in the senate?

I bet Joe Manchin would have been much more agreeable if the Biden DoJ were on top of his daughter for that little Epipen thing.

Stop making excuses, he's the prez, "the buck stops here"


mero8181 t1_jcycvl4 wrote

Yeah, none of which is make new laws. He can only operate under current laws. Hence student loan forgiveness is in the courts.


mero8181 t1_jcylx10 wrote

Yeah, none of which is make new laws. He can only operate under current laws. Hence student loan forgiveness is in the courts.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyos7t wrote


mero8181 t1_jcyylcx wrote

You realize the things you link prove my point right? The build back better, was an agenda that had to go through congress. Executive orders are not new laws, they are operating within the current laws. Hence why some orders get haltes by judges.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyzo88 wrote

I don't think they do.

It was a failed agenda that was publically destroyed by his own party. Everyone understood in 2020 before Biden took office that all roads led through Joe Manchin. That Biden The Senate Whisperer or whatever didn't sit down with him and Sinema week one and find out what they wanted to play ball is political malpractice. He totally failed to use any leverage, which he undoubtedly had

Executive orders seem a lot like laws when you are subject to them, I think you will find


mero8181 t1_jd30xhx wrote

Okay, it was a fail agenda? Your point? Why did it fail? Because of congress.......Thus president had to power to pass it. He could only convince people to vote for it, but can't force them


Executive orders are not laws, if they feel like it then blames congress.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jd31pbi wrote

It failed because the guy who came up with it did a shit job getting anything passed, is my point. He didn't use his power at all, he punted.


mero8181 t1_jd326j4 wrote

He had no power, he can't tell them what to do. They can change the agenda, but the sole power to pass it was in congress. He can only cheerlead.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jd32juu wrote

Excuse making

Like I said, if he was serious about "cheerleading" Manchin on board, he could "cheerleaded" his DoJ to start investigating his kid for the Epipen thing as leverage on Manchin

President of USA had no power, are you listening to yourself? Why then was it so important to vote blue no matter who/against Trump?

Funny, when Trump is running, then the presidency is of VITAL IMPORTANTANCE but when Biden couldn't get jack shit passed through a dem congress, then he has NO POWER

Get real man


mero8181 t1_jd33759 wrote

Because the President can veto or sign laws. You still need him. However, Congress needs to do their job first. With Congress split it becomes less important that he was voted in.

I never said he has no power, but he can't make laws.

And congrats you finalize realize congress is made up on individuals, not parties. Doesn't matter if a person is a Dem or Republican. They are individuals who can vote how they want.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jd3dm1c wrote

"He had no power" - you, above, verbatim

They can vote how they want but the pres has a ton of power to influence their votes


Coyote_Will t1_jcyxrkh wrote

Are you American? You should know that the president can’t do anything if the laws don’t make it through our messed up congress and senate


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyy6pu wrote

I am, which is exactly how I know that what you just said is a totally false, the presidency has a ton of power, including exec actions, hello mcfly


spacewalk__ t1_jcyhte8 wrote

the president actually has no power at all so it's fine to do nothing!


mcnello t1_jcxsnnw wrote

It may not actually be an effective substitute for real medical care/treatment but it will generate publicity and may translate into more votes for team blue, so it must be a win for overall society, right?


tinaxbelcher t1_jcyirj6 wrote

Studies have been done before on racists who watched a show with a main character as a person of color. And the results were there. After watching the show, the subjects were more accepting of people of color because they found a way to identify with the character. They found that it's a first step in sympathizing with an "outgroup". This is a great example of the benefits of parasocial relationships. With the way media is ingrained in our society, this is a step in the right direction in terms of normalizing mental health issues.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcy59wh wrote

I fear that is how the thinking goes - window dressing like this somehow manifests robust public policy (decades later?)


mero8181 t1_jcy78i0 wrote

Yes, exactly. Or until people start to actually vote for and care about the bodies of government that can actually make changes. The house and Senate are the 2 most powerful bodies, yet people think the president can wave a wand and boom we have universal healthcare.


mero8181 t1_jcxwp5r wrote

Yes, Possibley. There are many people who don't think its weak or what ever to get mental healthcare. That they don't see it as the same thing as physical care.

Also, what the heck do you think the president can do? Want more funding? Vote for Senators and Representatives that align. The president can't do much.


