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Dockhead t1_jcz03xo wrote

It’s a good alternative to fuckin cold medicine. Just get baked and it won’t bother you too much


LevyAtanSP t1_jcz1r4a wrote

Nauseous? Smoke some weed. Cancer? Smoke a lot of weed.


DefectiveLP t1_jcz2p41 wrote

Not high? Well buddy do I have the solution.


T1res1as t1_jd0fylb wrote

Sure you can make rope, paper and all kinds of stuff from the cannabis plant, but did you know you can also get high from it?


canastrophee t1_jcz2px2 wrote

Not a cancer patient, but weed is likely the reason I'm eating anything at all this morning.


Marina_Maybe t1_jcz3w19 wrote

Same. Gastroparesis here, mmj keeps me off a feeding tube.


canastrophee t1_jcz4igi wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis for me. I woke up at 530 this morning to throw up bile and am just now eating yogurt.


daveisamonsterr t1_jczr65l wrote

My wife has ra. She gets infusions regularly that make her sick, but it helps the inflammation.


canastrophee t1_jczrke2 wrote

I have to make an appointment, but I have to get through stuff like taxes first. This happens maybe once a month, I'm just extra salty about it today.


daveisamonsterr t1_jczrw3i wrote

I applaud anyone that can suffer like that and continue on.


canastrophee t1_jcztcvb wrote

No disrespect to your wife, but this isn't my first chronic pain condition and it's honestly a relief after shoveling through my mental shit. This, at least, has a possible lab diagnostic and straightforward, if uncomfortable, treatment options. The real champ is my mom who pulled off full time teaching as well as 90% of the housework while diagnosed and unmedicated. We've got some things to work out, but that is an objectively difficult achievement.


Marina_Maybe t1_jd0fhqn wrote

Oh dear, I'm sorry. Please don't take this as a: "I have a magical cure despite not knowing anything about your medical history" as I hate that crap. I'll just say a close friend of mine was able to reduce her overall inflammation through a very low carb diet. I know that's not helpful for everyone, but I wanted to mention it just in case.


ofwgktaxjames t1_jd091nq wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis causes bile vomit? My wife does it in the morning and middle of the night a lot and we don’t know what it is


canastrophee t1_jd0agky wrote

It's more that the full-body inflammation peaks in the morning and I'm a later diagnosis, for a few reasons. Disclaimer that I haven't talked this part over with a doc yet. R/rheumatoid has more and better resources, if that's what she has.

What I'm assuming is happening is that as my stomach works through what I ate the night before, and then when the inflammation sets in in the early morning, it combines with my stomach acid to irritate the lining enough that I need to get rid of some of it. I always throw up a little bit, once or twice, and then immediately feel better. Once my stomach has settled enough to eat, I'm basically fine -- I just have a whiny bitch of a stomach, so it takes a while.


Flbudskis t1_jcz96h3 wrote

My friends mother, would say the munches helped her put down food she didnt want to eat during chemo/ cancer treatment. Sadly she passed shortly after her battle starter. But was interesting to hear her talk about how it helped for that reason.


Shorttail0 t1_jczer6p wrote

Eating weed might be better for nausea, though wasting the THC might be heresy.


Dockhead t1_jczkktv wrote

If you or someone you know grows, you have more than enough for that. I hand that shit out like it’s candy on Halloween


Ryanp356 t1_jczxosi wrote

Hell yeah growmie. I usually have plenty of trim to make a couple pounds of some potent ass butter after harvest, so it never feels like a waste anyways. But if you don't like to "waste" bud you could always invest in a dry herb vape, keep the used bud and just use that when you get enough. Don't even have to decarb


DrMooseknuckleX t1_jd0h7y6 wrote

Damn. I didn't know that about the dry herb vape leftovers.

Side note, one of my old work friends was the biggest stoner I have ever met. He had the travel mug bong befor Cabin in the Woods. He would make butter and just bring it to work in a margerine container and a loaf of bread for toast. We worked overnight (9PM-8AM) on Rock Band 2.


AllNamesAreTaken92 t1_jd0x6l8 wrote

Damn! Working on Rockband 2 with a friend while eating toast all night sounds fantastic!


soulstaz t1_jd0a5mf wrote

I rather eat it via brownies/cookie etc. I hate smoking it.


shipwreckedgirl t1_jd0klnp wrote

Unless it's lung cancer :( (rip my mom, she couldn't even switch to edibles because chemo made everything taste bad and my dad was too scared she'd fall if she got high while on meds, at least until she became immobile...)


trogbite t1_jczoitr wrote

Lmao when my roommate and I got covid, we pretty much just got baked the whole time and felt significantly better after like 3 days, it made it so much easier to just rest and recover


Dockhead t1_jczujn3 wrote

Also good god I got so much higher when I had covid. Idk why but that shit quadrupled the effects of weed