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MegamanD t1_jcz16pz wrote

Perhaps we should view healthcare as an investment in humanity instead of an expense.


fappywapple t1_jd0mykg wrote

But then how will we make billions for a handful of greedy CEOs and keep regular people stuck in the cycle of poverty for generations to come?


CharacterOtherwise77 t1_jcyseqz wrote

I'm not surprised. Marijuana is a great alternative to most illnesses where opioids are much too potent.


Dockhead t1_jcz03xo wrote

It’s a good alternative to fuckin cold medicine. Just get baked and it won’t bother you too much


LevyAtanSP t1_jcz1r4a wrote

Nauseous? Smoke some weed. Cancer? Smoke a lot of weed.


DefectiveLP t1_jcz2p41 wrote

Not high? Well buddy do I have the solution.


T1res1as t1_jd0fylb wrote

Sure you can make rope, paper and all kinds of stuff from the cannabis plant, but did you know you can also get high from it?


canastrophee t1_jcz2px2 wrote

Not a cancer patient, but weed is likely the reason I'm eating anything at all this morning.


Marina_Maybe t1_jcz3w19 wrote

Same. Gastroparesis here, mmj keeps me off a feeding tube.


canastrophee t1_jcz4igi wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis for me. I woke up at 530 this morning to throw up bile and am just now eating yogurt.


daveisamonsterr t1_jczr65l wrote

My wife has ra. She gets infusions regularly that make her sick, but it helps the inflammation.


canastrophee t1_jczrke2 wrote

I have to make an appointment, but I have to get through stuff like taxes first. This happens maybe once a month, I'm just extra salty about it today.


daveisamonsterr t1_jczrw3i wrote

I applaud anyone that can suffer like that and continue on.


canastrophee t1_jcztcvb wrote

No disrespect to your wife, but this isn't my first chronic pain condition and it's honestly a relief after shoveling through my mental shit. This, at least, has a possible lab diagnostic and straightforward, if uncomfortable, treatment options. The real champ is my mom who pulled off full time teaching as well as 90% of the housework while diagnosed and unmedicated. We've got some things to work out, but that is an objectively difficult achievement.


Marina_Maybe t1_jd0fhqn wrote

Oh dear, I'm sorry. Please don't take this as a: "I have a magical cure despite not knowing anything about your medical history" as I hate that crap. I'll just say a close friend of mine was able to reduce her overall inflammation through a very low carb diet. I know that's not helpful for everyone, but I wanted to mention it just in case.


ofwgktaxjames t1_jd091nq wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis causes bile vomit? My wife does it in the morning and middle of the night a lot and we don’t know what it is


canastrophee t1_jd0agky wrote

It's more that the full-body inflammation peaks in the morning and I'm a later diagnosis, for a few reasons. Disclaimer that I haven't talked this part over with a doc yet. R/rheumatoid has more and better resources, if that's what she has.

What I'm assuming is happening is that as my stomach works through what I ate the night before, and then when the inflammation sets in in the early morning, it combines with my stomach acid to irritate the lining enough that I need to get rid of some of it. I always throw up a little bit, once or twice, and then immediately feel better. Once my stomach has settled enough to eat, I'm basically fine -- I just have a whiny bitch of a stomach, so it takes a while.


Flbudskis t1_jcz96h3 wrote

My friends mother, would say the munches helped her put down food she didnt want to eat during chemo/ cancer treatment. Sadly she passed shortly after her battle starter. But was interesting to hear her talk about how it helped for that reason.


Shorttail0 t1_jczer6p wrote

Eating weed might be better for nausea, though wasting the THC might be heresy.


Dockhead t1_jczkktv wrote

If you or someone you know grows, you have more than enough for that. I hand that shit out like it’s candy on Halloween


Ryanp356 t1_jczxosi wrote

Hell yeah growmie. I usually have plenty of trim to make a couple pounds of some potent ass butter after harvest, so it never feels like a waste anyways. But if you don't like to "waste" bud you could always invest in a dry herb vape, keep the used bud and just use that when you get enough. Don't even have to decarb


DrMooseknuckleX t1_jd0h7y6 wrote

Damn. I didn't know that about the dry herb vape leftovers.

Side note, one of my old work friends was the biggest stoner I have ever met. He had the travel mug bong befor Cabin in the Woods. He would make butter and just bring it to work in a margerine container and a loaf of bread for toast. We worked overnight (9PM-8AM) on Rock Band 2.