King_Swift21 t1_jcy58wn wrote

Fax, people need to realize Presidents can't always make unilateral decisions, vote for your local and state representatives that align with your views and get more things do.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcy55ge wrote

Learned helplessness?

President has tons of power, are you listening to yourself? Bully pulpit? Whats that


mero8181 t1_jcy70cl wrote

They do, but not to make healthcare free or change any laws. The house and Senate are the 2 most powerful bodies in government.

The president power really comes into play after laws are passed.

He cant create programs, make laws. He can only operate within the laws.


Groundbreaking_War52 t1_jcy5gdy wrote

It is entirely possible that Biden will use this as an opportunity to announce additional resources being allocated for mental health services...


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcy6byh wrote

Get back to me if that happens. Seriously.


Groundbreaking_War52 t1_jcy7g4c wrote

From the original story:

>Biden has previously called on lawmakers in both parties to expand resources to fight the “mental health crisis” in the nation as part of his “ unity agenda.” His administration has surged funding to bolster the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline and expand school-based mental health professionals.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcy8bvs wrote

Why wait until his party has lost control of Congress? This show has been on for years.


vasya349 t1_jcydbc9 wrote

Notably Biden got like two trillion dollars in spending new spending authorized during that two year period. You’re being obnoxiously contrarian for no reason.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyjanl wrote

Dodged the question, why wait?

How much toward health care, social services, mental health?

Cite a source!


vasya349 t1_jcykwy2 wrote

Do it yourself lol


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcynems wrote

Where I am from, those making claims bear the burden of proof, see


vasya349 t1_jcynkzb wrote

Where I’m from, we don’t entertain people not acting in good faith.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyntyx wrote

Sounds like ad hominem because you can't back up your claim


vasya349 t1_jcynzp0 wrote

You don’t know what ad hominem means.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyozm4 wrote

Against the person, you intimated I am not acting in good faith, whatever that means in this context, that's against me, not my argument QED


vasya349 t1_jcysmjn wrote

This has to be satire…


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyy0xt wrote

No, ad hominem is speech that addresses the identity of the speaker (like if their faith is good or bad, again, whatever that could possibly mean here) and in that sense could even be complimentary

"A person as beautiful as you should come up with a better argument than that" for example


Groundbreaking_War52 t1_jcybgsj wrote

The additional funding has been a priority for the life of his administration. They are probably using the premiere of the final season as an opportunity to maximize attention on the issue.

Also, this sub is called Uplifting News - you lost?


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyjl53 wrote

Might as well be called comforting and delusional spin when it comes to this story

Maximize attention = an ad for a TV show

How about maziming some concrete benefits for the unwell? Off the table huh


Dorocche t1_jcyl4vc wrote

His party hasn't had control of Congress since 2009 because of the filibuster. Not for big important things like fixing the healthcare system, anyway.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcynnam wrote

No, the rules which allow the procedural fillibuster are set by a simple majority, which the dems had in both houses. QED, they could have passed anything they wanted.

Dems love to tie themselves up in knots as some kind of auto-kinbaku and proclaim they are helpless, just helpless! The parliamentarian said we can't! etc

This is an ad for a TV show, sucker


Ikarus124 t1_jcydttv wrote

The Biden administration has approved hundreds of millions of dollars to expand access to mental healthcare, but by all means, please make a sassy comment based on nothing. Public displays of awareness on a large scale like this are a vital component of getting people help.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyj7zu wrote

Cite a source , speaking of being based on nothing

And then I will ask if one can say the same about his predecessor 😎


Ikarus124 t1_jcythtw wrote

“Speaking of being based on nothing”, that is not an appropriate response since it was based on fact, nice try though. Google it, as you should have done originally.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jcyxro0 wrote

"You should google support for my argument"


Ikarus124 t1_jczxrqg wrote

Its not an argument, it’s a fact. The sky is blue, shall I list my sources? It’s not my job to educate you. You posted an ill informed comment. Spend less time on Reddit and more time researching the topics you feel compelled to comment on.


PigeonsArePopular t1_jd2g9r0 wrote

It's a fact in support of an argument and if you are too cool/lazy to find it, that's on you

Other dude came through. Sorry you are so tired


Loggerdon t1_jcyirc4 wrote

Didn't the star of Ted Lasso have his wife served divorce papers while she was on stage at the Sundance Film Festival last year?


MugillacuttyHOF37 t1_jcyojlg wrote

Yes, she was apparently cheating on him with two different men while he was filming this show in England. That's the rumor that was floating around, but only she and the Styles dude know the truth.


