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Grisward t1_jcz8dtx wrote

Yeah I hear you, and hear the sarcasm.

Just to add to your thought, I originally didn’t think employers really wanted to hold their employees health hostage.

That’s clearly untrue in plenty of cases (due respect to people who have this lived experience). If people could retain quality healthcare even moving to a new position, employers would have to do other things to influence them to stay. It doesn’t affect all companies, but a fair percentage.

I guess I didn’t understand why state legislators would care enough. I thought more people were employees than employers, and maybe that’s just not true in the majority of highly rural counties in NC. Lots of small businesses, where even the employees want low employer costs so their positions (underpaid as they are) still exist. Low pay is still better than no pay.

All that said, this is why it’s a decision to be made at a high level and not low level. High level sees value overall, and can (and tries to) provide extra funding where it is most needed.


LordFauntloroy t1_jcz94bb wrote

Most people don’t vote and most that do vote either alongside their friends or alongside the angry man on the TV/radio. They’re minimally informed or misinformed and won’t seek out positions of throes they help elect. It’s a huge issue in any democracy but especially bad in the US. I’m guilty as well.