AllNamesAreTaken92 t1_jd0x6l8 wrote

Damn! Working on Rockband 2 with a friend while eating toast all night sounds fantastic!


soulstaz t1_jd0a5mf wrote

I rather eat it via brownies/cookie etc. I hate smoking it.


shipwreckedgirl t1_jd0klnp wrote

Unless it's lung cancer :( (rip my mom, she couldn't even switch to edibles because chemo made everything taste bad and my dad was too scared she'd fall if she got high while on meds, at least until she became immobile...)


trogbite t1_jczoitr wrote

Lmao when my roommate and I got covid, we pretty much just got baked the whole time and felt significantly better after like 3 days, it made it so much easier to just rest and recover


Dockhead t1_jczujn3 wrote

Also good god I got so much higher when I had covid. Idk why but that shit quadrupled the effects of weed


HelenAngel t1_jd0533w wrote

I have chronic pain due to systemic lupus & rheumatoid arthritis. Opiates make me severely nauseous so I used tons of NSAIDs which slowly ate away at my stomach lining. So then I was just in pain all the time.

When I moved to WA state where cannabis is legal, I finally got to experience a life without constant pain. Pain management with CBD, CBG, & THC has been positively life changing for me. From migraines to joint pain to even kidney stones, I can now live life without being in constant, horrible pain & it is genuinely so freeing.


IandIreckon t1_jcywix2 wrote

The pharmaceutical companies have always been one of the biggest opponents of legalization.


WCGWjoiningReddit t1_jczgap2 wrote

That's literally the only reason it is illegal.


xxSuperBeaverxx t1_jczizbl wrote

Don't forget the fact that it gives the US a convenient way to get lots of people locked up and forced into labor to keep US corporations competitive with those of other nations as well as bankroll the entire private prison industry.


Nidcron t1_jczofq9 wrote

Well, that and the paper industry, DuPont, and the whole conservative narrative about POC being violent junkies when using it.


DrMooseknuckleX t1_jd0hl8x wrote

Yeah, only drugs that are easy to abuse and OD on and we can sell at a 3,000% markup should be legal!

-Some pharm bro


Heroic_Sheperd t1_jczx3gz wrote

Medical marijuana shouldn’t go to these companies, it should be outright legal no restrictions so the pharmaceuticals can’t get a dollar from the people.


[deleted] t1_jczlfdx wrote

Well I can't grow Seroquel but I can easily grow weed.


DrMooseknuckleX t1_jd0i8bj wrote

You have to plant the Seroquel seed between the last 3 days of April and first 4 days of May. You want it to get reflected sun only and a humidity level of 69.420% exactly. Water it thrice daily with Monster Mango Energy Drink and Goldschlager.


Exile688 t1_jczex27 wrote

Big pharma companies are setting up Anti-marijuana "non-profit" organizations in states with medical marijuana.

"My child smoked Fentanyl laced pot and died. We must outlaw pot." -Paid for by pill company producing Fentanyl.


flavius_lacivious t1_jd1qeo1 wrote

The single fastest growing demographic for weed use is seniors and something like 80% of those using it for arthritis say it works better than prescription drugs.

They are going to have a tough time convincing thousands of retirees with weed cookie jars to give it up.

Also, alcohol consumption declined when weed is legalized.


Exile688 t1_jd28qh1 wrote

If the lobbyists get their way, old people's vote won't matter when the politicians change the laws to take their weed away. At that point they can go back to pills and shots or they can get the boot to their necks.

I've watched enough documentaries following weed dispensaries to know that all it takes is one law passed by any of the state, local mayor/city, the county, etc. to shut the whole thing down.

The only thing that will fight the pharma money is the big tobacco companies lobby money when they finally decide they want their share of the market.


ragingbologna t1_jd2gfs8 wrote

Illinois has set up the perfect grift (limiting licensing for dispensaries) and these rich assholes will never give up their cash cow.


