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ofwgktaxjames t1_jd091nq wrote

Rheumatoid arthritis causes bile vomit? My wife does it in the morning and middle of the night a lot and we don’t know what it is


canastrophee t1_jd0agky wrote

It's more that the full-body inflammation peaks in the morning and I'm a later diagnosis, for a few reasons. Disclaimer that I haven't talked this part over with a doc yet. R/rheumatoid has more and better resources, if that's what she has.

What I'm assuming is happening is that as my stomach works through what I ate the night before, and then when the inflammation sets in in the early morning, it combines with my stomach acid to irritate the lining enough that I need to get rid of some of it. I always throw up a little bit, once or twice, and then immediately feel better. Once my stomach has settled enough to eat, I'm basically fine -- I just have a whiny bitch of a stomach, so it takes a while.