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TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczbdtp wrote

"Biden should just not let the GOP stop every piece of legislation they want to stop."

Exactly how does that work?


briaen t1_jczm2zw wrote

Republicans vote against everything so democrats can’t do anything they promised since they don’t have a majority. When they did have a majority one democrat, for no reason at all, started voting with republicans. Weird how that works and nothing can ever get done.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczos99 wrote

News flash. It isn't just Republicans doing it. Democrats vote down everything Republican where I live - I see it every day. This is the sad fact when it comes to two leading parties. It's always a pissing match between the two instead of shooting for bipartisan efforts that positively affect the people they serve.


RobotPidgeon t1_jczwb3g wrote

"Why won't the Dems just compromise with the people trying to roll back protections for the environment and vulnerable people??"

Have you considered that it's not quite equal?


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczxnne wrote

Equal? What does that mean? What on this fucked up planet is equal? And when I posted, I'm saying that I literally see it every day. This has nothing to do with the people. It has to do with "you lend me support for my fucked up bill and maybe I'll entertain yours when it hits this side of the capitol building".

I'm not republican or democrat. I'm saying that it's fucked up on both sides and when it comes to "business" it's never "equal". Every vote has an agenda behind it.


CurseofLono88 t1_jd05ug9 wrote

Fuck the both sides are the same bullshit.

Do you have someone in your life that you care about who is a woman? Lgbtq? A POC? Maybe you have a kid or niece or nephew you don’t want working in a deregulated factory at the age of 14? Maybe you have family who has been negatively effected by business deregulations leading health issues? Has your community or a community of one of your loved ones been damaged because of a school shooting? Maybe you know an immigrant family that’s been torn apart? Are you or someone you care about a veteran? Do you want access to legal marijuana? A higher minimum wage? Higher taxes on the ultra rich?

If any of these things apply to you, remember republicans are consistently voting against you and your loved ones and they WANT to push the message that Democrats are just as bad as them so you don’t vote, your only real power as a citizen, so you get crushed and fucked by the system. Then you start spreading the “both sides are equally as bad” message because you feel hopeless and helpless.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jd06v6o wrote

I just said I’m not Republican or Democrat. I’m speaking about the tactics that politicians use to do business. I also never said I don’t vote. Stop putting words in my mouth and making the assumption that I’m some sort of Republican that you have to talk down off the ledge. Jesus.


Grisward t1_jd0r4bq wrote

But seriously, we’re none of those issues important to you? They covered a pretty wide range of topics.


briaen t1_jczwdm9 wrote

That was the point. I’ll get hammered for it but neither side really wants to fix the wedge issues because what scare tactics would they run on? When one party has the majority they find some heel to vote against it. Republicans did the same with “repeal and replace”.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jczxwbg wrote

We are in agreement.


briaen t1_jd2iyac wrote

Yup. The simpleton ideologues misunderstood my first comment and upvoted it. 😂


Grisward t1_jd0rv6j wrote

To be clear, the “/s” means the statement is sarcasm.

Obviously Biden can’t prevent Republicans from stopping legislation. Recently their main tactic is to filibuster any Senate bill. The rules of the Senate are weird, they decide during each session, and none of their rules are specifically described in the Constitution. So it’s odd that some bills can pass with simple majority, others require 60 or more votes in favor, and some only require a minority to filibuster. I don’t really get it.