HolyCloudNinja t1_jd2pfqk wrote

New Jersey is doing it too. A local applicant was approved in November of last year to look for retail space, but not even open. Just recently he was finally able to find retail space zoned properly that his conditional license would be valid in. The process is not only ridiculously lengthy and municipality-dependent in the state (townships were allowed to say no to retail stores when legalization started), and it's all based on arbitrary licensing approval in the first place. They claim they do so much for minorities with the program but outside of an individual or two, almost every dispensary, rec or med, is owned by a multi-state company.


dangitbobby83 t1_jd3btax wrote

In Illinois. I’ve switched to smoke shop cannabis. They even sell flower now - so much cheaper than “real” weed here. Where I lived we just finally opened a new dispensary, making the third one here. I’m hoping this will create a bit of a price war and lower some of the prices overall.


flavius_lacivious t1_jd3vpth wrote

I live in a legal weed state and go to a dispensary that’s been open over a year. There is a line out the door.

I don’t know if anyone who doesn’t use weed unless their jobs or medications prohibit it.


series_hybrid t1_jcyz2gb wrote

No shit. I am shocked, SHOCKED I say!

Who would have thought.


Sleep-system t1_jcz8fpf wrote

I completely ditched my Adderall (2x 20mg XR a day) for sativas. Durban Poison or Red Congolese give me the same focus with no anxiety, no harsh drop off and a pleasant background euphoria all day. It's completely insane this isn't ordinary prescribed medicine.


GldnRetriever t1_jczf5yz wrote

Damn I wish that worked for mine.

Sativas can send my anxiety skyrocketing and I lose any ability to focus on any strain.


Sleep-system t1_jczgvbv wrote

There are so many different strains, I doubt they'd all do that to you. Like I can't smoke the Jack Herer strain, it gives me a ton of anxiety and restlessness. And I'd never smoke Blue Dream as a sub for adderall because it would make me too spacey, even though it love it when I want that effect.

I'd track down Red Congo if you haven't already, that one is the best received from all the people I've suggested it to over the years.

And one caveat is that it helps a lot if you live in a place with dispensaries so you can get a steady supply of specific strains at consistent quality, otherwise the medicinal benefit probably won't be as strong.


doriangreysucksass t1_jd0lht2 wrote

I order from naked cannabis online and it arrives in 2-3 days! Tons of strains available!


doriangreysucksass t1_jd0l7ic wrote

I have insomnia from a traumatic brain injury and smoke indica to get to sleep. I’m also not supposed to drink with this ailment and I’m discovering that I love smoking indica as a replacement. Who knew when I was a kid trying pot (sativa) and thinking it made me too paranoid and avoiding it


GeneralizedFlatulent t1_jd00c89 wrote

If it gets legalized in absolutely trying this. If it gets legalized I could grow my own. With adhd meds there's always "it will cost so much money if I ever don't have insurance for some time" (has happened before, my answer tends to be to stop taking it) and also that you have to go to the doctor a lot to renew it


HolyCloudNinja t1_jd2pwd9 wrote

Don't be so sure on the growing, at least until federal level. NJ has legal purchase and possession but if you have a plant it's still illegal.


DonutGenocide t1_jd33p3d wrote

You can grow up to 4 of your own plants legally in Oregon.


HolyCloudNinja t1_jd3n001 wrote

Oregon is kind of an outlier in general with substance legislation. Didn't they decrim all user-amount possession of basically everything common? Regardless, my point is don't have too much hope about any new states allowing it.


jnemesh t1_jcz32xv wrote

Why do you think some states are fighting legalization? It cuts into the bottom line of the donors!


CuntsInSpace t1_jczq0kb wrote

I was once chatting with a disabled man in line at a medical dispensary. He told me his doctor dropped him as a patient because he stopped using fentanyl patches and started eating edibles.


jeanborrero t1_jcysycd wrote

So we now expect doctors to oppose marijuana legalization


Aalnius t1_jcz2ked wrote

probs not doctors but pharma companies. Doctors already have a ton of work to do.


upL8N8 t1_jczezej wrote

AFAIK, doctors do get kick backs from pharma companies for prescribing their drugs. A lot more doctors' offices are adding integrated pharmacies and are benefiting directly from drug sales. Then of course there's getting one's patients addicted for more follow up doctors visits.


Aalnius t1_jd0balm wrote

ahh tbh im from a country with universal healthcare so theres not really any of that. More patients just means more work for our doctors so they aren't looking to increase the amount.