Loggerdon t1_jcyoxm8 wrote

Just doesn't make me think "Let's get THIS guy to promote "mental health".


MugillacuttyHOF37 t1_jcyppl5 wrote

Does he suffer from mental health issues in real life? I haven't seen the show to know wether or not its a focal point or episode covering mental health.


420_69_mmm t1_jcycvpc wrote

This is like smelling food when you’re hungry, except it’s healthcare


coredweller1785 t1_jcyteav wrote

How about funding mental health or universal healthcare instead. Just another performance measure to distract.


DaoFerret t1_jcywwuw wrote

I expect the President should really wave his magic wand and get Congress to budget full coverage to fund mental health and universal healthcare, right?

Go elect more Congress people who actually support your issues and care and they might get funded.

(Don’t forget to vote for them in Primaries so they are there to vote for in the General Election)


coredweller1785 t1_jcyz1mo wrote

The president supported a public option where is that? Why is he not using his bully pulpit for his own plans and yet are silent. It's just a sad joke of performative gestures that a lot of us are sick of. Do something instead.

Trust me the local dsa and i spend a lot of time on parts 2 and 3 of your post don't worry about that.


DaoFerret t1_jcyzxk2 wrote

Right now, with the way Congress is divided, there is zero chance of a public option passing into law.

The President only has so much political capital that he can spend. Spending that political capital on something guaranteed not to happen seems like a bad idea, unless there is nothing else left to spend it on.


coredweller1785 t1_jcz0kf4 wrote

I disagree, Let's put the pressure on. That's why it's called using your bully pulpit. And right now biden not really using it. I hate trump but he did a much better job at using his bully pulpit. Next FDR? OK then show us, FDR used his bully pulpit better than anyone.

Just look at what Bernie is doing with his senate appointments. It's working and will work. Tired of giving passes to situations like this. No thats wrong, it's time to fight and push.


toomeynd t1_jczfmvf wrote

Want to take a guess as to how Biden is trying to bring the conversation to the forefront in a way that doesn't immediately piss off the other side? I'll give you a hint, it's at the top of this page.


coredweller1785 t1_jcziu7d wrote

Pissing off the other side? Why does that matter. Republicans could give 2 caps about that. Like I said time to be forceful the American people want it let's put the pressure on.

Look at the Texas just trying to hide the abortion pill access case bc of the protests. Only way things get better through history is to push and fight for them.


70697a7a61676174650a t1_jd0fg6x wrote

Redditors can’t admit he squandered 2 years of congressional majorities. He didn’t once put pressure on Manchin and Sinema when there was still time to get things done.


downonthesecond t1_jczbuio wrote

I thought people were tired of celebrities getting involved with the government.


rooftopfilth t1_jcyamna wrote

If your therapist is like the therapist on Ted Lasso…maybe get a new therapist.

She lets him follow her home! Inside her home! No boundaries whatsoever! The romance will-they-won’t-they that the show is setting up is completely inappropriate. You do not hang out with former clients and you definitely do not romantically engage with them. I will stop watching if he gets over his ex by boning his therapist.

The job of a good therapist is to build relationship and support your needs wherever you’re going. It’s not to smack you in the face with Hard Truths About Yourself that you’re not ready to hear. I suspect the clinicians who do practice this way have some unmet needs regarding dominance and control.

And my last complaint about her is that while I don’t know the ethics codes for sports psychologists, many therapists try to avoid seeing people who are close friends (with each other) for individual therapy as it can cause a conflict of interest, or it can be hard for the clients. It’s not always possible but this is why many teams just contract out for an EAP rather than having just one person on staff.


DhroovP t1_jcymcju wrote

There is no 'will-they-won't-they' romance between Ted and Doc


AcxiDenTe t1_jd028i9 wrote

Agreed - I've never detected even a slight hint of romantic tension, in any way


Citadelvania t1_jd02srb wrote

lol seriously what are they talking about? He's just being super nice like he always is and she's being a therapist who is doing her best to set strict boundaries with a person who tends to be very touchy feely with everyone.


as1126 t1_jcyb81l wrote

I strongly suggest you don't watch "Shrinking," as the therapist in that show invites one of his patients to move in with him, while continuing treatment. It's identified by everyone around him as a terrible idea, but he maintains it anyway. The show is great, by the way, but if you had a problem with "Doc" on Ted Lasso, you're going to absolutely hate Jimmy in "Shrinking."


