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Marina_Maybe t1_jcz3w19 wrote


canastrophee t1_jcz4igi wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis for me. I woke up at 530 this morning to throw up bile and am just now eating yogurt.


daveisamonsterr t1_jczr65l wrote

My wife has ra. She gets infusions regularly that make her sick, but it helps the inflammation.


canastrophee t1_jczrke2 wrote

I have to make an appointment, but I have to get through stuff like taxes first. This happens maybe once a month, I'm just extra salty about it today.


daveisamonsterr t1_jczrw3i wrote

I applaud anyone that can suffer like that and continue on.


canastrophee t1_jcztcvb wrote

No disrespect to your wife, but this isn't my first chronic pain condition and it's honestly a relief after shoveling through my mental shit. This, at least, has a possible lab diagnostic and straightforward, if uncomfortable, treatment options. The real champ is my mom who pulled off full time teaching as well as 90% of the housework while diagnosed and unmedicated. We've got some things to work out, but that is an objectively difficult achievement.


Marina_Maybe t1_jd0fhqn wrote

Oh dear, I'm sorry. Please don't take this as a: "I have a magical cure despite not knowing anything about your medical history" as I hate that crap. I'll just say a close friend of mine was able to reduce her overall inflammation through a very low carb diet. I know that's not helpful for everyone, but I wanted to mention it just in case.


ofwgktaxjames t1_jd091nq wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis causes bile vomit? My wife does it in the morning and middle of the night a lot and we don’t know what it is


canastrophee t1_jd0agky wrote

It's more that the full-body inflammation peaks in the morning and I'm a later diagnosis, for a few reasons. Disclaimer that I haven't talked this part over with a doc yet. R/rheumatoid has more and better resources, if that's what she has.

What I'm assuming is happening is that as my stomach works through what I ate the night before, and then when the inflammation sets in in the early morning, it combines with my stomach acid to irritate the lining enough that I need to get rid of some of it. I always throw up a little bit, once or twice, and then immediately feel better. Once my stomach has settled enough to eat, I'm basically fine -- I just have a whiny bitch of a stomach, so it takes a while.