HelenAngel t1_jd05prf wrote

I live in a state where it’s fully legal (WA) & my former doctor prescribed me specific strains of cannabis when I was having liver issues. It helped my liver heal itself, too. So at least in states where it’s legal, doctors use it as just one more thing they can use to help patients.


SFWaccount87 t1_jcz9sc3 wrote

No shit, If I could take Marijuana for my chronic pain, I would happily flush my hydrocodon down the toilet.


ZanyDragons t1_jd18pqg wrote

Same, if I tested for THC at my job I’d be fired but I have prescription pain medication that’s some days way stronger than I’d like (Ie sometimes I feel foggy and drowsy for an entire day afterwards) I don’t take the “big gun” pain meds more often than maybe once every 3-6 months, I’m fairly stable in my pain management unless my immune system goes crazy and I get really sick or I’ve pushed myself far beyond what I should’ve essentially, but I hate the cloud of mental fog following it around for sooo long afterwards.

As far as I’m concerned I’m all for medical research trying to make new pain meds, anti nausea meds, or muscle relaxers outta the stupid plant that fit a middle ground of pain relief between “900 mg of advil isn’t working at all” and “completely unconscious for 6 hours.” But 🙄 yknow.


HarkARC t1_jczrvad wrote

Just fucking legalize it everywhere. Medical AND recreational. Enough of being hamstrung by moronic, century-old policies.


HelenAngel t1_jd060p0 wrote

Completely agree with this. I feel so badly for others with chronic pain who can’t get access to cannabis because of how much it has helped me.


DamonFields t1_jczqopb wrote

Little wonder there is such resistance to cannabis legalization, it costs profiteering drug companies their blood money.


UNFAM1L1AR t1_jczckew wrote

Opioid abuse almost always starts off recreationally. Believe me I know I struggled for years. No one starts out thinking they're gonna be an addict ... they're gonna be that guy who figures out how to use it recreationally. It doesn't surprise me that having more options decreases the use. To me it's one of the best arguments for legalization.


doriangreysucksass t1_jd0lxnt wrote

You have a very valid point!!! Opioids are VERY ADDICTIVE whether or not you’re a believer in that. You use it a handful of times and all of a sudden there’s cravings


IandIreckon t1_jd1fk3w wrote

Always recreational?? Not quite. You get in an accident, have an injury and the Dr gives you a bottle of 120 Roxy with 4 refills. “Take responsibly” lol good luck


Ladymistery t1_jd1rl2q wrote

not quite

I take a mild one for migraines. I hate how they make me feel - but the pain goes away. I never have a craving for them if I don't take them.


UNFAM1L1AR t1_jd4xpoo wrote

I thought I put 'almost always' ... always is almost always a bad idea to use absolutely. Updating. Thank you!!


doriangreysucksass t1_jd0k9es wrote

This is wonderful!! Marijuana is relatively harmless while opioids are extremely addictive and chalk full of side effects. Small positive changes!!!


theboblit t1_jczfy5p wrote

No wonder it’s so hard to get legalized.


tvcky69 t1_jd0ehhu wrote

Im fairly convinced they knew this would happen and that’s part of the reason why it was illegal for so long.


Tvmouth t1_jcyrbki wrote

Not enough junkies for these doctors to get paid.


MrSlime13 t1_jd0g14n wrote

But, but, muh "gateway"... Muh, "Stepping stone"...rabble-rabble-rabble.


Marzonick_141 t1_jd11ruo wrote

The stigma around weed has ruined the relationship of millions of youths and their parents because of the lie they were told by the government and religion. I will never get back the years I spent away from my parents because they're religious fruitcakes that think weed is car-fentynal and heroin. The fights I had with my parents over fucking weed and cigarettes. It was like I committed murder. I don't know what was more toxic; the carcinogens I inhaled or my parents wrath over a recreational substance. Fuck Nixon, and fuck Reagan for pushing crack in poor neighborhoods and putting weed next to heroin on a scale of illegality. They should've been the ones to get capped, not JFK.


PsychedelicHobbit t1_jczukkf wrote

Yeah, no shit. We all know why it’s illegal. We all know the benefits because we’ve been able to gauge that for ourselves illegally since all of us began using it. We know the risks too - and those typically are outweighed by the benefits for most of us. I’m sick of inaction when it comes to marijuana, especially in the Deep South. Looking at you, federal government. You can legalize it and benefit massively from the money generated through taxes, or I’ll just keep taking my money to the friendly guy down the road.


