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CurseofLono88 t1_jd05ug9 wrote

Fuck the both sides are the same bullshit.

Do you have someone in your life that you care about who is a woman? Lgbtq? A POC? Maybe you have a kid or niece or nephew you don’t want working in a deregulated factory at the age of 14? Maybe you have family who has been negatively effected by business deregulations leading health issues? Has your community or a community of one of your loved ones been damaged because of a school shooting? Maybe you know an immigrant family that’s been torn apart? Are you or someone you care about a veteran? Do you want access to legal marijuana? A higher minimum wage? Higher taxes on the ultra rich?

If any of these things apply to you, remember republicans are consistently voting against you and your loved ones and they WANT to push the message that Democrats are just as bad as them so you don’t vote, your only real power as a citizen, so you get crushed and fucked by the system. Then you start spreading the “both sides are equally as bad” message because you feel hopeless and helpless.


TheArtOfEyewink t1_jd06v6o wrote

I just said I’m not Republican or Democrat. I’m speaking about the tactics that politicians use to do business. I also never said I don’t vote. Stop putting words in my mouth and making the assumption that I’m some sort of Republican that you have to talk down off the ledge. Jesus.


Grisward t1_jd0r4bq wrote

But seriously, we’re none of those issues important to you? They covered a pretty wide range of topics.