mikepictor t1_jcyxp39 wrote


That therapist sets stronger boundaries than any other tv therapist I’ve ever seen.


rooftopfilth t1_jd1ztwq wrote

The bar is in the basement… also dude you do not invite your clients inside if they follow you home


Handlesmcgee t1_jcyo88x wrote

I get it but this is the equivalent of an astronaut loosing there mind at the terrible depiction of space in dark phoenix. Like she’s not trying to be a genuine depiction of proper therapy she’s a plot device to help Ted overcome his challenges of the season. It’s a show about a football team without any football in it having drinks with the therapist was just a way to change locations and how the dialogue plays out


iamwhoiwasnow t1_jcycg1t wrote

Now I hope they do hook up just because of this sensitive comment


time_lordy_lord t1_jcypidv wrote

Oh boy. Do NOT watch Shrinking then. But you do raise a valid point. TV shows like these, while meaning well, might cause to have an unrealistic view about therapy. In the show the players immediately get over whatever hang up they had with ONE session. I don't really know how therapy works but that's probably not how


beef-medallions t1_jczk4vc wrote

Maybe Biden could improve Americas mental health by spending our tax dollars on things that actually improve our lives.


Citadelvania t1_jd03aw4 wrote

...that's not the job of the president? Since when does the president choose how tax dollars are spent?

I mean "power of the purse" is explicitly a congressional power and when Biden tried to cancel student loans (which strictly speaking isn't actually giving money it's more like declining to ask for owed money) he got sued and it got stopped because he's explicitly not allowed to dictate how tax dollars are spent.


gravitywind1012 t1_jczejsg wrote

It’s the only tv show that makes me feel exponentially better after watching an episode. Like a dose of happiness each and every time.


HydraHamster t1_jd1dyq9 wrote

This is the same political party that is allowing and encouraging people to groom young children into being LGBTQ+ (mainly transgender) while demonizing parents and worried people who are fighting against it. What parent want their child reading the Gay-B-C’s and Gender Queer? Those are the type of books parent fought to get banned and the liberal media demonized them for it while not even giving them a voice to defend themselves. Democrats have some nerve to pretend like they care about mental health. They care more about what’s best for increasing the profit for big pharma than anything.

And I say this as a long time Democrat voter who is now regretting their vote.


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jedidoesit t1_jczgvvd wrote

Can someone give me the synopsis of what Ted Lasso is about and what you like about it.


Unikatze t1_jczuj8a wrote


A woman divorces her husband.

Her husband is a multi-millionaire who owns a football (soccer) team in the UK. The woman gets to keep the team as part of the divorce settlement and since it's the one thing he truly loved, decides to destroy it.

To do so she hires a new Head Coach, Ted Lasso, who's a small time Football (as in American Football) coach from the US who has absolutely no clue about how Soccer works.

But it turns out he's basically like all the feel good coaches you see in movies. He's very good at his job and is super likeable.

The show in general is just really funny and very feel-good.
Ted is just stupidly lovable.


jedidoesit t1_jczuvve wrote

Oh wonderful, I'm so excited to see it now. Thank you for taking the time to explain it.


Unikatze t1_jcztw78 wrote

I recently watched Season 1 and can't think of any other show that's made me feel like that one did.

I was mostly grinning the entire time, it's such a feel good show.


mordiaken t1_jd01xdz wrote

Fix shit not host TV shit.


Lrobbo314 t1_jd0tj8e wrote

Good to see the US is so out of problems that he has time for this nonsense.


floodedyouth t1_jd2wwuf wrote

Imagine if you were starving and the president said "hey are you hungry? Well me and a celebrity are gonna talk about food! It's gonna help a lot"


Newish_Username t1_jczx8pd wrote Hunter going to be there? Crack isn't good for mental health.


cote112 t1_jcywowh wrote

Solid move using a show for the people who have enough money to pay for Apple TV who also likely have money for private therapists.


86Tiger t1_jd0d5bz wrote

Wait, are you telling me that mentally ill homeless man shitting under a viaduct doesn’t watch Ted Lasso?? WTF?


DanTheBanHandler t1_jcy5x9v wrote

I'll ask the same question I always ask, who the fuck is Ted Lasso?


Timmichanga1 t1_jcz3krk wrote

Dan over just permanently confused about a lot of things for no reason other than to be a contrarian on site meant for time-wasting.