MagnificentBastard0 t1_jd02y9e wrote

Duh, restrict cannabis to prescription forms produced by Big Pharma. No sweat, since the War On Unprofitable Drugs marches on in some places.

Reminds me of Japanese soldiers on remote islands still fighting WW2 years after everyone else went home.


Haleodo t1_jd0s9wr wrote

Did you hear that, TX???? 😭

I’ve been on prescription opioids for almost a decade & I’m almost 30. I hate them & they make me feel awful. Weed helps with my chronic pain & suffering but I could go to jail & I have a family & little kids.

So embarrassed about my state’s hard-nose stance on this.


Gullible-Berry-1949 t1_jd0xh1u wrote

THE USA GOVT along with the early industry tycoons fed us all INSANE MADE UP BULLSHIT about cannabis like reefer madness and got everyone so fucking brainwashed by fear that they had the legal power to criminalize it alongside the truly wonderful hemp version. They KNEW the potential of this plant and targeted with absolute cold blooded precision to insure endless years of $$$and control over the people's of the world.

The amount of damage done to our own people/country world/ by this single event in history is absolutely incomprehensible. Everyone should and could have been growing there own God given God made plants to use for almost all there medical agricultural industrial needs and everything else inbetween! If I'm not mistaken OVER 40,000 KNOWN USES FOR IT!

ALSO PLEASE STOP CALLING IT MARIJUANA that was the slang name the US GOVT gave it in order to confuse and destroy this plant from what the people knew of/about it! CALL IT ITS BEAUTIFUL true name CANNABIS!!! hell anything but MARIJUNA don't give those fuckers the power by using their lie infested forced name!


trogbite t1_jczqi3f wrote

I wonder if insurance companies would profit more from covering medical cannabis over opiates, since cannabis is relatively cheap to produce. Like I wonder if they made the same type of deals with cannabis producers as they do with pharma companies, how their profits would change


WileyQuixote42 t1_jcztru2 wrote


I also hear that water quenches fire, and relying on nonrenewable resources is fucking stupid and shortsighted!


atdag93 t1_jczyu4y wrote

Won't someone think of the poor Opioid producers?!


Needleroozer t1_jczzqa6 wrote

Another news, the AMA redouble their efforts to battle Medical Marijuana.


phildh t1_jd0tvu3 wrote

I stayed clean(12+ years) from heroin because of cannabis, but the feds still say they’re same-same.


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Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_jczw5y6 wrote

I don't understand what an "opioid related payment" is?


Dreidhen t1_jczz790 wrote

>The authors highlighted that financial relationships between opioid manufacturers and physicians that prescribe opioids can be multi-faceted, with direct payments coming in the form of “consulting and speaker fees, conference travel reimbursements, or meal vouchers.”


Mmmcakey t1_jd1htbs wrote

Wait.. opioid manufacturers provide kick backs to doctors to prescribe their toxic drugs? Isn't that basically bribing them? How is this ethical?


qt_314159 t1_jd1uryh wrote

Weed helped me get off opioids. I broke my arm last year and was on a low dose of Percocet. When I started to ween myself off, I used gummies to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Even coming down from 10 mg, I felt like I had the worst flu of my life. Once I started taking gummies, I felt like myself again.


LadyLurkerHandz t1_jd2fx5r wrote

…if you were wondering ‘why the new push to block federal legalization and undo state level allowances?’.


LGBTQIAHISTORY t1_jd2mzf1 wrote

I have three discs in my neck that are pretty much worn out, the soft stuff in the middle. And it has been a horrible annoyance and very painful. Since about 2009. I had no choice but to go on disability because of my job. I couldn't do it any longer in 2014. I was on hydrocodone for 5 years. Between CBD oil and cannabis I was able to get off the hydrocodone, which took me about 6 months. But so glad that that worked instead of those addictive opioids.


Sarcasticologist t1_jd2o6i0 wrote

And that's while so many politicians that lobby for big pharma HATE Marijuana.


dudicus1414 t1_jd2vsuy wrote

Why do you think its illegal lol


kellik123 t1_jd279wl wrote

Cannabis has more risks than Opioids. Really, the only risk of Medical Opioid use is addiction and That's fine as long as you have a supply. Cannabis causes paranoia, psychosis, anxiety, handicapped mentally.